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Top & Best Hedge trimmer Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Hedge trimmer: How to choose the best for your garden in 2022

The maintenance of the hedge becomes much simpler with the use of specific equipment, the hedge trimmer. The machine is found in electric, battery and gasoline versions and has blades that vary from 40 to 70 cm in length.

With the variety of models, you just need to find a hedge trimmer that meets your needs. To help you choose, we have prepared an article with all the information on the subject.

First, the most important

  • The blade of a hedge trimmer can measure 40 to 70 cm – the length of the blades can be indicated in inches. The bigger and more robust the hedge, the longer the blade must be.
  • You can find models of hedge trimmers powered by electricity, battery or gasoline. Each of these equipments has positive and negative points.
  • The hedge trimmer can be used in topiary, the art of pruning plants in ornamental shapes. In this modality, opt for equipment with a double cutting blade.

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The best hedge trimmer models: The newsroom favorites

Looking for the ideal trimmer for hedge maintenance? So you have come to the right place, as we have prepared a list of the best equipment, according to consumer reviews.

  • Consumers’ favorite
  • Powerful equipment
  • A silent model
  • The safest model

Buying Guide

Whoever has a garden and wants to see it always beautiful, should invest in the right equipment. One such equipment is the hedge trimmer that helps keep the shrubs pruned and symmetrical.

But there are different models of hedge trimmer on the market, which meet different needs. To find the best option, continue reading this Buying Guide.

What is a hedge trimmer and what are the advantages of this equipment?

The hedge trimmer is a motorized tool that moves the blades quickly to create the desired shape in hedges, shrubs that serve as garden or terrain boundaries.

The equipment simplifies the pruning work of hedges, which was previously done with garden shears .

You can choose between an electric, battery or gas powered hedge trimmer. Each of these models is suitable for a specific need, so it is important to know them and choose the equipment that best suits you. Find out all the advantages of the equipment in the table below:

How to use a hedge trimmer?

Before starting work, establish the direction of the cut to promote uniformity. Start by trimming the sides, use both sides of the blade to make a semicircular movement from top to bottom.

To trim the top, the blade must be passed in one direction only. To make it easier, position the blade at an angle of 0 to 10º from the top of the bushes to be cut.

Some models have blades that can be moved at an angle of 90º with the handle, which makes it easier to prune taller plants, so you don’t have to climb stairs.

Tip: During use, it is essential that you wear protective gloves and closed shoes to avoid possible accidents.


The equipment should only be used to cut leaves and thin branches, never use to prune larger branches or the stem supporting the hedge, as this can damage the equipment.

Other tips are:

  • The process of cutting the hedge must be done without people nearby.
  • Be careful not to hurt anyone on the other side of the fence.
  • Create fences with a wider base than the top, so the bottom leaves will receive as much sunlight as the top.

How to maintain the hedge trimmer?

For the hedge trimmer to work for a long time, it is essential to perform the maintenance of the equipment before and after using it. Always read the use and maintenance manual.

Before using, check that the nuts and bolts are tight. Also check the hand protector, the accessory protects you from small branches that can fly towards you. Some models do not have this part, in this case, wear protective gloves.

Then, assess whether the blades are sharp and lubricated, if not, do not use the equipment, as pruning the hedge with blunt blades can overload the device and damage the engine.

In the case of electrical appliances, it is important to check that the equipment voltage is the same as that of the house. For your safety, connect the electrical cable to the pruner cable fixer.

After service, clean the blades with a brush or cloth, cover them with the protector included in the package and store the equipment in a dry environment, out of the reach of children.

What precautions should I take with a hedge trimmer?

Care must be taken with a hedge trimmer.

Use spare parts of the same brand as the equipment.

Never use the equipment on wet lawns or in the rain, as it may damage your equipment.

If the device is defective and you need to use spare parts, buy products of the same brand as the equipment to ensure proper operation.


Buying criteria: What to look for when buying a hedge trimmer

To choose the ideal fence for your garden and save time in research, just write down the buying tips we have prepared in this section. Then just take care of the garden.

  • Electric, battery or gas?
  • Motor power
  • Blade length
  • Blades with single or double cut?

We will explain each of the items in this section.

Electric, battery or gas?

When choosing a hedge trimmer, consider which model is most effective: Electric, battery or gasoline. Both have advantages and disadvantages, it is up to you to analyze them and choose the one that best suits your needs.

The electric hedge trimmer is suitable for small areas, as it needs to be connected to the socket and the size of the wire limits the user to travel long distances.

Although it has a standard size, it is lighter than the others, so consider buying it if you have difficulty handling large and heavy equipment.

The battery-powered hedge trimmer is the quietest model, ideal for those who have pets at home (pets tend to be bothered by the noise of such equipment).

The hedge trimmer powered by gasoline has a more powerful and resistant engine than those of other devices. Because it is more powerful, it reduces effort and work time. Because it is powered by gasoline, it can be used in the maintenance of larger gardens.

Still unsure which model is best for you? Check out the comparative table below:

Motor power

Another factor that influences the performance of a hedge trimmer is the power of the engine. The most basic models offer 400 to 450 Watts of power.

The most efficient models reach 700W.

The intermediate models offer from 500 to 600W. The most powerful machines offer over 700W. It is also worth analyzing the frequency of revolutions per minute (RPM).

Blade length

When buying a hedge trimmer, review the material, length and specifications of the blades. The size varies between 40 and 70 cm, to know which to choose, it is important to analyze the dimensions of the hedge and choose a device capable of covering the surface.

Larger blades are perfect for those who need to trim taller fences. But be aware, the depth of the vegetation must also be analyzed, as there are blades for all standards.

Blades with single or double cut?

When choosing a hedge trimmer, assess whether the blades are single or double cut.

Whoever wants to sculpt the hedge, should buy a sideboard with double cut blades, capable of leaving the surface of the plants in the desired shape. This cutting style reduces vibration and increases equipment stability and safety.


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