Top & Best Hapvida health plan Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Hapvida health plan: which is the best of 2022

If you are researching the best health plan for you, your family or even employees, In today’s article, we will explain everything about one of the most renowned of the moment: The Hapvida health plan.

Leader in North and Northeast states, the Hapvida health plan has its own service network, attractive prices and options for all needs and objectives.

Next, we’ll show you what to take into account when choosing the best Hapvida health plan.

First, the most important

  • The Hapvida health plan is ideal for those who live in the North, Northeast and Santa Catarina, but it also serves the entire country through its accredited network.
  • Hapvida offers five health insurance options to suit all styles.
  • To hire the Hapvida health plan, it is necessary to evaluate the coverage, services and price.

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Hapvida’s best health plans: Our recommendations

  • The most complete of all
  • The plan that has co-participation
  • The one with the greatest coverage

Hiring Guide: All about the Hapvida health plan

Although has a public health system, the fact is that, if you want more efficiency and agility in medical care, the health plan is the best way out. Amid so many plans, Hapvida’s is one of the most outstanding today.

In this Hiring Guide, we will explain how it works, what are the plans offered, the advantages and disadvantages of the Hapvida health plan and how to hire the best option.

What is the Hapvida health plan and how does it work?

Hapvida Saúde is a company from Ceará that offers health plans. Its main differential is having its own service network with clinics, hospitals and laboratories.

Created in 1979, today the company offers several types of health plans with coverage in 11 states in the North and Northeast. In addition, the Hapvida chain is also present in Joinville, Santa Catarina.

For having its own service network, Hapvida serves several medical specialties, from consultations to surgeries, and is known for being one of the companies that offers health plans with more affordable prices.


Did you know that Hapvida is the largest health insurance operator in the North and Northeast?

But, with more than 4 million beneficiaries, Hapvida also already offers service throughout the country through accredited networks.

In addition, Hapvida’s health plans offer a wide range of coverage in the services provided.

Thus, it is possible to hire the best health plan according to your need and financial condition.

To give you an idea of ​​the quality of care provided by the Hapvida health plan, check below where you can receive medical care:

  • 20 Own hospitals;
  • 16 Prompt attendance;
  • 61 Imaging diagnostic centers;
  • 57 Laboratory collection points;
  • More than 16 thousand employees across the country.

What are Hapvida’s health plans?

As we have seen, Hapvida offers health insurance options to meet all customer profiles. In general, you can currently choose from five different types of Hapvida health plans.

In common, they all have coverage for consultations, exams and hospitalizations in all medical specialties.

But there are differences between health plans ranging from the type of exam and medical procedure to the place of care.

From here, you can check the main characteristics of each Hapvida health plan, including the coverage provided for in each one.


The Hapvida Ambulatory health plan provides coverage for consultations in all medical specialties, in addition to simple, laboratory and medium-sized tests.

In this plan, it is also possible to perform outpatient, urgent and emergency surgeries, in addition to consultations with dentists.


You can choose between the individual or family plan.

Here, you can choose between the individual or family plan.

It is worth mentioning, however, that Hapvida’s outpatient plan works with co-participation.

That is, the beneficiary of the Hapvida Ambulatory health plan must pay 50% of the value of therapies and other outpatient procedures, in addition to the monthly payment of the plan.


If you are looking for a health plan for your employees, the Hapvida Empresarial health plan is ideal. Hapvida offers options for companies with three or more employees. See the health plans for companies below:

  • Size I: For companies with three to 15 beneficiaries. In this plan, there are no shortages for consultations and small examinations. For other examinations, hospitalization and surgery, the grace period varies from 60 to 300 days.
  • Size II: For companies with between 16 and 29 employees. In this case, there are no shortages for consultations and small and medium-sized examinations.
  • Size III: Aimed at companies with 30 to 99 beneficiaries, this plan offers zero grace period for all types of consultations, exams and procedures, even for preterm births and illnesses or injuries.


With the Hapvida Mix health plan, you will be able to book scheduled appointments at accredited medical offices.

In addition, coverage for simple exams at Hapclínicas, complementary exams at Vida & Imagem units, and hospitalizations at the company’s own hospitals are included.

The Mix plan also covers urgent and emergency care throughout, through the Association of Group Medicine (ABRAMGE).

Our plan

Our Hapvida Plan covers scheduled consultations and simple exams done at Hapclínicas, in addition to complementary exams at Vida & Imagem clinics and hospitalizations at the company’s own hospitals.

The main differential of this plan is the use of the Hapvida preferential network, which has appointments and treatments by appointment.


This Hapvida health plan has coverage for appointments and elective hospitalizations for consultations and exams in an accredited network throughout, in addition to emergency hospitalizations in the company’s own hospitals.

In addition, Hapvida’s full health plan includes accommodation in an infirmary or apartment, with or without a dental plan.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Hapvida plan?

The main advantage of Hapvida’s health plan is the fact that it offers its own service network, in addition to an accredited network, and affordable prices.

Another positive point is that you can choose from several health insurance options, from the simplest to the most complete.

In addition, the Hapvida health system offers the Preventive Medicine service, in addition to discounts on medications.

Another advantage is that with the Hapvida health plan you have the option of including the dental plan.

Not to mention that the scheduling of appointments and exams, the duplicate of the ticket and the authorization of exams is all done online.

On the other hand, as a disadvantage is the fact that the hospitals and clinics of the own network are located only in the states of the North, Northeast and Santa Catarina. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of the Hapvida health plan below.

How to make appointments for the Hapvida plan?

Another differential of the Hapvida health plan is that the way to make an appointment is simple, practical and efficient. Currently, scheduling appointments is done in three ways:

    • Online : On Hapvida’s website or app.
    • 24-hour Call Center : On the phone 4002.3633, for capitals; and 0300 313 3633, for other cities.
    • Self-service terminals : Totems located in Hapvida clinics, laboratories and hospitals.


How much does the Hapvida health plan cost?

The value of the Hapvida plan varies according to coverage and service locations.

In addition, the type of accommodation (infirmary or apartment) and the age of the client also have an influence on the price.

But in general, Hapvida’s health plan costs between R $ 150 and R $ 1,500.


Hiring Criteria: How to Compare Hapvida Health Plans

Now that you know the pros and cons of Hapvida’s health plan, it’s time to choose the best option for you. To do this, we suggest that you review the following criteria:

  • Coverage
  • Grace
  • Co-participation or not
  • Dental plan included or not

Next, we’ll show you in detail how you should check these factors.


As we have seen, the Hapvida health plan has scope in some states in the North, Northeast, in addition to Santa Catarina through Hapvida’s own service network.

But, depending on the plan you choose, the scope reaches the whole with the accredited network.

To make sure that you will have service close to home, it is worth doing a simulation on the company’s website to see which plan is best according to the service area.

In general, Hapvida plans have coverage in their preferred network in the following cities and states:

  • Maceió (AL).
  • Salvador (BA)
  • Fortaleza (CE)
  • São Luís (MA)
  • Belem (PA)
  • João Pessoa (PB)
  • Recife (PE)
  • Teresina (PI)
  • Natal (RN)
  • Aracaju (SE)
  • Joinville (SC)


Another criterion that you must analyze is the lack of the Hapvida health plan, which is the period of time it takes for a service to be authorized and you can use it.

For urgent and emergency cases, the grace period is 24 hours after signing the contract.

For medical appointments, complementary exams and outpatient procedures, it is necessary to wait a month.

To use the other benefits of Hapvida plans, the grace period will vary from 2 months to 1 year.

But, as we have seen, the grace period can vary greatly and may not even exist if you choose one of the options for business health insurance.

Co-participation or not

Take into account that Hapvida offers health plans that can work with co-participation. Co-participation is a fee that you pay to use certain services in the plan.

Therefore, the plan with co-participation is cheaper, after all you will need to pay extra amounts that can vary between 20% and 50% on the value of consultations and procedures

Dental plan included or not

Finally, assess whether you also need a dental plan. When hiring the dental plan together with the Hapvida health plan you will receive a good discount.



The Hapvida health plan is one of the most traditional and renowned in the North and Northeast. There are currently more than 4 million people using Hapvida’s service.

As the company offers different types of health plans, it is ideal that you place the coverage, the coverage of care in addition to, of course, the price you will need to pay monthly for the plan.


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