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Top & Best Notebook to program Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Notebook to the program: How to choose the best in 2022?

Having a good notebook to the program is indispensable for those who deal with this activity. After all, whether by profession or hobby, it demands a lot from a computer and needs a series of configurations to be performed perfectly.

In today’s article, we will teach you how to buy the best notebook for the program. Stay with us to know technical specifications, differences between models, and to understand exactly what you need so that your machine never leaves you in the dark!

First, the most important

  • One of the great advantages of using a notebook for the program is the mobility offered. It is possible to do your job in different places.
  • Programming notebooks need to be well-developed machines with high technical specifications. The processor and RAM are especially important.
  • Be sure to check the battery quality before buying your notebook for the program: It is essential that autonomy is quite high.

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The best notebooks for the program: Our recommendations

To begin with, we selected some notebooks highly recommended by professionals in the field of programming. When you meet them, you’re closer to making a great choice!

  • A modern and compact notebook for programming
  • For those who like to vary storage
  • The model for Apple fans

Buying Guide

We imagine that you have a lot of doubts about what is important in a notebook to program. But do not worry!

We are in the buying guide and we will answer many of the most common questions on the subject!

What are the fundamental characteristics of a notebook to the program?

A programming notebook should have some special features, especially if you do this activity on the job and if you use heavier languages.

You need a quality processor, capable of withstanding the stresses of hours of work. Opting for the eighth generation is a great idea. The RAM must be at least 8 GB to support really heavy applications.

For storage, the best idea is to have an SSD compatible notebook. They help to increase battery life and still offer a great gain in speed.

And, of course, we cannot fail to mention the battery, which needs to be quite durable. Many people like to work in public or open places, so it is necessary for them to endure a considerable amount of disconnected time.

For those who use very heavy languages ​​or involve visual processing, a dedicated video card, the type indicated for gamers, can be essential.

What are the advantages of having a special notebook to the program?

A simple notebook for everyday use may not have what it takes to program. Features such as processing capacity and below-average memory generate extreme slowness and prevent professional activities from being carried out properly.

If you have the financial means, we recommend that you use a notebook for everyday and recreational activities, and another just for programming. Thus, you will take better care of your files and run less risk of losing them due to virus infections or the like.

If it is not possible to separate work and play on different computers, opt for a model capable of supporting different programming languages ​​and giving you a break in storage and graphics capacity for other day-to-day hobbies and activities.

The only problem with having your own notebook for programming is the high price, which can cause difficulties if you are just starting out in the activity.

We have prepared a table with the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a special notebook to the program:

What is the ideal screen size for the program?

Programming is an activity that involves looking at the computer screen continuously for many hours in a row. In order for you to feel comfortable and not develop eye problems, it is important to have a suitable screen.


We recommend a screen of at least 14 inches for programming.

We recommend using a screen of at least 14 inches for programming. Below that, you can force your eyes too hard to look continuously and not only lose income after a while, but also damage your eyesight in the long run.

When we speak of 14 inches, however, we are speaking at the very least. The ideal is that you choose as much as your money allows you, observing each detail more clearly. This is even more so if you use languages ​​with visual processing.

Depending on the language used, another important issue is the screen resolution, which cannot be too low. A copy with Full HD can allow you to notice all the details without distortion!

Program on a notebook or desktop computer?

The first question to answer this question is about personal preference: Do you feel more comfortable in a fixed place of work, special for your activities, or with more mobility and portability, being able to go wherever you want while exercising your profession?

A desktop computer is fixed in a corner of your home and allows it to be, in fact, the corner of work. If that is your preference, you should choose it. But if you like to go to different rooms or even public places, choose a notebook.

The desktop computer offers some other advantages. First, it can be assembled with really impressive monitors up to 29 inches. This makes life much easier for those who work with more visual languages.

In addition, it is possible to make constant hardware improvements on a desktop computer, advancing the equipment level as you grow in the profession and earn money. In the notebook, there are few exchangeable parts.

But the main factor is, in fact, comfort. You must choose what seems to you the most pleasant option between always working in one place or having the mobility and freedom to go from one corner to another.

See below the table we prepared to compare the two types of equipment:

Do you need to make extra investments in a notebook to the program?

Unlike a desktop computer, the notebook has some parts that cannot be exchanged. The processor, for example, will always be the same one that came from the factory.

But if you want, it is possible to make a model more suitable for programming. A highly recommended possibility is the change to make the model compatible with SSD. An adapter in place of the CD and DVD port does the job.

Another possibility for those who work with more complex languages ​​is the improvement of the graphics card. This is a part of the notebook that can be exchanged and a more modern model is capable of transforming the ability to view details.

It is always possible to assess your needs and make it easier in your day-to-day programming!

Did you know that a programming language created in 1957 is still used today? Developed by John Backus, Fortran is used for complex mathematical and statistical calculations.

How much does it cost and where to buy a notebook to program?

Because it requires high-level hardware and configurations, a good notebook to program can be quite expensive. You will find suitable models normally between R $ 4 thousand and R $ 6 thousand.

Stores specializing in computers, electronics, or even some hypermarkets can offer great options for notebooks to program. We recommend, however, purchase over the internet: Amazon is rich in quality models.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for choosing a notebook to program

Decided to buy a notebook to the program? So there are still some technical criteria that need to be taken into account! We selected four to discuss:

  • Languages ​​used
  • Storage
  • Drums
  • Technical assistance

Below, we talk in more detail about each one!

Languages ​​used

What kind of languages ​​do you usually use? Are they simple and require little of a computer or do they need a really complex machine to keep them from slowing down or running slowly?

Knowing what you use most often, it is easier to understand whether it is necessary to have a more or less advanced processor, graphics card, and RAM. Therefore, think carefully so that you do not spend more than you need or acquire an insufficient model for your activities.


Many of the programming languages ​​do not ask for much storage capacity, as they generate plain text files with their codes. However, the volume of programmed content is also an issue to be taken into account.

500 GB of storage should be sufficient for simple programming languages.

A computer with 500 GB of storage should be sufficient on a computer that is used only for simple memory programming, but note that this is also linked to other issues such as speed and performance. If it is possible to choose 1 TB or more, we recommend that you do!

We have already mentioned the possibility of adapting to SSD and this is a great idea for those who use languages ​​that require more space or who want to use the computer also for recreation and non-professional activities.


If you prefer a notebook to a desktop computer to program, mobility should be one of the main reasons. You want to exercise in open spaces or outside your home. For this, battery life is one of the most important features.

Most modern notebooks already have batteries with three components and autonomy of more than ten hours. For those who want to program away from an office, this is one of the technical aspects in which the chosen model most needs to offer a differential.

Technical assistance

The use to program a notebook is directly linked to work. Deadlines are short and tasks are accumulated. That way, if something goes wrong you can’t be bothered to be without the equipment for a long time.

Before finalizing a purchase, see if the notebook brand offers fast and quality technical assistance in your city. This way, you will be sure that you will not be without your work equipment and your earns bread when something goes wrong



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