Top & Best notebook Cooler Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best notebook Cooler: How to choose the best in 2022?

Hello! Welcome to Here you will find everything about the notebook cooler, an essential item to keep you cool and prolong its life.

There are several types of notebook coolers, from internal to external. One of the models that is becoming increasingly popular with consumers is the cooler support, which also helps in the ergonomics of those who use it.

But how to choose yours among so many options? Here you will find out which are the best notebook cooler models, their advantages, prices and what to pay attention to before choosing yours. Come with us!

First, the most important

  • The most popular model of notebook cooler today is the cooler stand. It works externally and has several advantages, such as helping your posture to always stay straight.
  • The cooler is essential when cooling and extending the life of your device. If you use your notebook for a long time and run games or heavy programs, it is very important to purchase one.
  • Most coolers are very affordable. Even the most expensive ones usually do not exceed the R $ 200 range.

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Best notebook coolers: Our recommendations

Coolers prevent your notebook from overheating, allowing it to stay on for longer. They are already widely used by consumers and, below, you will see a list of users’ favorite models.

  • AC282 LED Multilaser Notebook Cooler
  • Warrior Power Gamer Blue 1200RPM Notebook Cooler
  • Power Gamer Warrior AC267 Notebook Cooler
  • Notebook Stand with AC166 Vertical Multilaser Cooler

Buying Guide

With so many types of notebook coolers, you need to choose wisely. Among different numbers of fans, ergonomics and price, how to choose yours? Keep reading to know exactly what to take into account when buying!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the notebook cooler?

Anyone who works with notebooks or uses them frequently has certainly noticed that when turned on for a long time, it gets overheated. This is normal and happens with any electronic equipment.

However, this overheating is harmful to your notebook and can affect usage. That’s where the notebook cooler comes in. When it is not possible to turn off your machine, the cooler will prevent it from overheating.

In addition, in the long run, it extends the life of your notebook. Overheating can damage the device and cause it to break down faster.

There is also the advantage that many notebook cooler models come with a support, which is ergonomic and improves your posture. With the notebook positioned on it, you will not need to bend your spine to see the screen.

This utensil is also advantageous in price. By paying a small amount, you can get a good notebook cooler, without feeling the weight in your pocket.

Among its few disadvantages is the transport of the cooler. A notebook can already be a little boring to take to and fro. It would also be necessary to transport the cooler to ensure the smooth functioning of your notebook. Therefore, always prefer relatively light models.

How to keep your notebook cooler?

The quality and durability of your notebook cooler will depend not only on the model, but also on your care with it.

One of the precautions you should take is never to use soft or uneven surfaces to support your cooler. Using the device on your lap is also highly recommended.

Another thing to pay attention to is the air vents where the heatsink and cooler are. Never prevent this ventilation from occurring.

Periodic maintenance and cleaning are also extremely important. Try to take your notebook in technical assistance every three months to clean the dust. It can be laborious, but this will ensure that the notebook cooler lasts longer and is more effective.



How much?

The price of the cooler can vary widely, depending on the type and quality. A cooler for an internal notebook, for example, can be found starting at R $ 15. The base for a notebook is usually found starting at R $ 50.

The most expensive models of coolers generally do not pass the value of R $ 200. Therefore, it is worth investing in a model that offers good cost-benefit. Give priority to coolers from R $ 75, as they usually offer a slightly higher quality and can last longer.

Where to buy?

This type of device is easily found in electronics, computer and computer and notebook parts stores. To purchase yours personally, you can find models.

With an online search, it is possible to find an even greater variety of models. Find yours on sites like Amazon, among others.

Purchasing criteria: Main factors for evaluating a notebook cooler

The most basic notebook coolers you already know. Now, the time has come to know what details you should pay attention to before making your purchase:

  • Notebook cooler type
  • velocity
  • Number of fans
  • Ergonomics adjustment
  • Size

Below, we will explain in detail the importance of each of these characteristics when buying your device!

Notebook cooler type

Between the internal and external, there are some types of notebook cooler. Learn more about each of them:

External cooler with stand

The external cooler usually offers, in addition to the cooling system, good ergonomics. As it contains a table with adjustment levels, it is possible to use your cooler and notebook with more convenience, preserving your back.

Its disadvantage lies precisely in the fact that it is external, as it is necessary to transport it to different places if you go out with your notebook. But it can be worth it for the price and practicality.

Air Cooler

The air cooler is one of the simplest models of cooler on the market. They stay on your notebook’s processor. This type of cooler comes with a thermal paste, which helps to absorb heat and eliminate the space between the processor and your cooler.

Water Cooler

It is a cooler that has a specific liquid inside it, so it is called a water cooler. This type is more used in more powerful notebooks, cooling the heat more efficiently.

Heat Pipe

This type of cooler uses tubes that, together with a liquid, cool the notebook or computer processor. The liquid heats and absorbs heat.


The speed of the notebook cooler is measured in RPM (revolutions per minute). That is, the more RPMs, the greater your speed and power.

Most coolers tend to have a speed that varies from 700 to 2000 RPM. If you keep your notebook on for a long time and make heavy use, such as games or heavy programs, the ideal is to choose a higher speed.

For those who do not use it that much, there is no need for great power. It is also possible to adjust the RPM speed for various uses.

Number of fans

External notebook coolers usually come with different numbers of fans, ranging from large to 6 smaller.

The advantage of having a model with more fans is that you can often choose which one you want to leave on, cooling only specific parts of your notebook.

Coolers with only one large fan cannot cool specific parts.


Ergonomics adjustment

The vast majority of external models of notebook coolers come with height adjustment, which allows you to always maintain a great posture while using your device.

The more adjustments, the more likely you are to find the ideal size for your spine to be straight and comfortable. Therefore, prefer models that have at least 2 ergonomic adjustments.


The size of your notebook cooler will depend a lot on the size of your machine. Most coolers are for most notebooks as they comfortably accommodate 9 to 17 inch devices.

However, for notebooks with larger screens, it will be necessary to look for a wider cooler, which can safely store the machine and cool it.



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