Top & Best USB Fan: How to choose the best of 2022?

Top & Best USB Fan: How to choose the best of 2022?

It is always very good to have your presence. What are we going to talk about today? Right, USB fan! In the wave of computer accessories, this equipment of different shapes and sizes, portable and even decorative, appeared.

The “art of cooling” has evolved a lot in recent times, mainly with the arrival of air conditioners. Even so, the fan continues to compete in this game, proving its value amid so many other technologies.

Now, we are going to present you with information such as characteristics, models and selection criteria, which will make you, without a doubt, choose the best USB fan according to your need. Keep reading and know everything!

First, the most important

  • A USB fan will not make your hair fly in a rock’n’roll style, due to its size and power. Less power also leads to less energy expenditure, in a consumption that turns around 25 times less than an ordinary fan.
  • The word “USB” means that these fans are used for this type of fitting, present in notebooks and desktop computers (cell phone adapters also work).
  • If you don’t like the noise caused by air circulators or conditioners, these little ones are good options. The motors of the USB fans are very quiet compared to any other air circulation products.
  • Its size and weight make it very versatile, with use in almost any type of situation. Portability allows many to be turned everywhere (360 °), which is very practical.

Ranking: The 3 best USB fans

Among the advantages of a USB fan, we can highlight its size. Compact, it takes up little space on your desk and refreshes all around you. A cheap option to end the heat once and for all. Below, check out our ranking with the 4 best models on the market.

Buying Guide

Not everyone likes to work in an air-conditioned environment. And an alternative to cool off, is the USB fan, which in addition to consuming little energy, fulfills its main function very well.

They are small, quiet and add charm to the environment. Want to know more about this product? Stay with us to learn everything you need before making your purchase.

What is the USB fan and what are its advantages?

USB fans are small air circulators with the same characteristics as the original, to operate from computers, creating a continuous gust of wind for its direct users.

Extremely light and inexpensive, they are small (on average half the size of a ruler) and do not need plugs to work.

Their main feature is their portability and mobility, where any small space can be used by them.


Whether with a fixed base or flexible rod, most products have the ability to move up to 360 ° (a full circle), but not automatically, you need to steer.

They also do not have a remote control, since the distance from the product to its user is always very small.

The operating principle is the same as a normal fan. There are the blades, which rotate at great speed and “hurl” the air at speed in the direction in which they point, at a temperature lower than that of the environment.

Of course, when investigating more about the product, you will notice that there is also a decorative issue involved, where there are fans capable of drawing attention for the delicacy of the shapes in their reduced size, and even for the shapes and models of some of them.

How about a small comparison between small and large?

Of course, we are talking about mobility here, and for this reason the USB fan is a great choice! If the subject is “cooling an entire environment”, then it is unfortunately not what you are looking for.

But, in a workplace, no one wants to risk a flurry of papers when the wind hits them, right? So, a cheer for the USB fan!

What to pay attention to: fixed base or flexible rod?

We are talking about fans with everything smaller. Smaller size, smaller power, lower consumption. So don’t be fooled into imagining that this product will bring wind to everyone on the living room sofa.

It brings a directed air, capable of reaching up to two meters in distance, with the particularity of connection via USB ports – use in computers or even adapters for electrical outlets.

If you usually use a workstation, any model with a fixed base can be an option, as it will surely win its place near the screen, sending that gentle breeze to you.

Here is an example of a USB fan with a fixed base:

Now, if your workstation does not have a fixed base, it is advisable to invest in the purchase of a product with a flexible rod (the USB socket is part of the product) or even a device with a battery.

This will allow you mobility to place it where it is possible without necessarily needing the cable connected to the computer.

As we believe in tables (and they in us), we have prepared a list of possibilities, along with a suggestion of USB fans with better adaptation to the case.

To avoid discontent, first try to identify your need and then what characteristics the product must have to satisfy them.

Following this path, you will certainly choose the best model, even among so many.

How much?

Now let’s go to the cost-benefit ratio, which is very attractive when we come across these accessories.

You already know what this product offers, and as for the price, a USB fan can easily be found from R $ 20 to R $ 50.

Other options (with ice drawer, for example), are found at a higher price, but this variation is mainly based on what the equipment proposes to do.

Where to buy?

USB fans are products with a certain time in the market, and are very accessible to consumers, mainly in department stores such as electronic computer item shop.

But, if you are interested in research and choose in greater variety, the recommendation is undoubtedly the online purchase, in which you can choose and receive in the convenience of your home, in stores like Amazon.

Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare USB fan models

A USB fan is relatively simple electronic equipment, with very specific functionality. Therefore, what you need to take into account when purchasing are the following points:

  • Portability
  • Autonomy
  • Propellers size
  • Wattage
  • Design

Next, we’ll detail each one so you can make the best choice when buying a USB fan.


It is basically where the equipment will be. There is no point in researching fixed-base USB fans if you don’t have the space or place to keep it running.

Remember that USB power means a cable connected to the computer (or to a power source via an adapter) and to the fan.

Think carefully about how you intend to use the product and in what situations it will occur, to have the best options when considering buying.

Here is an example of a USB fan with a flexible rod:


In the Buying Guide section, above, we detail the differences between fixed-base and flexible-shaft fans, be sure to check.


Being powered via USB, it will help to drain power from the computer. If it’s plugged in, that’s fine. But what if it’s the notebook battery?

So, if your computer already has the battery in the last, almost dependent on the outlet, choose models with internal battery that can be charged before.

Propellers size

When we talk about a fan, size can be a document. The width of the propellers will give you partial information on the amount of air that will be directed, increasing the contact area.

This information is very valuable when we are talking about warmer places, or the need for the wind to reach as much of your body as possible. The larger the blades, the greater the chance of this occurring.

Check these dimensions in the description of each product.


USB fans will not have a great potential to cause wind, but they are capable of cooling.

The greater their power (usually transmitted in watts -W), the greater their ability to rotate the propellers in a unit that is called revolutions per minute, or RPM.

The higher this number, the greater the chances of a good wind load. So look for more powerful fans with more revolutions per minute.


We already said that in addition to being functional, they can make the environment even more stylish. Thinking about this factor, analyze the style of the place where you work – or any other environment where you want to use the product.

Are you the basic black type or do you like accoutrements that leave the place more stripped and colorful?

There are varied options on the market and in this guide we have brought very different models, which you can check in the ranking.

That way, you can choose the one that looks more like you or your business, whether cool or more traditional.



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