Best USB headset Review

Best USB headset Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best USB headset: How to choose the best in 2022?

Our subject today will be “USB headset”, a product that has evolved a lot together with the advancement of technology. When choosing the best headset, you need to take into account the purpose of its use and what is the ideal model to meet your needs.

Models with a USB connector are great for computers or notebooks, whether for work or play. In this article, our mission will be to present products, features and prices, so that you can evaluate the options and choose the USB headset model that is right for you. Read and check it out!

First, the most important

  • Functionality and comfort can be decisive for a good performance of activities related to the need for a USB headset.
  • One of the biggest advantages of this product is the sound and audio quality offered and the universal connection, accepted by all computers.
  • The prices of the highest quality products vary from R $ 50 to R $ 500, making it possible to find models and prices for all tastes and needs.

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Buying Guide

Listening to music, watching videos, playing online, working or simply having online meetings. For all these tasks, a good headset is an accessory that can make all the difference (obviously being essential in some of these cases).

If you are looking for a headset option that fits almost any device, keep reading this Buying Guide and learn how to choose the right USB headset for you.

What is a USB headset and how to use it?

USB headsets are headphones that you can connect to computers and notebooks to listen to audio privately. This device also has a microphone, and versions without this function are better known as headphones.

The microphone adds functionality to the device, which can be used for work or play, such as listening to music, watching videos or playing games.

The headset with USB connection brings ease and speed in the connection to your computer or notebook, being exclusive for this type of use. Obviously, this type of headset is not suitable for use on devices without a USB port.

However, it is possible to find USB adapters on the market, to use the headset as needed.

The advantages of this product are greater quality and privacy in audios and conversations, as well as a greater concentration on your tasks at the computer.

For those working in the communication sector, choosing a quality headset is essential to improve the experience in terms of performance and communication, in addition, of course, comfort.

How does USB technology work?

The USB (Universal Serial Bus) connector is a technology developed to facilitate the use of various devices such as mice, keyboards, headphones, digital cameras, external hard drives, flash drives, printers, among others, on the computer.

This type of plug is universal and does not require the use of several different inputs for each device. In addition, this technology involves the method called “plug and play”, which means something like “plug and play”. This function refers to the convenience of connecting the USB and being able to use it, without the need to turn off or restart the computer.

Connector A is the best known in USB mode, being present in most computers. In addition, this connection can also be found on other devices, such as TVs and home theaters.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the USB headset?

The headset models offer some connection options. In addition to the USB models, there are those with P2 input and also wireless headphones, which connect to devices via Bluetooth.

In this article, however, we focus only on headsets that connect via USB. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of choosing this type of headset below.

What is the ideal USB headset for what I need?

Before purchasing, it is essential that you consider the purpose of using your USB headset. After all, you will need to choose the best model among those available on the market that meets your specific needs.

If you are looking for a headset just to hear audio, you can choose a simpler model. That way, you will invest in a product with high digital sound. If you intend to use your USB headset to work with communication, you will need to invest in models that offer greater quality in audio and microphone, with noise reduction to preserve the connection.

In addition, assuming you will be using it for long periods, it is worth investing in comfortable models, with adjustable stem options and soft, ergonomic lining.

In the case of professional or amateur gamers, headsets must be of extreme audio quality, so that gaming performance is not compromised. In addition, the noise-reducing microphone is also important.

The best gamer headsets will help isolate sounds from both games and external, making the player really feel inside the game and can concentrate better.

In summary, here’s what you need to look for in a USB headset depending on your need:

How much?

The options available on the market vary widely in their prices. Everything will depend on the quality and functionality that each USB headset will offer.

The value variations will depend on the model, brand, structure, comfort, sound and audio capacity, as well as functional and modern design.

In general, prices for quality USB headsets vary from R $ 50. High-tech versions with advanced functions can reach very high values, such as R $ 400 or R $ 500.

Where to buy?

You can find different models and brands of the headset in physical stores such as Amazone, Walmart among other stores in your region. When shopping at these locations, you can ask for help from a seller to choose an ideal option for your needs.

But there are also options for you to purchase this product from the comfort of your home, without having to go out and buy. Online stores like Amazon others, give you this advantage along with a variety of options.

Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare when choosing your USB headset

The headsets can have different configurations that are difficult to understand for those who are not technicians. For example, audio and sound frequencies.

By better understanding what each feature represents, choosing the ideal model to meet your need becomes a much easier task. Therefore, we will help you in this mission so that you know what to check and better understand what each item means.

To help you compare and qualify the available products, you will need to observe the following items:

  • Sound
  • Noise cancellation
  • Comfort
  • Wattage
  • Impedance
  • Microphone

Check below, in detail, what is important to check within each of these items to make the right choice:


In this item, you need to check if the USB headset has a stereo or surround sound. The stereo sound model has two outputs, which can affect the audio performance, causing it to be impaired.

In surround technology, the options found can be 5.1 and 7.1, where the first number corresponds to the number of sound channels of the device. That is, the headset models with surround offer better performance in relation to the audio.

Noise cancellation

For those who need concentration and privacy when using the headset, looking for models with noise blockers is ideal. This technology allows the user to have a better immersion in what they are doing, whether for work or games.

If you are looking for a USB headset to play, the noise blocker will make you heard and heard without interference, increasing your performance in games, especially those played in teams, where you need to be in direct contact with your teammates.

For those who work with communication, as in a call center, for example, the noise blocker will help people to hear and understand you better, and vice versa.

If you need to be aware of the events around you while using the USB headset, choose models with an open sound, which are versions that do not block external sounds.


Comfort is also an important thing to consider when comparing headsets.

Models that have earbuds and microphone adjustments are better to fit anyone. Versions with extra comforts, like padded and ergonomic design, are great for those who will use the device for long periods.

The length of the wires can also be essential to facilitate movement during use. If you need to move around a small space while wearing the headset, opt for models with longer wires.

Also, consider the possibility of purchasing a separate USB cable if necessary. Check, of course, for compatibility with your headset. With a comfortable USB headset, more people in your home will want to use your headset.


The power means how loud your headset sound can be. If you need high volume audio, you’ll need to opt for more powerful headsets.

The ideal measures for a good sound start from 50 milliwatts. The more powerful and taller versions can reach 150 milliwatts.


Impedance is the characteristic responsible for preventing specific noises from interfering with audio reproduction.

That is, the higher the device’s impedance, the better the sound quality offered by it. The best products have impedance ranging from 26 to 32 ohm.


Headsets generally value the audio part more than microphones. So if you are going to use the device to talk, you need to invest in models that offer better microphones.

These models generally have higher values. If your purchase is in physical stores, ask to test the quality before purchase. When shopping online, check if items such as noise blockers are present in the microphone.


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