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Top & Best Lemon squeezer Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Lemon squeezer: What’s the best of 2022?

Hello! Welcome to mypricesaving.com Here, let’s talk about a tool that makes it easy to make that tasty, fresh juice: the lemon squeezer. With it, you will squeeze the fruit more easily and ensure good levels of vitamin C!

Despite being easy to squeeze, the lemon takes time to get out of the hands. In addition to the strong smell, it can cause stains and burns if you don’t wash your hands properly. The lemon squeezer makes this job easier!

Let’s talk about the best juicer models, their advantages and disadvantages, prices, where to buy and what you can not fail to pay attention to before buying. Come with us!

First, the most important

  • With such a variety of lemon squeezers, how do you choose the best one for you? Do not worry. Here we will talk about the different models and help you choose!
  • The lemon squeezer offers several advantages, such as more convenience in the kitchen and more health for you and your family.
  • Most models are super cheap, starting at R $ 10. Only industrial and electric juicers cost over R $ 100.

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Ranking: The 4 best lemon squeezers

There are lemon squeezers of different shapes and sizes. To facilitate your search, we list the most popular models among consumers! Check the Ranking below for the best juicers:

Buying Guide

Who doesn’t like fresh lemonade on a hot day? The consumption of this fruit can bring many health benefits and the lemon squeezer facilitates this preparation.

Now that you know what the best lemon squeezer models are, it’s time to decide which one is right for you. Here we will talk about its advantages and disadvantages, in what to pay attention and essential characteristics.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the lemon squeezer?

Lemon is one of the main sources of vitamin C. Four units of the fruit already reach 110 mg of the vitamin, which exceeds your daily needs. In addition, it helps to taste various things, such as salad, fish, juices from other fruits, among others.

However, because it causes burns and stains, in addition to having a strong smell that takes time to get out of hand, many people end up not consuming this practical and cheap fruit. With the lemon squeezer, you can do this more easily.

The juicer will encourage you to have a lighter and healthier life. You can make a juice in a matter of seconds without getting your hands dirty and making the most of the fruit pulp.

In addition, it even saves your time. For those who have a snack bar, restaurant or bakery, an industrial lemon squeezer does all the work that would need to be done by hand.

Another advantage is that there are juicers of different prices, from the most accessible to the most expensive. That is, with only R $ 20 you can already buy a reasonable lemon squeezer.

Among their few disadvantages are the space they occupy, which can be a problem in small kitchens. In addition, some models require you to press the lemon with your hands, which ends up dirtying them a little.

Is the lemon squeezer really a useful tool?

Many people find that the lemon squeezer is not as useful as it is easy to squeeze them just by squeezing them in your hands. However, they offer many benefits such as time savings, productivity and cleanliness.

To choose your lemon squeezer, you need to think about your main needs. There are ideal models for those looking for a multipurpose utensil, for those who want more practicality and for those who use the industrial juicer in their business.

Each of them has different functions, ideal for different needs. By choosing the ideal model for you, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the lemon squeezer.

What are the different types of lemon squeezer?

Just as there are varieties of lemons, there are different types of juicers. Some are more expensive, others are very cheap.

But the most important thing is that you purchase the model that is most compatible with your needs. These are the main types of lemon squeezer:

  • Classic juicer : This model is the one you had in your parents and grandparents’ house. It works manually and can be used for other types of fruit as well, such as orange. This type is simple and easy to find, however, it requires you to do the job of pressing the lemon to remove the juice from inside.
  • Multipurpose juicer : Ideal for those who are starting to set up a kitchen, the multipurpose juicer comes with several functions in one utensil. Some, in addition to squeezing, also serve as a measuring cup, cheese grater and yolk separator. If you are in need of several kitchen utensils, it is worth purchasing a multipurpose product.
  • Manual juicer : This is one of the darlings of modern kitchens. It is super easy to use, inexpensive and keeps you from getting your hands dirty in the process. You just need to split the lemon in half, place it inside the juicer and press the two stems on top of the glass or plate where you want to put the lemon juice. Simple, right?
  • Centrifugal juicer : This type of juicer is similar to the classic model. However, it is electric, which makes the process much simpler and more practical. You still need to hold the fruit against the juicer, but it will not be necessary to apply too much force, as the centrifuge rotates and helps to remove as much juice from the fruit as possible.
  • Industrial juicer : As the name suggests, this type of juicer is ideal especially for those who sell juices, whether in a cafeteria, restaurant or even a juice stand. It has a greater potency and squeezes the fruits on its own, without the need for manual work to remove the juice from the lemon.

How much?

Lemon squeezers cost varying prices, as there are manual, multipurpose and electric models. For those looking for a simpler product, it is possible to find a good quality one without spending a lot of money.

The cheapest ones, made of aluminum, can be found starting at R $ 7, reaching R $ 20. There are also silicone ones, which cost around R $ 10.

Stainless steel and electric models cost a little more. An industrial lemon squeezer costs about R $ 350, reaching up to R $ 600. The stainless steel ones, which have a higher quality than the aluminum ones, cost, on average, R $ 50.

Where to buy?

The simple juicers, for domestic use, are very easy to find in any store that sells kitchen utensils.

If you want to buy your model online, it’s even easier. There are several stores that sell various types of lemon squeezer like Amazon. Buying online you get the best deals and find more varieties of models.

Purchasing criteria: Main features to evaluate in the lemon squeezer

With so much variety, it can be a little difficult to decide which juicer is best for your needs. These are some of the characteristics that must be taken into account when purchasing:

  • Juicer type
  • Material
  • Capacity
  • Operation

Find out why these items are so important and make the right choice at the time of purchase!

Juicer type

We saw that there are several types of lemon squeezer. And this is the first ceterium to be defined. And by asking a few questions you can decide on the ideal type for your needs.

  • What is your demand, domestic or business?
  • How is the consumption of lemon in your house?
  • Do you squeeze lemon into food or just make juice?
  • When you squeeze a lemon, how much does it do?

All of these questions provide direction. After all, think with us. If you squeeze only one lemon at a time, either in your water or to season food, the manual is cheaper and sufficient, being the best option.

Now if you like to make delicious lemonade for the family, it is certainly worth investing in a centrifugal-type lemon squeezer.


The type of material in your juicer can make the price cheaper or more expensive. However, it can also influence the quality of your juicer. Thus, it is often worthwhile to invest in a good material, making better use of the cost-benefit of the juicer.

  • Aluminum : The aluminum juicer has a super affordable price, starting to cost from 5 reais. However, this material spoils easily and can start to peel after a while. Thus, it is more suitable for those who just want to “break a branch”.
  • Silicone : This type of juicer only serves to protect your hands from stains or burns. You still need to squeeze with the strength of your hand, however, the silicone serves as a “cape” for the lemon. Its advantage is that it is cheap and easy to store.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel is a more resistant and non-staining material. Stainless steel juicers usually last much longer than other materials. They are more expensive, but may be worth it in the long run.
  • Plastic : Classic models are usually made of plastic. They are reasonably resistant, but stain easily and can smell.


If you need speed and high capacity to squeeze fruit, you need to take this into account. Simple models, such as silicone or manual juicers, do not offer great capacity, as they depend on their speed and only squeeze one fruit at a time.

For those who need to squeeze quickly, it is worth purchasing faster models, such as the electric centrifuge or the industrial juicer. They offer greater practicality.


There are two main types of lemon squeezer operation: manual or electric.

The ideal model for you will depend a lot on your needs, as we saw in the type of juicer in the first criterion. If you make a juice a day, just for you, a manual will be more than enough.

If you have a large family or a business that sells juices, the manual can get tiring after a while. Prefer the electric models, which will offer more speed and practicality.

This operation is also related to the ease of cleaning. The electric usually fills more parts and makes this cleaning process a little more laborious and time consuming. In this regard, the manual earns points, since it is necessary to wash one or two pieces.

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