Top & Best barbecue knives Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Learn how to choose the best barbecue knives in 2022

Barbecue is one of the greatest traditions and many people like to do it perfectly. If you fit into this group, you’ve come to an article that has a lot to help you: Let’s teach you how to choose the best barbecue knives!

It is not enough to use any knife during a barbecue. You need to know exactly which type is recommended for each meat or food. Only then, all the flavor is used and the process becomes much more agile. Stay with us to answer all your questions and become an expert on the subject.

First, the most important

  • To make a complete barbecue with great quality, it is ideal to have a set of knives capable of preparing various types of food.
  • There are various materials for blades and handles for barbecue knives. You can choose the ones you like best, but always know that stainless steel is the most resistant.
  • The chef’s knife is the most important for a barbecue and must be present in all kits. Its versatility helps in the preparation of various meats.

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The Best BBQ Knives: Our Opinion

Knife kits that promise to transform the level of your barbecues are advertised all the time. So that you know what to trust, we have prepared a selection of really special models!

  • A complete kit of BBQ knives
  • The best cost-benefit
  • For those looking for just a single knife

Buying Guide

If you made it to our article, you sure want to understand more about the best BBQ knives. The buying guide is the ideal sector for this!

What differentiates BBQ knives from ordinary knives?

Ordinary knives, which we use on a daily basis in preparing meals and while eating, usually help us a lot. However, they have a more generic characteristic and serve for all types of food without really standing out in any.

That is why gastronomy professionals use special knives for each food class. The cuts of meat, fish and vegetables, for example, require different types of blades and surfaces of varying sizes.

When we talk about a barbecue, you need to have knives that are special to cut the foods that are most common at these events. That is why pieces such as cleaver or boning knives are indispensable and that more suitable models for meat must always be present.

It is not that you should not abandon the knives of your daily life when you have a barbecue, but they are just not as prepared to deal with food and event situations as those designed for that specific purpose.


Did you know that the idea of ​​creating different knives for each food came up in France, still in the Middle Ages? And it was precisely the meat that motivated this initial distinction!

What are the advantages of having special BBQ knives?

If you have the ideal knives for each food and for each process, such as cutting, boning and cutting, the tendency is for the barbecue to happen much more quickly, since the working time will be considerably reduced.

The correct use of knives also allows you to enjoy each food more. When using the correct instrument to debon a chicken, for example, there is absolutely no waste whatsoever. Ordinary cutlery does not have the same efficiency or capacity.

BBQ knives are usually sold in high-end kits and are produced for those who really care about having quality products. Therefore, they are very durable and made of materials that represent the best in the market.

The only drawback is that they represent an extra cost that many people may not be willing to pay.

Here is our table on the benefits of good barbecue knives:

What types of knives are indispensable on a barbecue?

After all, which knives cannot be missing from your barbecue? We have prepared a list with the most essential ones!

    • Chef’s knife: It is the favorite of barbecue grills! It is ideal for punching and cutting meat, taking fish slices, it also serves for vegetables and stands out for its incredible versatility. It is always at hand for those who take care of the barbecue!
    • Cleaver: If you use large pieces of meat on the barbecue, you may need to break bones. This is where the cleaver comes in, an item always necessary for barbecue grills.
    • Boning knife: To accurately separate meat from bones when it comes to cattle, pigs and poultry, the boning knife is necessary. It has a fine, rounded tip and should always be sharp.
    • Carving knife: With a saw, it is ideal for the most fibrous meats and for fish. If there are difficulties in dealing with thick foods, the carving knife is necessary!


It is also good to have ordinary knives on hand, especially if you also like to bake vegetables or breads with meat!

What are the blades for barbecue knives?

You will notice when looking for barbecue knives that there are some different materials used in the blades. Which are the best?

Stainless steel is the most famous of these materials. Since kitchen work (and barbecue) always involves water and other liquids, its resistance to oxidation stands out. Thus, the durability is enormous.

The main competition from stainless steel is carbon steel. There is an advantage and a disadvantage of this material: It is harder, which allows cuts on surfaces that offer greater resistance and even greater agility at work. However, it does not have as much resistance against oxidation.

Damask steel has also been widely used, especially in handcrafted models. It offers exceptional cutting precision and is very durable, but has a considerably high cost.

If you are looking for more niche products, you will find good options for knives with ceramic and bamboo blades.

We compare the three main materials in a table:

How do you know which knife to use in each situation?

Have you bought a kit of BBQ knives and are confused about which piece will suit each situation? Do not worry! You can quickly learn to handle your new utensils.


Most food cuts require a chef’s knife.

The first step is to know how to identify each type of knife. The cleaver has a wide and high blade, quite different from the others. Boning models are very thin and pointed. Those to disentangle, in turn, have a saw.

From there, the process becomes intuitive: Cutting most of the food calls for the chef’s knife, which has a more traditional shape. And when specific activities like breaking bones or boning are needed, just identify and pick up the specific utensil.

How much does it cost and where to buy good BBQ knives?

BBQ knives are sold as a unit or in kits. In the first case, they tend to be more handmade. You will find huge price variations: There are great utensils that, being sold together, have an individual price of around R $ 10, while others reach R $ 100.

Supermarkets, hypermarkets, home and kitchen and barbecue stores sell good options for barbecue knives. Buying over the internet, especially by Amazon, is also an excellent idea. Also check out Amazon international.

Purchase criteria: Factors for choosing the best BBQ knives

Still in doubt about which models of barbecue knives to buy? We have selected four criteria that can help you a lot:

  • Individual parts or kit
  • Cable
  • Durability
  • Ergonomics

Below, we bring more information about each one!

Individual parts or kit

Experienced collectors or grills may prefer to purchase single knives according to their preferences, thus having a personalized kit. Another reason to prefer an individual utensil is if any that you use is damaged.

For those who are just starting out or just want to buy good knives, choosing the kit is the best option. Thus, you will have knives capable of making all the necessary cuts in a barbecue and you will be able to buy them with a better cost-benefit ratio, since in sets the prices end up being reduced.


Another choice of material that appears when buying knives concerns the handles. The main options available on the market are wood and stainless steel.

Wooden handles are lighter and easier to handle.

Wooden handles make knives lighter and easier to handle. If you are looking for a tool that can amplify your skills when cutting, this is exactly the material you should choose.

Stainless steel, although heavier, has its usual advantage: It does not oxidize, and therefore it is much more durable. Even more when compared to wood, a material that does not usually have great resistance to water.


If you’ve invested money in a good barbecue knife kit, you certainly want durability to be high. To have him help you to be a great barbecue for a long time, you need to pay attention to some issues.

Pay attention to the brand: Known manufacturers produce knives of higher quality and that usually last longer. Another possibility is to opt for handcrafted ones. And, in matters of material, stainless steel is always the most resistant for its properties against oxidation.


Anyone who cuts a lot of meat or spends a long time doing barbecue knows that it is necessary to have comfort when making it. Therefore, the ideal is to look for ergonomic knives with a good fit in your hands.

Again, the ideal here is to look for either well-known brands, or handmade models. Also see if the chosen model mentions something special about ergonomics in its description. The more comfort, the easier and more enjoyable your job will be!



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