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Top & Best Can opener Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Can opener: How to choose the best in 2022

Welcome to! In today’s article we will talk about how to choose the best option for your needs from an item that is indispensable for all modern kitchens: the can opener.

Whether in the simplest or most sophisticated models, the can opener is an extremely necessary tool, which is present in the routines of families of all cultures and social classes. The easiest, fastest and safest way to open cans, the opener now has more modern and safer models than in the past, which greatly facilitate the task of opening canned goods.

Follow this Review and check out the main tips and information so that you can choose a quality can opener that fully meets your expectations and needs.

First, the most important

  • The can opener is practical, fast and effective. But, to guarantee all the benefits that this product can offer, the right choice is essential. The material and model of the opener must be defined based on the user profile.
  • More sophisticated can openers can add other features, which is an advantage for those who want to avoid excessive utensils in the kitchen cabinet or drawer.
  • Easy to be found, the opener is for sale from R $ 3 on the most basic models. More sophisticated models, with extra features and accessories can cost more than R $ 100.

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Ranking: The 4 best can openers

Knowing the importance of this tool for any kitchen, we have selected the most recommended openers for you. In this section we will present the best can opener models for sale in Brazil. Check the list:

Buying Guide

Now that you have checked our Ranking of the best can opener models, you are ready for the next step: the Buying Guide. In this section you will have access to the most relevant information about the openers, their advantages and disadvantages, values, where to buy, etc.

But, remember that the best and most complete product on the market is not always the most suitable for you and your needs. That is why we will present you with topics on the characteristics you should pay attention to in order to choose an opener that best meets your expectations.

What is a can opener?

The can opener is nothing more than a kitchen utensil that has the function that its name already announces: opening cans.

Made of aluminum, stainless steel or plastic with steel blades, the utensil that emerged in the 19th century went through several evolutions until reaching the models we know today: smaller, more efficient and practical.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the can opener?

The can opener, without a doubt, is a product that greatly facilitates the domestic routine.

Imagine the difficulty, the danger and the mess that would be trying to open cans of preserves, sauces and other foods if the utensil did not exist in our lives.

In addition to being relatively inexpensive, can openers can be found on sale quite easily. Other than that, even the simplest models usually have more than one function, such as bottle opener, for example.

Check out this video from the Secret Area channel to get to know some openers and their features:

Even though it is a product created 100% to bring ease, some people may experience difficulties in using the can opener, like left-handed people, for example.

Using the opener can also be tricky for people with rheumatism or hand difficulties. However, automated and adapted models already exist that aim to contemplate these people with special conditions.

Which can opener is right for me?

The choice of the can opener model should be made, mainly, based on the needs and the profile of the people who will use the product. The type of material and the model of the opener will directly influence its durability and performance.

The most common materials in can openers are stainless steel, aluminum and plastic. It is important to pay attention to the blade system of your can opener.

Some more basic models – usually aluminum – have a very rustic blade, which ends up requiring you to master the correct technique and put enough strength to open the can satisfactorily.



The more modern ones – usually made of stainless steel – have blades in different formats, and systems that allow the utensil to work with less effort, being ideal for those who do not have much strength in their hands or simply want something more practical.

Check if the chosen model is suitable for right-handed, left-handed, or both. The model unsuitable for the dominant hand of the user can make it impossible to use and cause accidents.

Check, also, the possibilities of cleaning your opener, if the material allows washing in dishwashers and which cleaning products are indicated. Models that are difficult to sanitize can accumulate residues and rust, which can cause risks of contamination to food.

Models with a mix of materials also inspire attention. If the opener has plastic parts, check that they are resistant. If the handle or handle that will receive the pressure to open the cans is made of this material, pay attention during use, as excess force may cause breaks.

How much?

The price of the can opener varies a lot according to model, brand, material and product details. It is possible to find basic models very affordable, starting at R $ 3.

More sophisticated models, of famous brands, with special materials and more than one function can cost up to R $ 100. The price of the same product can vary a lot from one store to another.

After choosing the desired model, use price comparison sites to choose the best offer.

Where to buy?

You can buy your can opener at physical stores that sell household items.

However, it is on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon.

Although it is a cheap product, on the internet you get even more attractive prices. Not to mention that you receive the product at your door.

Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare the different models of can opener

Now that you have a lot of general information about can openers, we’ll list some of the features you can compare to recognize the best opener option to meet your needs and expectations. Are they:

  • Material
  • Special
  • Model
  • Extra functions


As already mentioned, the material of your can opener is one of the most important characteristics, being a determining factor in the durability and effectiveness of the opener.

Choose according to your needs, as well as the type of material you use at home. Thus, the same care given to other utensils will be necessary for your opener.


Some can opener models are adapted for special situations, such as the left-handed issue. The cutting system is inverted to facilitate cutting with the left hand.

If you are left-handed, pay attention to this detail. Although it is more difficult to find in physical stores, in the online market it is much easier to find the ideal one for you. If I am not the case, pay attention also not to buy the wrong model.


The model in the case of the can opener not only influences aesthetics, but also the efficiency of the product. More modern models with different designs tend to be more efficient and easier to use.

Traditional aluminum models are more difficult to use, and tend to create tips and burrs on cans that can injure and cause accidents.

If you do not have much practice with the utensil, it is worth investing in pliers or butterfly models, which, although slightly more expensive, are safer and easier to use, providing a can opening without tips and burrs.

Extra functions

The vast majority of can opener models also come with a hook for opening bottles.

Other more modern models also come with several other possibilities, such as canning pot openers, hook for tin rings, among other features.

Check the manufacturer’s directions for use. A model with more features may even cost more, but it is worth considering the cost-benefit of these extra utilities.

In addition, a single utensil with multiple functions is an excellent solution for those who have little space in the kitchen or want to reduce the number of accessories in cupboards or drawers.


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