Top & Best Electric pressure cooker Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Electric pressure cooker: How to choose the best one in 2022?

Anyone looking for an electric pressure cooker has certainly heard of the advantages of having one of these at home. it is possible to prove the satisfaction of those who already have one.

Through this comprehensive guide, we at want to offer you all the information you need to choose the perfect electric pressure cooker.

Stay with us until the end of the article to learn about the advantages and disadvantages, to know where to buy and what are the prices and also the fundamental purchase criteria for your purchase to be guaranteed success, in addition to knowing the 7 best models.

First, the most important

  • The electric pressure cooker brought more practicality in the kitchen. With it you gain more security and time.
  • They have many advantages over the conventional pan and here you will be able to make this comparison through a didactic table.
  • Read the purchase criteria at the end of this article carefully so you can buy the perfect pan for your reality.

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Ranking: The 5 best electric pressure cookers

Likes to cook? An electric pressure cooker can be an ally when it comes to making more elaborate recipes. For this reason, we have separated seven of the best models on the market so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Buying Guide

Meat, pork, fish, chicken, rice, beans, soups and even pudding … An electric pressure cooker can help you make these and many other dishes, with incredible practicality. If you still have doubts about the efficiency of this kitchen utensil, read our Buying Guide and know everything you need to know before buying your pan.

What is an electric pressure cooker?

Being afraid of the pressure cooker exploding now is a thing of the past. Enough of that deafening noise and watching the pot carefully.

The electric pressure cooker came to revolutionize the kitchen, provide a change of habit, offer more quality of life and make any cook fall in love with it.

Electric models may cost more, but they are worth every penny because of all the advantages they offer.

The cooking system remains pressure, but does not require the use of the stove. Just plug it in, put the ingredients inside, program the pan through its buttons and that’s it, you don’t have to worry anymore.

Why invest in an electric pressure cooker?

The food is not at risk of burning and the pan is in no danger of exploding. The pan will automatically do everything for you from start to finish and deliver your food at the ideal point. It’s a way to simplify your kitchen routine. These cookware brought a lot of practicality and versatility to the day to day.

With an electric pressure cooker you can cook rice in three minutes for example. You can make a tasty fish in 5 minutes and cook chips quickly too. And this is a great advantage of this type of pan. The agility of preparing meals. You lose less time in the kitchen and more time for you.

Not to mention that even for recipes that take a little longer, like beans or harder meat, you can still put the food “on the fire” and do other activities without worry.

These pans turn off automatically as soon as the food is ready. Most of them also offer practicality through the timer. Newer models can be programmed to deliver the product 24 hours after programming.

This means that you can leave everything ready inside when you leave the house in the morning, program the function you want the start time of preparation and it does everything else. Your lunch or dinner will be ready when you arrive.

Learn how to make beans with this video from Adriano Tavares’ channel:

More and more advantages …

Having an electric pressure cooker is like having another person in the kitchen. You can prepare numerous recipes. Beans, rice, risotto, stews, various types of meat, soups, potatoes, polenta, manioc, porridge, puddings, cakes and the list is endless, both savory and sweet.

With the pre-programmed functions there is no error in the point of each food. Just follow the instructions and when the appliance turns off, the food will be at the ideal point.

If you want to make beans, for example, the function for this cooking is already prepared with the pressure and time necessary for the grain to be soft. This works with all other existing functions.

Save more time using this great ally for your kitchen routine.

Another invaluable advantage is the security it offers. Some models have 6, 8 and even 10 systems that guarantee the safe use of them. The main one is the control of pressure and temperature inside the pan, so there will be no risks.

The main disadvantage is that it can take a little time to learn how to use it at its maximum performance. The users report is that although it is very simple, it can take a while for you to learn to use all the functions, even due to all the security locks.

In addition, you cannot cook several different foods at once. Only recipes that take several ingredients, but prepare a single dish.

Compare the advantages and disadvantages and decide if it would bring more comfort to your kitchen life.

Electric or conventional pressure cooker?

We have already talked about the advantages of having an electric pressure cooker at home. But it is natural for you to wonder if the investment is really worth it. After all, both it and the conventional end up having the same basic function: cooking food under pressure.

And if you are still in doubt as to whether it is really worth buying one of these more modern ones or not, we believe that this table can help you decide once and for all.

But we can summarize it as follows. An electric pressure cooker does everything the conventional one does, but the opposite is far from true. Be yourself:

How much?

For all the functions and advantages they offer, these cookware could cost even more. With just over R $ 200 you can buy the seventh model from our Ranking, which has a great quality.

The most modern and technological ones usually cost between R $ 300 and R $ 600, depending on all the functions they have.

Taking into account the price of the seven models, the average investment would be approximately R $ 400. With R $ 40 per month you buy one of these for your home in 10 installments.

Where to buy?

Although you can find it in appliance stores or hypermarkets, it is on the internet that you find the largest variety of models. Prices are usually better also in online stores due to the offers.

The discount often compensates for shipping and waiting time. You can find your electric pressure cooker at the following online stores:

    • Amazon;


Purchase Criteria: Learn to evaluate every detail of an electric pressure cooker

By now, you may have already become a true electric pressure cooker expert. And knowing how it works, the price range, which the advantages and disadvantages are important information for you to purchase the product.

But if you still haven’t been able to choose the ideal model for you, let’s reflect on the following details based on your day to day:

  • Functions
  • Digital panel
  • Capacity
  • Safety
  • Timer

We will detail each of these items so that you can once and for all decide which model of electric pressure cooker is best for you.


From the model descriptions you can see that some pans have 4 settings and some even have 15 functions. Now think about your routine. For what purpose do you want this pan?

Are you looking for something to really bring more agility in the daily cooking of beans or do you want to venture with more elaborate recipes making the most of the appliance?

With some models it is even possible to make desserts. If you want to cook basic foods, a pan with fewer functions will do for you. Now if you want to try using multiple recipes, it is worth investing in a model with 8, 10 or more functions.

Digital panel

There are pans that have the digital panel and those that work with a scroll button. Both work in a simple way. Obviously those with the digital panel end up having a more complete menu.

This criterion fits with the previous one. If you want a more basic electric pressure cooker, the digital panel may be something you don’t need. Some people may even have difficulty using it if you decide to give it to your grandmother, for example.

For those looking for something more modern and technological, this is a must have. Try to reflect on the usability of these panels and see what benefits it brings to your kitchen routine.


We saw that the pans can have between 3 and 6 liters of capacity. And it interferes a lot in your choice.

Do you cook for more people? Do you like receiving friends? Would you use that Sunday lunch to prepare some dish? If the answer is yes, invest in a 5 or 6 liter model.

The larger pots are adaptable even for couples or those who live alone, but prepare beans for the whole week and like to freeze the pots. Now if you really cook a few portions, a smaller one would be enough.


Perhaps this is the most important criterion. Most people look for an electric pressure cooker for the safety it offers.

Still, it varies widely from model to model. Some have 6 security systems. Others offer 10. Generally all of these pans are highly safe.

But if you are still the type of person who is terrified of a conventional pressure cooker, to feel even more secure, it is worth the investment in cookware with a more complete security system.

The electric pressure cooker is highly safe.


And finally, if you liked the idea of ​​leaving home and scheduling your lunch or dinner, you certainly need to be aware of the timer function.

Most of them offer a timer of up to 24 hours. More than enough time to program your electric pressure cooker in advance.

But pay attention to the product description to ensure that it has this function so as not to be disappointed after purchase.




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