Top & Best Ice form Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Ice form: What are the best options in 2022?

On warmer days all we want is to cool off with a cold drink. However, refrigerators do not always do it, and that is where ice cubes come in and an essential item for their creation: the shape of ice.

This common product has changed a lot over the years and new materials and designs have been added to it. Making and using ice has never been so much fun.

Therefore, in this Review we will present you all the variations of the ice shape, what are the ways to use it and how to choose the best one, come on?

First, the most important

  • Ice shapes can be found in different sizes and models. You can have fun using Minnie and Mickey ices, for example.
  • They are produced in plastic and silicone, if you choose the first option, always pay attention if it is BPA Free.
  • The price variation of this product is quite large, and can cost from R $ 2 to R $ 100. It is worth researching before buying.

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Ranking: The 4 best ice shape options

You may be wondering what is different about the ice forms. Because nowadays that kitchen item has changed a lot and to show you that we separate below the models best evaluated by the users themselves. Check out:

Buying Guide

You have already noticed from the ranking that the traditional ice form that comes with refrigerators is a bit outdated and that new developments in this area are emerging.

If you are thinking of purchasing this product, but don’t know which one to choose, just continue with us and in this buying guide we will show you all the variations of the ice forms.

What is the shape of ice?

Ice forms are kitchen utensils that have spaces in which water or other liquid is placed. Then they go to the freezer where the ice cubes will be formed.

This is the main way of using this product, which can also have other functions and is very useful, being present in the home of practically everyone.

What are the advantages of using the ice form?

If we ask quickly about the advantages of using an ice form you will probably think: create ice, hey! However, in addition, this product also has other qualifications that make it even better.

Have you ever thought that you can use these molds to fill with melted chocolate and make small candies? Or even other ingredients.

In addition, usually the ice form is a very inexpensive item. And even when it has a higher price, it has a great cost benefit.

What types of ice forms?

There are basically two types of raw materials that are used for making ice forms, they are silicone and plastic.

The hard plastic models are the best known and the ones that commonly come with the refrigerators we buy.

The silicone forms are the most modern and those with the greatest variation in models. They are very flexible and can be used both in the refrigerator and in the oven.

When it comes to shapes, ice shapes have never been more popular. Of course, ordinary square or rectangular ice cubes are extremely useful and do their job. However, models were developed that made the use of ice even more functional and fun.

Currently it is possible to find shapes that produce cubes of different sizes. There are the smaller ones that are shaped like chopsticks, balls or hexagon and others of very large size that can be used for alcoholic beverages and pitchers as they melt more slowly.

For those who like different things, it is possible to create ice with the most varied designs that will combine with different occasions.

There are currently character models like Mickey, Minnie and Star Wars, heart, skull, guitar, star, penguin, playing cards and much more.

For those who are more clumsy and always drop water trying to put the form in the freezer there are those that have lids and help in this process.

Another innovation is the one that contains devices to remove the ice cube more easily.

With regard to colors they exist in the most varied shades ranging from transparent to pink, red, green and so on.

What other functions have the form of ice?

You are wrong to think that ice forms can only be used for a single function. In addition to the kitchen, they also have several uses in other environments of the house.

To show you this, we created the list below that contains several possibilities of use:

    • Create chocolate candies
    • Making small portions of sushi
    • Preserve the rest of a broth to be used in other recipes later
    • Freeze sauces and seasonings
    • Freeze small portions of baby food
    • Create chocolate cubes to mix with milk
    • Organize jewelry
    • Act as paint palette
    • Freeze Aloe Vera gel for burn relief
    • Organize sewing items
    • Arrange unitary shadows for makeup


Did you see? Having imagination this item can be extremely useful in your day to day.

How much?

Ice form can be cheap or expensive, it will depend on the model, material and type you choose.

The most common models made of plastic can be purchased for around R $ 2, while silicone models can be purchased for around R $ 7.

Those that are imported brands are usually the most expensive and have prices that reach up to R $ 100 on average.

Where to buy?

Physically it is possible to buy ice forms in housewares stores, supermarkets and department stores.

On the internet, they are easily found on sites like Amazon, stores in the same segment. Especially if you are looking for a specific or imported model they are the best option.

In addition, if you are interested in an item that is in our Ranking just click on the link and you will be directed to the place where you can purchase the product.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing iceform models

So far we have presented you with all the important information about ice forms. At this point we will tell you what are the essential criteria for you to compare the models that exist on the market and choose the best one for you, they are:

  • Material
  • Cubes size
  • Shape capacity
  • Types of use

In the following, we will explain each one of them.


We said that ice forms are made of plastic and silicone. Knowing this, before choosing which one you prefer, let’s talk a little more about each one.

The plastic molds are rigid and very functional. They come in different sizes and colors. However, this material can catch the smell of things, which can be bad depending on what you are going to freeze, and release BPA if it has this component.

Not to mention that plastic cannot be exposed to high temperatures and that removing ice from them can be a little more complicated, which can break the cubes.

On the other hand, silicone models are odorless and can be taken both in the oven and in the microwave. It is easy to remove the ice cubes from them because they are flexible, but this can be a negative point and hinder the process of taking the form to the freezer.

Cubes size

There are ice forms that have larger and smaller spaces. To find out which one you prefer, look at most places where you will use your ice cubes.

Smaller ones end up creating ice that melts faster, which can water drinks, but is great for smaller bottles and containers.

Large cubes, on the other hand, cannot be used in small glasses because they will either not fit or occupy the entire circumference. However for jars and alcoholic beverages they are more effective since they freeze faster and melt more slowly.

The freezing time also varies according to the size of the cube. The smaller the faster the process.

Types of use

We have shown above that it is possible to use these shapes not only to produce ice, but also for several other functions. Depending on the purpose you will use for yours, the size and material may be different.

If you want to keep jewelry and the like in your shape, analyze the size of the openings and give preference to plastic models that are more rigid. There are also those that have a lid that can be very useful.

If you want to freeze the most diverse items of cuisine, you can choose either silicone or plastic. Think about the quantity of product, if it is baby food, for example, larger models are a good option.

Shape capacity

Do you normally use many ice cubes at once or are only a few needed?

If your answer is for the first question, then it is better to buy the larger shapes, which produce 12 and even 37 cubes.

If in your case you are alone or live in a few people, you don’t need to invest in a large model that will take up more space in the freezer, right? Think about it!


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