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Top & Best Gourmet Faucet Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Gourmet Faucet: How to choose the best for your kitchen in 2022?

Welcome to mypricesaving.com Today we are going to talk about gourmet faucet, a piece with a refined finish that makes your kitchen much more modern and versatile. Gourmet products are called that because they are more elaborate, made with better quality pieces and meet the needs of even the most demanding consumers.

In the case of gourmet taps, these models are aimed at a differentiated culinary experience since this product has multiple purposes.

You will definitely want to purchase a gourmet faucet, especially after discovering the main advantages of the product, which are the best models on the market and what to take into account to compare each model.

First, the most important

  • Buying a gourmet faucet will bring countless benefits to your kitchen. Mobility is one of the most relevant factors, as this tap has a mobile shower. Some models also offer hot water outlet and others have a filter attached, which make the water suitable for drinking. All in the same piece!
  • The gourmet faucet has an imposing shape and size, which guarantees your kitchen a much more modern and sophisticated look. But it is important to emphasize that decoration is a set, so it is necessary to think about the whole environment, not just the tap.
  • Your gourmet tap can be wall or table / countertop. It is necessary to think about where this piece will be installed, as the gourmet taps are available in different sizes.

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The best gourmet faucet models: Our choices

There are many gourmet tap models on the market. It is possible to find one for each style of cuisine, and also different prices. Here, you will find a selection of the best products in the category on the market. Check out the ranking below:

  • An option with mixer
  • To save water
  • A high quality option

Buying Guide

In addition to being an extremely useful object, the gourmet faucet makes the kitchen even more elegant. They can be table or wall, and we’ll talk more about that throughout this article.

If you want to know everything about this product, keep reading so as not to make mistakes when buying the perfect faucet for your home.

What is a gourmet tap and where to use it?

The gourmet tap is the most modern when it comes to taps. This type is larger, usually 50 or 70 centimeters in height, but some models are smaller, being about 30 centimeters.

It is very efficient in several aspects, one of the main ones being mobility, since generally these models have a flexible flexible shower attachment, which facilitates the cleaning of the faucet, sink, food and utensils on the countertop.

The water jet of these taps can be concentrated or in a high performance spray. Some models have anti-splash function, which promotes water savings.

Some models also have two temperature options: hot or cold water and a mixture of these two. It is ideal for those who use the kitchen a lot, as the water temperature makes a difference in several situations: it serves to disinfect cutlery, remove grease from dishes, kill bacteria from the peel of fruits and vegetables and is also ideal for washing dishes and hands on days colder.

The single-lever models are very practical, because they allow the control of the water outlet, the firing of hot or cold water, or the mixture of the two, all in a single actuator, which moves vertically.

But you need to be aware, as single-lever models require greater water pressure to function perfectly.

Some faucet options with a gourmet filter have a filter attached, and an independent outlet for filtered water, which adds more functionality to this versatile product.

If you are thinking of buying a gourmet faucet for your kitchen, know that you will have access to many benefits and advantages, but we cannot fail to mention some disadvantages of this product, which are listed in this table below:

Product variables: gourmet table or wall tap?

The gourmet faucet can be installed on the table / bench, just like any other conventional faucet in this installation model, and depends on the hydraulic piping configuration of your home or apartment.


Gourmet table taps are ideal for American-style kitchens, which have an island-style countertop. This, incidentally, is the most modern kitchen model.


Another option is to install the gourmet faucet directly on the wall. As the name implies, these models are made for water pipes that end on the kitchen countertop wall.

As the gourmet faucet is usually installed in kitchens with a modern style, this (wall-mounted) model is much less used than the countertop.

However, in some cases this is the only choice, as, as already mentioned above, the installation of the gourmet tap depends on the configuration of your hydraulic system.

Another variable of this product is the style of the curvature of the faucet. There are models with curvature and other straight ones, and in general these pieces are quite large, reaching up to 70 centimeters in height.

Finally, another variable among gourmet faucet models is that some have a water filter attached, while others do not have this functionality. The cool thing about purchasing a model with a filter is that you will have everything in one equipment.

We have prepared a table comparing the main differences between gourmet countertop / table taps and wall taps, check below:



Although not new on the market, the gourmet tap requires a special installation and not all professionals have specialized knowledge in installing this type of tap. Lack of knowledge can cause damage and irreparable damage to the part.

The installation of hydraulic parts must be done by a professional specialized in this type of installation. Any part, when misplaced, can present problems within a few weeks or months. This can lead to more maintenance and repair costs or, in some cases, even replacement of the device.

Due to high technology, care in the development and quality of parts, the gourmet faucet has a durability far superior to other faucet models.

For these same reasons, the piece is also more expensive, so it is worth taking care of this step.


How much does a gourmet faucet cost?

Because it is a type of tap with articulation, design and sophisticated features, the price of a gourmet tap is higher than other types of more common taps.

The minimum you will pay for a gourmet faucet is $ 60. The more sophisticated the model, the greater the investment value. Therefore, a gourmet faucet with several features such as a filter, two types of jets, temperature control and a spout costs over R $ 100. The most expensive model of gourmet faucet costs up to R $ 4,000.

Where to buy a gourmet faucet?

Several types of stores sell gourmet taps, from supermarkets like Walmart and Carrefour, stores that sell appliances such as Fast Shop and Casas Bahia and also department stores like Ponto Frio and Magazine Luiza.

But after reading ReviewBox Brasil’s shopping guide, you won’t even need to leave the house to buy. We suggest that you purchase through the Amazon website.

There, you can find the best models from different brands, compare prices and read the reviews of other users, which will guarantee a more assertive purchase.

Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare gourmet faucet models

We have prepared for you a list of the main criteria that you must take into account when buying a gourmet faucet model for your kitchen:

  • Part design
  • Kitchen size
  • Kitchen flooring
  • Easy cleaning
  • economy

Check out, below and in detail, how each of these items can and should influence your decision to purchase a gourmet faucet.

Part design

There are several models of gourmet faucets: straight and curved, small, with about 30 centimeters and larger models, from 50 to 70 centimeters in height, with a completely chrome finish or with color details, and so on.

A tip to enhance the design and curvature of the faucet is to install it on the side of the tub. For large or double countertops it is possible to install different taps for each sink.

We also suggest that you combine the finish of the faucet with the other kitchen accessories. It is natural that when investing in a gourmet faucet there is a concern with the decoration of the kitchen as a top and not just with the sink.

See an example of gourmet cuisine in the image below:


Kitchen size

It is common to have a doubt when we research gourmet faucet models: does this type of faucet look good in any kitchen? The answer is yes and no.

You need to keep in mind that this type of piece has different dimensions and design and may not be very compatible with a narrow kitchen and low furniture.

However, some brands produce ideal models for kitchens that are less compatible with this type of faucet, which are the pieces with smaller dimensions and that can be installed directly on the wall. That way everyone can have a gourmet tap at home!

In addition, despite being larger than conventional taps, gourmet taps are equipped with manipulable spouts, that is, it is possible to handle the tap so that it is lower or higher.

Anyway, take into account the position of your furniture, the size of your sink and your kitchen when buying a gourmet faucet model.

The kitchens with center island, in American style, are ideal for gourmet taps, this because this arrangement usually gives a greater degree of prominence to the piece, since in addition to the extra features, this type of tap was developed to give more charm to the environment .

Kitchen flooring

Do you believe that even the finish of your kitchen should be taken into account when choosing a gourmet faucet model? This is because some types or colors of coating can devalue the design of your faucet.

Some shades of tiles, porcelain tiles, or ceramic tiles can overshadow your gourmet tap, which is usually the center of attention in modern cuisine. We suggest that the background tone should not have too much contrast with the hue of the tap.

Another suggestion, which will make your kitchen even more sophisticated, is to create special lighting directed to the sink counter, this will give a special highlight to your tap and make your kitchen a space for family living, a gourmet area.

Easy cleaning

Cleaning the gourmet faucet is very easy, just use damp cloths or sponge dishes, which should be used in the soft part, never the rough part, as it leaves scratches on the metal. Avoid the use of very abrasive chemicals, as they can damage the faucet parts.

Models with a filter should receive even more attention when cleaning. It is possible to remove the impurities that are barred in the filter using running water with pressure, but this does not replace the replacement of the candle refill, which must be done every six months of use, approximately.

Some models can take more work than others, taking into account the design of the faucet.


Gourmet faucets are much more economical than other types of faucet, due to the technology of ceramic cartridges that are responsible for sealing the faucet.

In the past these parts were made of rubber and leaks were more frequent.

Many models of gourmet faucet have a regulation to save water during all use, reducing waste, this makes it viable for the user and also for the planet.

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