Top & Best Lorenzetti water purifier Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Lorenzetti water purifier: How to choose the best model in 2022

If you are reading this article, you are certainly concerned with the quality of the water your family consumes. The Lorenzetti water purifier has the ability to treat water, rid it of impurities, excess chlorine, heavy metals and microorganisms.

But if you are researching water purifiers, you may have noticed that there are several models, with different technologies and varying prices. With that in mind, we have prepared this article to help you choose the best Lorenzetti water purifier.

First, the most important

  • Lorenzetti’s line of water purifiers is diverse: Gioviale, Naturalis, Versatille, Acqua Bella, Acqua Due, Vitale and Loren Acqua.
  • Lorenzetti water purifiers offer two to seven stages of water filtration. Another difference between these models is the filtering capacity of the refill, which ranges from 1,000 to 6,000L.
  • The Lorenzetti water purifier does not have a cooling system, so it only offers water at room temperature.

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Buying Guide

Drinking water is essential to keep the body functioning properly, but it is necessary to consume filtered water, free of heavy metals, excess chlorine and microorganisms. To consume good quality water, you must invest in a Lorenzetti water purifier, the subject of this Buying Guide.

What are the advantages of the Lorenzetti water purifier?

The Lorenzetti water purifier contributes to the proper functioning of the organism, maintaining health and protection against stomach and intestinal diseases, as it eliminates heavy metals, excess chlorine and microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and protozoa from the water, providing crystal clear water, free of flavors or unpleasant odors. Water can be used to drink, cook and sanitize food.

To keep the water always clean, the refill change must be done every 1,000 to 6,000 liters of water consumed or between six and twelve months of use – depending on the model. Changing a refill does not require the use of tools or the presence of a technician.

The Lorenzetti water purifier does not require much space in the kitchen, you can install the equipment on the wall, counter or sink, just place it near a water source. The equipment does not consume electricity.

Despite all the advantages of the Lorenzetti water purifier, the equipment has some disadvantages such as the need for manual cleaning, filter replacement and high cost compared to a common water filter.

We have prepared a list of all the advantages and disadvantages of the Lorenzetti water purifier in the table below:

What are the filtration steps of the Lorenzetti water purifier?

A Lorenzetti water purifier can have different filtration steps. The main ones are listed below:

    • 1st filtration step is called filtration or mechanical filtration. The water passes through a polypropylene filter that removes solid particles such as sand, sediment, slime, clay and rust present in the water.
    • 2nd filtering step , called sterilization, activated carbon with colloidal silver that eliminates germs, fungi, bacteria, viruses and protozoa.
    • 3rd filtration stage , called absorption, the filter layer removes excess chlorine, heavy metals and other chemical elements present in the water. Leaving it free from contamination.


For filtering to be efficient, it is necessary to change the refill from time to time. The filtering element change period depends on water consumption, but varies from six to twelve months.


What are the Lorenzetti water purifier models?

The Lorezentti water purifier line is quite diverse. Discover the models below:

    • Acqua Due offers three stages of filtration and is capable of treating 1,500L of water. Purified water does not come out of the same tap as ordinary water. Turn the valve forward if you want untreated water and back if you want drinking water.
    • Naturalis offers six filtering steps. The double refill expands the filtering capacity to 6,000L of water. This wall water purifier has cup holders attached.
    • Gioviale performs seven water purification steps. Another differential is the ability to filter 4,000L of water. This wall-mounted water purifier has a cup holder attached.
    • Vitale performs three filtering steps. The mobile spout increases the reach of the faucet and the ceramic disc facilitates handling. The refill can eliminate the impurities of 1,000L of water.
    • Versatille offers two filtering steps. This water purifier must be installed on a tap. To choose between ordinary water and drinking water, simply change the selector switch. The refill is capable of filtering 1,000L of water.
    • Acqua Bella has three filtering steps. The refill is capable of purifying 1,000L of water. The product is available in three color options: black, white and chrome.
    • Loren Acqua also has two filtering steps. This model must be installed directly at the tap water outlet. The refill is capable of filtering up to 2,000L of water.


How to clean the Lorenzetti water purifier?

To maintain the quality of the water for consumption or food preparation, you must keep the Lorenzetti water purifier always clean. To remove dirt on the outside of the filter, use a sponge with mild soap.

In the internal part, it is necessary to dismantle the filter and wash the parts with water and neutral soap – some models offer the option of backwashing. After internal washing, allow a volume of water to drain to remove excess impurities.

Purchasing criteria: Find the best Lorenzetti water purifier

Are you thinking of buying a Lorenzetti water purifier? Know that there are several models for sale. The differences between them are the filtering steps, filter capacity, installation style and design. We look at each of these characteristics in this section.

  • Wall, table or faucet
  • Filter
  • Inmetro classification
  • Coasters

With these tips and the ranking of the best products, you will be able to choose a good Lorenzetti water purifier.

Wall, table or faucet

When purchasing a Lorenzetti water purifier, assess whether the equipment should be installed on the wall, table or tap.

  • Wall-mounted water purifier is suitable for kitchens with limited space, as it is compact. The equipment must be installed by a professional, as it is necessary to drill the wall.
  • Table cleaner comes with a support base that serves to install the equipment on a flat surface – it can be on the table or counter, as long as it is close to a water outlet.
  • Tap water purifier  is perfect for kitchens that do not have an exclusive water outlet for the water purifier. The equipment can be installed on a common tap.


When choosing a Lorenzetti water purifier, evaluate the filter element. The filter can offer two to seven filtering steps and be able to filter 1,000 to 6,000L of water.

The price of the filter refill should also be taken into account, as this part must be changed sporadically – the service life can be measured in filtered liters or time of use.

Make a simple account. Each person should consume two liters of water daily, that is, a family with three members will consume about 2000 liters per year. If water is used to cook and wash fruits and vegetables, this consumption can rise to 3000L per year.

Inmetro classification

Inmetro has a special evaluation for water purifiers. The Organ attests to the level of retention of solid particles, the ability to reduce chlorine and the possibility of eliminating microorganisms.

  • Solid particle retention can be evaluated at six levels of retention, with level A having the highest capacity and level F having the lowest performance.
  • Free chlorine reduction determines whether the water purifier is effective in reducing chlorine. INMETRO considers only if the equipment is effective – “With reduction of free chlorine” – or ineffective – “Not applicable”.
  • Bacteriological efficiency determines whether the device has a really effective system to fight bacteria. Effective equipment has an “Approved” stamp and non-effective equipment receives an “Not applicable” stamp.

Observing these classifications before purchase is essential for those who want to buy the best Lorenzetti water purifier on the market.


Some Lorenzetti water purifier models have a cup holder attached. The accessory offers two advantages, the possibility of filling glasses, bottles or jars more easily.

Another advantage is that the cup holder protects against accidental leakage and keeps the place clean, especially if the part is easily removed.

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