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Top & Best Potato masher Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Potato masher: What’s the best of 2022?

If you love a mashed potato or a potato hideout, you’ve come to the right place. One of the main tools needed to make these recipes is exactly the potato masher.

Nowadays, there are several models of juicers. From the traditional model, you need to put the potato in the basket and squeeze, even the most practical ones, which you can knead directly from inside the pan.

Regardless of your preferences, here we are going to talk about some important points like advantages, materials, shapes and other essential characteristics to evaluate a potato masher. Come with us!

First, the most important

  • Potato masher and masher are different things, although they have the same function. Here, you will know more about the difference of each one and which is the best for your needs.
  • Juicers are usually made of different materials and colors. Although stainless steel is the most common, there are also aluminum and silicone models.
  • Overall, the potato masher is a very inexpensive item and is worth it because of its great value for money.

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Ranking: the 4 best potato masher

With all the types of potato masher or masher available, we have selected the best and most popular with consumers. You can check each one of them in the ranking below:

Buying Guide

The potato masher facilitates the preparation of a tasty and smooth puree, especially for children, who usually love and consume these foods a lot in the first years of life. Ease and practicality in food preparation is what everyone seeks, so this is an indispensable item in any kitchen.

What else do you need to know before buying your potato masher? Some items like material, functionality and where to buy are essential things. Read on to choose the best juicer for your needs.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the potato masher?

The juicer is one of the essential items for making recipes with mashed potatoes or vegetables. Imagine if you always had to hit the blender or the processor? There’s no need, right?

Available in several different types and models, the potato squeezer makes working a lot easier when making mashed potatoes, mashed potatoes and even baby food.

With a simple mash, the vegetable has already become a little pure. Since it is not indicated for the speech development of children that the food be beaten in a blender.

In addition, it is a relatively small tool, which you can put in the drawer, in the closet or hang on a hook without any major problems.

You can also choose whether you want your mashed pieces or not. Some models of juicer provide a smooth puree, while others facilitate recipes with pieces, which are also delicious.

A cheap and very useful utensil for those who like to cook and vary in recipes. In addition, it provides great cost-benefit, as it costs little and usually lasts many years.

One of its few disadvantages is that it can be a little difficult to clean, especially the models that come with a basket. Removing food waste is essential to ensure your family’s health.

What is the difference between a masher and potato masher?

There are two main types of utensils for squeezing potatoes and other vegetables: the juicer and the kneader. But what are the differences between them? The juicer is the model that you have probably seen a lot in your grandparents ‘and parents’ homes. It is the oldest method of making puree and other recipes.

With the juicer, it is possible to knead better, ensuring that no small pieces will remain. However, it is also a little more difficult to clean and a little hard to tighten.

The kneader is a tool that has emerged more recently, to meet the demand for more practicality and speed. It is simple to use and easy to clean. In addition, it is more suitable for those who want to squeeze different types of vegetables, tubers and even grains.

However, for the recipe to be without pieces, it is necessary to knead much more and have a little patience.

Is the juicer only for potatoes?

Although the juicer is mainly used to mash potatoes, this is not its only function. Many still think that mash should be just potato, but there is a huge variety of mashed potatoes that you can make with the help of a juicer.

Basket squeezers are very useful for mashing other vegetables and large tubers such as cassava, manioc, beets, among others.

Kneaders, which do not have a basket, are useful for any type of vegetable. It is possible to knead carrots, green beans, chayote and even grains such as beans, lentils and peas to make broths without needing a blender.

After you purchase your model, test it with various types of vegetables and try new flavors and recipes!

How much?

In general, the potato masher is usually a super cheap and affordable utensil, with some exceptions, of course. It is possible to find models from R $ 15. Of course, there are also the most expensive juicers, which have high quality stainless steel and can reach up to 300 reais.

In general, the average price of potato masher ranges between R $ 30 and R $ 70. Remember to invest in a quality model that will last much longer.

Where to buy?

It is very easy to find a wide variety of squeezers or kneaders. If you choose to buy online, you can find your model on Amazon.

If you prefer to buy in the physical store, just visit any place that sells kitchen utensils.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors for evaluating a potato masher

Since there are several different types of potato masher, you need to evaluate these characteristics before purchase. Thus, you guarantee that you will acquire the best model for your needs:

  • Format
  • Material
  • Size
  • Storage

Read on to learn more about each item.


We saw above that they can be in the form of a juicer or a kneader. In addition, the shape of the utensil can be an important factor. And of course, a matter of style and personal taste.

They can be square, rectangular, rounded, oval, and in fact, this does not change much in the functionality of the piece. Only, it may be more or less compatible with certain pots or pans.

Rounded and oval ones, for example, are best if you like to knead directly in the pan, as they follow their shape and fit better in the product. The rectangular and square ones can be more useful if you like to mash the potatoes in a refractory of this format, because they will reach the corners more easily.


When researching more about juicer models, you will find these three main types of materials: stainless steel, aluminum and silicone. Learn more about each one to choose more safely:

  • Stainless steel : The material most used by cooks today. Stainless steel provides an air of modernity and sophistication to kitchen utensils. They are easier to clean and will not corrode with certain substances. Its price is usually a little higher, but it is worth it for the quality.
  • Aluminum : Aluminum juicers are becoming more and more obsolete, but they are still very present in homes. This was the material most used to make the utensil in the past. It is light, practical and has good durability.
  • Silicone : One of the most modern favorites, silicone has been increasingly used in various kitchen utensils. This material is more common in potato mashers, and provides practicality and ease when cleaning.


The size of your potato masher will influence not only when storing in drawers or cupboards but also when kneading vegetables.

If you usually cook for a large family, the ideal is to purchase a larger model, which can squeeze or mash large potatoes and other vegetables at once.

If you live alone and usually cook just for you, a smaller squeezer or kneader may be enough.


Basket juicers are a little more difficult to store because they take up more space. You will need a larger drawer or closet space to do this.

Kneaders are more or less the size of bean shells, which makes it easier to store. Some models have a little hole in the handle, which allows you to place them on hooks as part of the kitchen decor. Before you buy yours, think about where you will keep this tool.


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