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Top & Best Glass of Whiskey Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

A glass of Whiskey: Which is the best in 2022?

Are you a whiskey lover? So, you probably know that it is not enough to just drink this Scottish distillate, you have to do it the right way! And for that, you need a great glass of whiskey.

Whiskey has conquered practically the whole world for its characteristic flavor and has become almost an accessory of power and status. Enjoyed pure, with ice or in drinks, it is a rare pleasure for adults.

Today, whiskey is much more than an alcoholic beverage. Many are concerned with making the best tasting possible, with the best possible glass. But how to choose that perfect glass? That’s what we’ll talk about in this article!

First, the most important

  • Having a good glass of whiskey is ideal for enjoying the drink properly. Each style of glass favors a certain type of tasting (pure, with ice or in drinks).
  • Whiskey glasses are rarely sold individually. But buying a game is actually an advantage. The consumption of Scottish distillate is certainly more inviting on a social occasion.
  • Simple models of whiskey glasses can cost on average R $ 10 individually or R $ 30 in games. The more suitable for tasting and the better materials they are, the more these values ​​will rise.

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Best whiskey glass models: Our favorites

We have separated some models of glass of whiskey that really stand out from the competition. Some of them for the physical beauty of the design, others for helping in tasting the drink. We also included glass sets on the list, after all, drinking is above all a social occasion.

  • The best glass of Whiskey in double glass
  • Set of glasses to toast with friends
  • Whiskey glass for Godfather fans

Buying Guide

But why worry about which whiskey to drink, you wonder? What is the difference between these models shown above and an American glass or a glass of wine?

It is now that we will explain all this and show the differences also between models like the most traditional and modern ones like Glencairn!

Why use a specific whiskey glass?

If there are several glasses in your house, why not just use any of them to drink whiskey? Basically, the consumption of different types of drinks is much more complex than that and requires special containers.

Whiskey, as well as wine, beer and others, has very specific characteristics of aroma and flavor. So that they are not lost, it is necessary that the shape of the glass favors issues such as contact with air and arrival at the mouth.

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to follow this: whiskey will still taste good in an ordinary glass. Using the right container is an added bonus: it will complement the experience both sensory and even psychologically.

Did you know that a good whiskey spends many years in a barrel?

It is natural that, during this process of ripening the drink, a considerable part of it evaporates through the pores of the wood. In 25 years, on average 40% of the original content is lost.

This liquid that evaporates is known as “the part of the angels”. There is a 2012 film, by the award-winning director Ken Loach, which has precisely that title. Fundamental for drink fans!

What are the types of whiskey glasses and their advantages?

The most used glass for whiskey tasting, the wide and rounded one, is known as the tumbler glass. It certainly has its advantages, especially if you want to enjoy the drink with ice.

This is because the internal space is very comfortable for the stones, which can be evenly distributed by the drink. There is also no risk of liquid leakage, since the glass is usually filled to less than half its height.

But this glass, although ideal, therefore, for drinking whiskey with ice or for drinks, does not favor all the main characteristics of the drink. That’s why researchers have long tried to come up with the perfect design.

And the perfect design was found by the Scots at Glencairn. With the mouth much narrower than the bottom, this cup channels the aroma towards the nose, making the experience more complete.

Another advantage is the base to hold the cup. The warmth of the hand has no direct contact with the drink and allows it to maintain its ideal temperature for longer.

Check out the comparisons between the tumbler cup and the Glencairn cup below:

How to make the perfect whiskey tasting?

If you intend to taste a whiskey perfectly, there are some rules. And here you can use the glass that best matches the one you prefer.

For the pure drink, the ideal is that the glass is at room temperature. Then, you must pour the whiskey and make circular movements with the container. Every inch of the interior needs to be wet.

Let stand for a few seconds. Then, approach the nose and do some circular movements again. So, you will enjoy the aroma. Only after all this can the tasting be done perfectly.

As we have already mentioned, the ideal is that this is done with the Glencairn glass. Another good option is a common glass of wine, which has an even similar shape.

Interested in learning more in detail how to taste your whiskey? Then check out the video below:

How much does it cost and where to buy a glass of whiskey?

Whiskey glasses can be found individually or in sets of four or six units. If you intend to buy only one unit, expect to pay between R $ 10 for very simple models and R $ 50 for others with higher quality.

The games, in turn, will be more expensive in general, although cheaper in unit value. Those with six units can vary between R $ 30 and R $ 300. Better both in terms of cost-benefit and by facilitating social occasions!

Large chains of hypermarkets, household and kitchen items or warehouses are the most likely places to find glasses of whiskey. This type of commerce is present in neighborhoods and shopping centers.

If you prefer to purchase online, we recommend Amazon, international Amazon. Another option is to look for the websites of these large home and kitchen supply stores.


Purchasing criteria: what to consider when buying your glass of whiskey

Have you already chosen which style of glass you want, but still have doubts about which one to buy? So let’s talk about some more important features.

  • Material
  • Capacity
  • Beauty
  • Color

Let’s explain each one better below:


Most whiskey glasses use soda lime glass as a material. This is the most common type of glass, present in many everyday objects. Very cheap, it has medium resistance.

There are other possible materials to be found, such as crystal and tempered glass. The variations will be in durability, resistance and price. But the cost-benefit of soda lime glass will always be very high.


How much whiskey can you pour into a glass? Well, it varies. Most models will be around 300 ml, reaching up to 330 ml. But we have to think that they will rarely be completely full.

If you like large doses, you can look for a bigger one. The Glencairn glass, in turn, supports less liquid, reaching up to 170 ml. Again, you must remember that it will not be filled to the mouth.


If more than a glass, you are looking for a decorative object, this item is essential for you. There are several glasses with specific drawings of characters from films or series, phrases, logos of famous brands or other graphic representations.

All of this gives the glass an extra style. If you are a fan of “The Godfather”, for example, it is incredible to have a glass of whiskey that reproduces moments of the work, right? You will leave it exposed and adding to your home environment.

There are plenty of options with specific designs. It remains for you to think about the importance that this factor has for your acquisition!


Tired of the classic clear white cup? There are some models that can break this sameness and make your environment more full of life. Some manufacturers offer blue, orange, brown options …

Just imagine what will look best in your home or how you would like to taste your whiskey. If the preference is for the more classic, of course, there are no problems!


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