Top & Best Pan rest Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Pan rest: how to choose the best model in 2022?

In today’s article we will help you choose an item that is essential when it comes to taking pots, dishes or tableware to the table: the pot rest.

Resistant and durable, most pot rests are able to withstand both high and low temperatures, being the ideal support for placing pots or other containers with extreme temperatures on tables and benches, promoting temperature insulation and protecting surfaces from damage that extreme cold or heat can cause.

Follow us on this reading and check out the best product options, in addition to the features you should pay attention to to make the best choice of pot rest for your home.

First, the most important

  • The pan rest is functional and practical, being essential in the kitchen or dining room to serve food in hot or cold pots or refractories without damaging the material of tables and benches.
  • The material, size and design of the pan rest must be defined based on the intended use. The choice will be a determining factor for the durability and efficiency of the product.
  • Relatively easy to be found, the pan rest is for sale from R $ 10 on the most basic models. More sophisticated models, with special materials or designs can cost a few hundred reais.

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Best pot rests: Our favorites

A good pan rest is a staple item in the kitchen of any home. Available in several options of formats, colors, textures and materials, the product besides being practical and functional helps to make your table more beautiful and elegant.

The modern versions, colored or chrome, are easy to combine, vivid and passionate. If you also want a pan rest to call your own, we will present some of the most interesting models of the product for sale in. Check out:

Buying Guide

Already in the mood to click buy and run to book a special program and prepare that beautiful table using your new pot rest? Calm down!

Check out the Buying Guide first, section where we will talk a little more about the peculiarities of the pot rest and give tips so you can choose yours without fear of making a mistake!

What is the use of pot rests?

The pan rest is a support used to place and accommodate pans, dishes, casseroles or other type of food container. It offers the necessary protection and thermal insulation so that these containers do not damage the surface on which they are deposited.

The use of pot rests prevents scratches, stains, melts or the thermal shock that direct contact between the pots and the table or countertop can cause. Depending on the model and material, the product can be useful for both high and low temperatures, in addition to being an option for decorating and demarcating the positioning of pans or tableware on the set table.

Is it worth having a pan rest?

If you often eat your meals at the table at home, surely the pan rest is a tool that will be very useful in your kitchen, whether on a daily basis or on special occasions.

In addition to protecting your table cloth, as well as the table, countertop or sideboard from scratches and scratches that can be caused by pans and dishes, the pan rest is a kitchen accessory that also protects surfaces and against high temperatures. containers with food.

It is also an excellent option to compose the decoration of the table in the pantry or dining rooms. More than just decorative, the pan rest helps to demarcate and reserve the space needed for tableware and platters at the table.

Available in a multitude of colors, models and materials, the pot rests are very affordable items, which allows you to have different models in your kitchen, to always innovate in combinations and vary according to the occasion.

Another tip is to choose a pot rest that matches your Placemat to produce exquisite tables and leave any meal with that neat production face.

What are the pot rest models?

The ideal pan rest will vary according to the user’s profile and the use objectives for the product. Therefore, these issues need to be taken into account in the search for the ideal model.

In general, the ideal product is one capable of combining characteristics that make its use and maintenance easy, being resistant and durable and playing the role of supporting pots and pans, making them well accommodated and stable for serving food and protecting the surfaces of extreme heat or cold that supported objects can emanate.

But there are some other characteristics that are usually common to pot rests considered to be of quality, and can help to define the ideal model. For example:

    • Non-slip material: to guarantee stability to pans and dishes when serving;
      Firm base: also to ensure greater support stability and during use;
    • Breathing system: notches, reliefs and cutouts help to promote the circulation of heat, reducing the contact surface and prolonging the product’s life;
    • Adjustable sizes: the possibility of combining one or more products or adjusting their dimensions makes it more versatile and adaptable to different models of dishes and pans.


Considering the facts above, choosing the model that meets most of the requirements and is able to perform the expected role for the product is the best way to choose the ideal pan rest.

How much does a pan rest cost?

The price of a pan rest varies widely according to the size, material, model and details of the product. You can find simple pillows for less than R $ 10. The most sophisticated models of materials or special designs can cost more than R $ 100.

Where to buy a pot rest?

You can buy your pan rest at physical stores that sell household items.

It is also possible to purchase online, taking advantage of the convenience of e-commerce sites such as Amazon.

Purchasing criteria: how to compare pot rests

With so much relevant information, you are almost certainly an expert in pot rests. But before you hit the hammer for your favorite, check out some more tips and features of the pan rest that will help you compare options and choose the best version for you:

  • Material
  • Size
  • Stability
  • Design

Below we will detail each of these particularities, so that there are no doubts when choosing:


Pot rests can be made from a multitude of materials, including silicone, wood, stainless steel, cork, ceramics, fabrics in general, among other variables. It is the material that determines the quality, durability and efficiency of the product. Learn a little more deeply the 4 most popular materials in the manufacture of pot rests:


Pot rests vary in size and measure. A small pillow can be excellent for receiving kettles and other small containers. However it can be extremely inefficient to support a large baking sheet, for example.

There are models that can be fitted or combined with each other in order to accommodate larger pots or pans. There are also extensible or adjustable models, which can meet different demands. Always use the appropriate size of rest to prevent the pan or dish from being badly supported and moving when serving.


As we mentioned earlier, the stability of the pan rest is one of its most important characteristics. After all, the utensil that will receive hot pots or pans should offer total security, keeping the container firm and free from the risk of displacement and slipping.

At the same time, the rest must remain firmly on the surface, without moving or accidentally moving during use, to ensure the safety of users and the surface where it is being used. Non-slip materials, grooves, reliefs and textures are some of the devices used to give greater stability to the pot rests.


A basic pan rest, already showing signs of wear and a long time of use, may continue to be very useful in everyday life, but it certainly will not be well seen at a more formal table to receive guests.

Therefore, invest in models with cool design, which can be used both on a daily basis and to compose the service when receiving visits for dinners, parties or meetings. These models may require a higher investment, but they will certainly have much more use over the years.


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