Top & Best Whetstone Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Whetstone: How to choose the best one in 2022

Welcome to Today we are pleased to present a shopping guide on whetstone. If you want to buy the product to make your knives sharp, we recommend reading this text until the end.

Also known as a hone, this production has been used since the dawn of humanity. You can think that they are all the same, with a difference only in prices. But, there are important differences between these stones.

In this article you will learn: The types of whetstone, how the grammage defines the power of the product, the average prices and the differentials of each version. Have a good read and keep a sharp mind so as not to make mistakes when shopping.

First, the most important

  • The most abrasive stones have a superior sharpening ability.
  • Most worthwhile products have at least two different ways of sharpening: one more and one less abrasive.
  • For professional sharpening the knife can be sharpened by 3 different whetstone types in grammage: low level (300 to 1,000 grammage), medium level (1,000 to 4,000 grammage) and high (6,000 grammage).

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Best whetstone: Our favorites

Now let’s get to know some of the best whetstone versions according to professional sharpeners. Pay attention to the technical details of each of the options below to learn a little more about the product.

  • Whetstone Tramontina
  • Vonder Whetstone
  • Hickmann whetstone

Whetstone Tramontina

No products found.

It is an excellent product with low costs and many benefits for those who like to sharpen things every day. The structure has a weight of 700 grams.

The dimensions in the Tramontina version are: 22x4x8 centimeters. The interesting thing about this product is that the grains are mixed, so there are two options for you to sharpen in just one whetstone:

  • Sharpening: 1000 grammage;
  • Thinning: 400 grams.

Buying Guide

Can’t the knives in your kitchen even cut a fruit right? Are there tools in the workshop that need urgent sharpening? There are many reasons that lead a person to buy whetstone.

In this section of this article, you will learn what you need to know to choose the best hone, according to your own needs.

What is a whetstone and how to use it?

Sharpening stone (or whetstone) is a useful mineral structure for sharpening knives or other sharp instruments. These stones have different types of grains (grammage) and sizes.

This product is also known as quartzite stone and may contain granite, marble or other minerals. Whether in the maintenance of kitchen knives in a home or to keep the workshop tools always very sharp, the use of sharpening stone is essential.



“Life is like a whetstone, we can wear out how we can sharpen, it depends on how we slide through it.”

According to historians, the whetstone is among the oldest sharpening tools of mankind.

The sharpening method has not changed since ancient times: You need to make the come and go moment with the knife on top of the stone to sharpen the ridge and keep the blade sharp.

Those who are not used to the work find it a little tiring to sharpen their knives on the whetstone. Do not worry, because in a few days you get used to the practice of sharpening.

Did you know that you can’t sharpen your knife every day on the whetstone? This wears the blade and is harmful to the knife.


What are the types of whetstone?

There are two main versions of hone:

    • Extracted from nature
    • Produced by abrasive raw materials.


The most traditional shape of whetstone is square. There are also round whetstone versions that can be sharpened together with a specific machine.

One rule of thumb is certain: the more abrasive stone (with more grammage) has superior power in sharpening, while the less abrasive versions are better for the wear of the ridge. The size of the whetstone can range from 15 centimeters to up to 200 centimeters or more. Smaller structures are easy to store anywhere in the kitchen.

Are sharpened knives more dangerous?

Wrongly, many people think that after being sharpened on the whetstone, knives are very dangerous. A blunt knife is more dangerous because it damages the products when cutting, as well as being terrible for quick and accurate cuts.

How to maintain a whetstone?

One of the factors that explain the success of the whetstone is the fact that there is not much need for maintenance care. You just need to wash the stone after use and leave it to air dry.

How to sharpen knives with whetstone?

You may even be in doubt about buying a whetstone for fear of not knowing how to sharpen it safely. Do not worry about it, as the use is very simple.

By following the steps below you can sharpen safely, quickly and without damaging the life of the whetstone:

  1. Leave the hone for 5 minutes immersed in cold water.
  2. Place the stone on a straight and very stable surface.
  3. At an angle that can range from 10 degrees to up to 30 degrees, hold the knife and slide it on the stone, without applying too much pressure. Make the movement come and go.
  4. Repeat the movements until you notice that the blade is sharp.
  5. After sharpening, clean the stone with a damp cloth and wash with water. Allow to air dry.

See in the video in detail how to use the whetstone:

What are the advantages of sharpening stone?

The world is full of advantages and disadvantages for each thing and in the case of whet stones it is no different. Let’s start with the main positive point: the price. The values ​​charged for sharpening stones are getting cheaper and cheaper.

With this product you can keep the knives up-to-date and save on the absence of the need to buy new sharp blades.

There is a point that can be considered positive by some people, and negative by others: this product does not require electricity to function. You even save on your electricity bill, but you need to work with a little physical effort to sharpen your knives.

With a whetstone that has thousands of grains you can polish, wear off the ridge or just sharpen. That is, a positive point of the product is in the different forms of sharpening that it presents.

The downside is that you can sometimes get confused and buy a very abrasive or very abrasive stone for your usage needs.

There are different sizes of stone, including the right sizes to store in small spaces in the kitchen. This is good if you don’t have many places to store objects in your home.

The solid and abrasive structure creates a bit of a complication to take this product to different locations. To transport the sharpening stone without making dirt, you must first store it in the plastic bag.

The duration of sharpening on the knife is 30 days. It can be bad to think that there is a need to perform a new sharpening every month so that the blades are always sharp.

In the following table you can see a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of whetstone:

What should be the weight of the whetstone?

People may even think that choosing a molar stone is a difficult task. But, when you finish reading this text, you will realize that there are not so many difficulties to buy the ideal product.

The first most important point is the grammage (also defined by the term “gram”). It defines how porous or coarse the surface of the hone is.

The type of grammage shows the stone’s ability to sharpen certain materials. There are many variations of grass between the sharpening stones, and we can summarize the general average in 3 types:

    • Low level of sharpening . Sharpening stone that has 300 to 1,000 grammage;
    • Average level of sharpening . Sharpening stone that has 1,000 to 4,000 grammage;
    • High level of sharpening . Sharpening stone with more than 6,000 grammage.


Next, you will learn about the characteristics of each of these three grammage averages for hone:

Whetstone with weight ranging from 300 to 1,000

The stone serves to wear the top of the blades, which is widely used to sharpen knives or sharp instruments that have not been sharpened for a long time. This stone works with the specific objective of reducing the peak (or, the angle) of the blade, which allows the ability of the knives to evolve in cuts.

A stone weighing close to 1,000 is very common for sharpening meat knives.

It is recommended to use this whetstone only once in a while, in order not to wear the blade present in the knives. This version has the lowest prices, although some structures are large.

Whetstone with weight ranging from 1,000 to 4,000

This product is very good for sharpening objects of different sizes. A common practice of professional sharpeners is to first sharpen the blunt knife on the whetstone with a maximum of 1000 grammes.

In the sequence, they use the same knife on the stones with 3,000 or 4,000 grammage to make the cutting of the blade even more sharp and professional. These sharpening stones are thinner than stones that can have from 300 to 900 grams.

The product has an average retail price level.

Whetstone with more than 6,000 grammage

These sharpening stones are the finest structures on the market. There is so much fineness that they can provide a radiant shine on the blades, doing a real polishing job.

Don’t you care about details of the sharpness of a sharp knife? Then you can dispense with the purchase of this expensive stone. The whetstone of 6,000 grams is widely used in sharpening swords.

Below we have gathered information in a comparative table to show the difference between these three whetstone versions:

How much?

A whetstone can cost from R $ 20 to up to R $ 300. The value is high as the product’s grammage increases. The versions of famous brands, although they cost more, offer a 3-month warranty.

Where to buy?

Sharpening stones are available with a wide variety of offerings in construction stores.

On the internet there are many cheap whetstone offers. Visit popular sites, such as: Amazone. Buy online in the comfort of home to receive at your door.

Purchasing criteria: Useful factors for comparing whetstone offers

When buying whetstone you cannot hesitate when taking home the first popular version you find on the market. Before it is necessary to compare and to make a good comparison consider these 5 factors:

  • Discount
  • Warranty
  • Use
  • Support
  • Size

The following is a better understanding of the meaning of the 5 points shown in the list above:


If you do a little research you will notice that several vendors offer special promotions. For example, buy 1 product and receive 2 units, or earn discounts on purchases of three or more whetstone.

Nowadays even the sharpening stones of the best brands are found in this type of promotion.


Many people do not know, but there is a warranty period of 3 months when buying these whetstone.

It is good to buy only the guaranteed products, because the stone can show problems with a lot of crumbling or due to the lack of effectiveness when making sharpenings on blades.

In case of problems with the whetstone in the first days of use, request the guarantee immediately.


Stones of 6,000 grams or more are very expensive and are only used to finish after sharpening.

If you just want to sharpen kitchen knives from time to time, you don’t have to spend money on the 6,000 gram stone.

You can buy a cheap double-sided version that has at least one grammage on one side that can range from 500 to 3,000.


One of the secrets of professional sharpening is stability. When the whetstone is in an unstable position, it is difficult to have precision to make the movements back and forth in the sharpening.

To avoid this type of problem, some hone versions have a rubber support attached or attached. This allows the work to be carried out more safely, quickly and accurately.


If you are looking for a good whetstone to fit in the small space of the kitchen, you should search for offers that offer products of proportional sizes.

To avoid future problems it is important to check the place where you intend to store and only then look for the right size whetstone.


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