Top & Best Pipoqueira Tramontina Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Pipoqueira Tramontina: What is the best of 2022?

Popcorn is a democratic food and there is no one who does not like watching a good movie enjoying it. And there are several ways to prepare this appetizer and the popcorn maker Tramontina is an excellent tool for that.

This is a very useful and easy to use type of pan. Ideal for making different amounts of popcorn, the Tramontina popcorn maker has a differentiated lid that allows its operation. Next we will show you everything about this item and at the end of the reading you will know exactly which model to choose, come on?

First, the most important

  • The Tramontina popcorn maker has a shape similar to that of a pressure cooker and its great differential is due to its lid. This is equipped with a handle that serves to move the corn kernels.
  • This product works through heat and can be used in electric, vitroceramic and gas stoves.
  • There are several models of popcorn maker Tramontina and the price of this type of pan starts at R $ 100, on average.

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Best models of popcorn maker Tramontina: The newsroom’s choices

The Tramontina popcorn maker stands out for its high efficiency. It is possible to prepare a crispy and warm popcorn without difficulties. For you to become familiar with this product, we have separated the best models of the brand below.

  • The readers’ favorite Tramontina popcorn maker
  • The popcorn model with the most different design
  • The most versatile popcorn maker
  • A flashy and efficient popcorn maker

Buying Guide

Made by one of the most famous brands, the Tramontina popcorn maker is ideal for preparing crispy and flavorful popcorn. Precisely for this reason, this is the perfect product for those who do not give up watching a movie eating this appetizer.

With very simple operation, using this type of pan is very easy and in a few minutes the recipe is ready. But there are even more positive points related to the popcorn maker Tramontina. To show you all of them we created this shopping guide full of information, check it out!

What are the differentials of the Tramontina popcorn maker?

The popcorn maker Tramontina is a product that has high efficiency in preparing popcorn. This is because all models of this tool are manufactured with quality materials.

The brand popcorn makers are made of aluminum, which is a raw material that is easy to clean, with high durability and that does not rust. In addition, they receive non-stick coatings that prevent the popcorn from sticking, generating very satisfactory results.

It is also worth mentioning that the handle of this type of pan is very practical and very easy to use.

All options are quite beautiful and there are colorful models.

Another positive point of the popcorn maker Tramontina is related to its appearance. All options are quite beautiful and there are colorful and even patterned models.

It should be noted that this product is available in two sizes. Thanks to this, it adapts to different needs and quantities of popcorn.

There is also the advantage that all Tramontina popcorn models can be washed in dishwashers and used on electric, gas and glass ceramic stoves.

The disadvantage is that Tramontina does not make electric popcorn models.

What are the Tramontina popcorn lines?

Tramontina has several popcorn models that belong to different lines.

Those in the Loreto collection are the most colorful and fun. The options that belong to the Formia, Paris and Vermont lines are classic and very sophisticated. Therefore, they are ideal for those who value the most exquisite and eye-catching pots.

There are also popcorn makers from the My Lovely Kitchen collection. These have a more youthful design, are printed and quite different.

How to use a Tramontina popcorn maker?

Using a Tramontina popcorn maker is very easy and simple. Basically, the recipe for preparing popcorn in this product is the same used in common pans.

The difference is in the moment of stirring since the popcorn maker has a specific handle for this.

Thus, to help you get a very crispy and delicious popcorn we created the step by step below.

  1. You will need corn in the desired amount, oil or butter, and salt .
  2. Place the popcorn maker on the fire and heat the oil or butter a little. At that moment, care must be taken not to burn.
  3. Pour the corn into the pan and mix it with the oil / butter until all the grains are covered.
  4. Cover the popcorn maker and stir the knob as the popcorn pops . Do this until there are few grains left.
  5. After the popping noise stops, turn off the heat and place the popcorn in a bowl.
  6. Season with salt to taste.


In the popcorn maker it is possible to prepare different types of popcorn. The candy is an example.

Nowadays there are recipes for caramelized popcorn, chocolate, nest milk and much more.

There are also popcorn made with sago, which are the most different.

How much does it cost and where to buy a Tramontina popcorn maker?

The popcorn maker is a very popular product sold in several stores that sell kitchen utensils. It can be acquired in both physical and virtual stores and good places for that are Amazon.

The value of this pan starts at R $ 100 and reaches up to R $ 250, on average. What causes the price to change is the size of the popcorn maker, the type of coating it has and the material in which it is made.


Purchasing criteria: Comparing the Tramontina popcorn maker models

Those who love to eat a very crispy and warm popcorn can benefit a lot from the popcorn maker Tramontina. But there are several models of this type of pan and to help you make the right purchase we have separated everything you should analyze.

  • Capacity
  • Type of coating
  • Color
  • Design

Now we will explain in detail each one of these criteria.


There are two sizes of Tramontina popcorn maker and this is a positive point of this product. Because of this, it is possible to prepare different amounts of popcorn, which makes the pan adapt to different needs.

Know that the smaller options are 20 centimeters in diameter and have a capacity of 3.5 liters. Larger versions are 22 centimeters long and have a capacity of 4.8 liters.

That way, if you prepare less popcorn, then choose the small popcorn maker, which will supply your need and take up little space. On the other hand, those with a large family can benefit more from larger models.


Type of coating

All Tramontina popcorn pans receive an internal Starflon nonstick coating. However, some of them have this coating on the outside as well.

The internal lining is essential, as it prevents the grains from sticking to the inside of the pan.

The internal lining is essential, as it prevents the grains from sticking to the inside of the pan. It also makes cleaning this product a lot easier.

The outer coating is not as necessary, but it also makes a difference. This is because it will assist in the cleaning of this product.

But it is worth knowing that no coating used in the popcorn maker Tramontina contains PFOA. This is a chemical compound that can be harmful to health and is used in the composition of some types of non-stick.


Those who like colored pans are quite satisfied with the Tramontina popcorn maker models. As much as there is not a wide variety of shades, it is possible to find options made with colors that go beyond the basics.

In addition to the traditional black, there are versions of this product in shades of red, copper and blue. In this way, it is possible to combine it with other pans that you already have or just to highlight it among more neutral utensils.


Still talking about the aesthetics of the popcorn maker Tramontina, the brand does not play in service and creates quite beautiful models.

Even the most basic options receive a matte finish that makes all the difference in their appearance and adds a touch of modernity to the product.

There are also stamped versions. These can be with a cinema theme or with words focused on the culinary universe.

But for those who are more basic, there are still smooth popcorn makers with simpler designs.

With that, choose yours and enjoy!


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