Top & Best Raclette Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Racletter: How to choose the best model in 2022

Do you want to surprise family and guests with an authentic Swiss dish called raclete? Then you need to buy a racleteira, in it you can prepare the delicious cheese gratin recipe with side dishes.

As you melt and brown the cheese on the underside of the equipment, you can grill the side dishes on the top. Learn more about the equipment that is conquering in this article. Good reading!

First, the most important

  • The upper compartment of the racquet maker serves to grill the side dishes while the lower compartment receives the cliques with the cheese that will be melted and browned.
  • In an electric racquet machine, it is possible to melt and scrape generous portions of cheese after a short period of forty seconds to three minutes. But the cheese needs to be cut or sliced, because the pan holds only an individual portion.
  • The source of heating for a raclette can be an electrical resistance, an alcohol-powered stove or a set of candles.

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The best racleters: Our buying recommendations

Buy a raclette if you want to prepare a special meal but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen. To find a model compatible with the number of people who live or attend your home, check out some buying suggestions in the ranking below:

  • The best racket in grill style
  • The best electric harvester
  • The best raclette to gather friends
  • An individual harness

Buying Guide

Anyone who enjoys international cuisine needs to know the perfect Swiss dish to warm up the cold autumn and winter nights. We are not talking about fondue, but raclette, a delicious recipe that brings together melted cheese and side dishes.

Although the raclette has a sophisticated appearance, this recipe is simple and quick to prepare, you only need to invest in selected ingredients and a good raclette, equipment used in the preparation of the raclette and which is the subject of this Buying Guide.

What is a racquet machine and what are the advantages of this device?

Before learning more about the raclette, we would like to ask if you know what raclette is? Similar to fondue, the raclete is another Swiss recipe that brings together melted cheese and various side dishes to choose from.

To taste this dish you must choose quality ingredients and invest in a good raclette.

The traditional raclette consists of a base on which a piece of cheese is placed to melt. Each portion is scraped with a spatula directly onto the guest’s plate. This traditional model is found in typical restaurants.



Did you know that the terms raclete and racleteira are derived from the French word racler which means to shave. Initially, the dish originated in Switzerland was called bratchas which means baked cheese. But over time, the name raclete became more usual. The cheese suitable for preparing the recipe is also known as raclette.


You will also find the grill-style racquetball machine that has the differential of including small containers that are under resistance and that allow each person – from two to eight guests – to melt their own portion of cheese.

At the top of the racleteira, a grill-style plate serves to grill the other accompaniments of the raclete. Find out all the advantages and some disadvantages of buying a racletlet in the table below:

Which cheeses can be prepared in the racquet?

The raclete is a traditional Swiss dish that got its name because of the cheese of the same name. However, you can use other types of cheese in the preparation, as long as they are greasy and melt well.

Some options are Gouda cheese (Dutch), Camembert or Roquefort (both French), Gorgonzola (Italian), Gruyère or Emmental (both Swiss). We recommend a 200g serving of cheese per person – remember that cheeses will be enjoyed with other side dishes.

The accompanying list includes boiled potatoes, raw ham, smoked loin, sausage, pickled cucumbers, chives in vinegar, baguette-style bread and mushrooms.

To harmonize, choose a dry white wine, as the drink is light and easy to digest – after all, the raclete is a very greasy dish. We suggest that you choose a drink from the same region as the cheese (s) chosen.

How to serve with a harness?

When setting up the table, leave the different qualities of cheese and the most varied accompaniments within the reach of the guests so that each person can help themselves with the help of a plate.

Reserve a container and a space in the rack so that each one can prepare the dish according to preference. The cooking point of the cheese varies. Some people like the creamiest cheese, others prefer the most crunchy cheese.

If you are using a traditional racleteira (like the one in the image below) you should scrape the melted cheese on the plate of each of the guests, on the side dishes chosen by the person.

How to use the harness?

First, light the stove, the candles or turn on the electric heater. Arrange the side dishes you want to brown or keep warm on the plate and cut pieces or slices of the chosen cheese to melt it into small portions in the respective molds.

When the cheese melts and forms a crunchy crust, add the remaining ingredients that will be arranged on the table in separate containers and pour the cheese over the sides of the plate.

What precautions should I maintain when using and sanitizing the harness?

We have prepared some tips on how to handle and sanitize the harness correctly, to avoid possible accidents or damage to the equipment.

First, assemble the equipment carefully – always use the parts and accessories that make up the set – then activate the heating source with the help of a protective glove to avoid possible burns and start preparing the meal.


Thermal shocks can damage parts.

After use, wait a few minutes for the racquet to cool completely. Never use cold water while the appliance remains hot, as thermal shock can damage parts.

We recommend cleaning with a sponge, neutral detergent and running water. The use of abrasive products is not recommended, as these products can remove the non-stick layer of the part. We also advise against washing in a dishwasher.

To dry the racket, use a dry, soft dish towel. Then, store the equipment in the box that comes with the product. Do not forget to perform this procedure before using the harness for the first time.

How much does it cost and where to buy a harness?

The price of a raclighter depends on the model, heating source, number of servings served and number of pieces that make up the set. The individual harness is powered by candles and costs between R $ 75 and R $ 170.

A racleteira for two people can cost between R $ 170 and R $ 300. A racleteira for six to eight people can cost up to R $ 700. The grill style racket costs between R $ 300 and R $ 450.

You can buy your harness from a housewares store. The product is also sold over the internet. We suggest you to know the models for sale by Amazon .

Purchasing criteria: How to compare the different models of racquet

Do you want to prepare a tasty, creamy raclette with a crunchy cone? So you need to invest in a good raclette. To choose the ideal equipment you must follow the guidelines below:

  • Number of servings served
  • Heating source
  • Height adjustment
  • Brand

We will detail each of the criteria throughout this section. For questions or suggestions, leave a comment below.

Number of servings served

You can find the single-piece racquetball machine for two, four, six or eight people. Choose the model that best meets the number of family members and guests you usually receive at home.

The individual raclette is a practical solution for those who live alone, because in addition to preparing only one portion, it has a classic design and compact size that takes up little space in your kitchen.

Heating source

To melt the cheese and grill the side dishes, the racquet maker uses a heat source that can be moved by candles, stove or electrical resistance. For those looking for ease and agility in the preparation of the dish, we recommend an electric scooter.

Models powered by candles or stoves (using solid alcohol tablets) take a little longer to heat and melt the cheese, but they are very effective. Usually, a set of candles accompanies the device, while alcohol must be purchased separately.

Height adjustment

At the time of purchase, analyze whether the racquet maker has a height adjustment system, important to control the speed at which the portions of cheese will be ready and the preparation interval between one portion and the other.

The taller the cheese container is positioned, the faster the thinner and crunchier cheese shavings will be ready. The lower the container is positioned, the more generous and creamy the zest will be and the longer it will take to prepare the cheese.


When it comes to racquetball, the Dutch brand Boska emerges with a very varied portfolio. From the mini raclette machine that serves one person to the model that serves eight guests, both from the Party line. These models are heated by manual lighting candles.

Another option offered by the brand is the electric scooter that serves a couple. The appliance works like an electric grill on the top while melting the portions of cheese underneath.

Another very interesting option is the Britânia grill raclette. The equipment has a 30cm diameter nonstick base that serves to grill and heat the side dishes and six individual containers to melt cheese in a structure located below the grill.


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