Top & Best Electric grater Review 2022– How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Electric grater: How to choose the best in 2022?

In today’s article we will talk about the electric grater, the ideal product for those who want convenience in the kitchen and in the preparation of food.

Versatile and easy to use, electric graters are available in portable, table and industrial versions, and are capable of grating and processing various food products and ingredients.

Follow us on this reading and check out the best product options, in addition to the features you should pay attention to in order to make the best choice of electric grater to streamline your recipes.

First, the most important

  • The electric grater brings practicality and can have several uses for the cook. To guarantee all the benefits that this product can offer, the right choice of model is essential.
  • The material and model of the electric grater must be defined based on the intended use and the user’s profile. More sophisticated graters can add other features, which is an advantage for those who want to avoid excess utensils in their kitchen.
  • There are not many models of electric grater on the market. The simplest models cost around R $ 100, while the more sophisticated or industrial models can cost thousands of dollars.

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Best electric graters: The ideal for every situation

The electric grater is safe and practical, and can have several uses in the kitchen of your home or business. It is ideal for grating vegetables, cheeses, coconut, and other foods with minimal effort. Therefore, choosing a quality product is essential. Check out our list of electric grater suggestions for each situation:

Buying Guide

Whether to make that daily salad or to finish the pasta with freshly grated cheese, the electric grater is the ideal product for those who want to save time in the kitchen without giving up the freshness and quality of the ingredients.

Continue with us to learn all about this accessory that cannot be missing from the collection of those who want to do not like to waste time in the kitchen.

What is the electric grater and how does it work?

The electric grater is an automatic household appliance that uses blades to break up food into small particles, wires or blades. The use of the electric grater replaces the manual grater, ensuring more practicality, safety and efficiency in the preparation of recipes and ingredients.


Electric versions also come in several formats, models and types of drive.

Like manual grinders, electric ones come in different shapes, models and types of drive. Another similarity between the products is that they can be categorized according to the indication of ingredients, such as cheese grater, vegetable grater, spice grater, in addition to the multipurpose versions.

The electric grater has rotating blades, which, driven by a source of energy – which can be a battery, battery or electric power -, grate the food with minimum effort on the part of the user.

Industrial, bench top or portable: What is the ideal electric grater?

Electric graters can be of the portable, bench or industrial type.

The notebook is ideal for those looking for the convenience of being able to use the accessory directly on the table or when finishing dishes. It is also perfect to take with you to events and trips. This type of electric grater works by battery or batteries, depending on the model.

The bench version is ideal for processing slightly larger quantities of food, as they usually have space for storage. They are also usually compact, but offer greater stability for use as they are supported. Runs on battery, electricity or both.

Both the laptop and the bench can accompany blade kit with different cuts. The accessories guarantee greater versatility to the product.

In turn, industrialists are more suitable for professional use, or even for large families with habits of preparing many grated ingredients daily. The model allows grating large quantities, and usually has greater versatility of cuts.

What can be grated with an electric grater?

Vegetables, vegetables, fresh or dried fruits, cheeses, nuts, spices and spices. There are enormous possibilities for food, ingredients and condiments that can be prepared with the help of an electric grater.

The possibilities and efficiency for each of these ingredients, however, can vary from one model to another.

Each food and preparation requires a cut thickness, for which the chosen model and its respective blades can be more or less suitable.

Who is an electric grater suitable for?

The advantage of the electric grater compared to conventional grater is that with them you can have greater control over the thickness and pattern of the grated ingredients.

In addition, the electric version eliminates the risk of accidents that are common with hand graters.

If well chosen according to your needs, the grater will be a great advantage in the preparation of salads, cakes, pasta, salads and other recipes, eliminating the manual effort required to prepare ingredients. It guarantees more practicality, convenience and comfort in the preparation of recipes and maintenance of the kitchen routine.

In addition to replacing the conventional grater , the electric can retire other utensils such as the garlic press and the vegetable slicer , for example.


The electric grater can stimulate the preparation of healthy recipes and varied menus.

For this reason, the product is indicated to almost any type of public. For home users, having the electric grater among the kitchen utensils can stimulate the preparation of healthy recipes and more varied menus for the family.

It is also ideal, especially in industrial versions, for pizzerias, bakeries, industrial kitchens, restaurants, where its use saves time and optimizes the team’s service and the standardization of preparations and ingredients.

How much does it cost and where to buy the electric grater?

The price of the electric grater varies widely according to the model, brand and size of the product. It is possible to find portable models for less than R $ 100. More sophisticated, table models can cost an additional R $ 200, while industrial models can cost thousands of reais.

It can be purchased in physical stores of housewares and small appliances, It is also possible to purchase online, taking advantage of the convenience of e-commerce sites such as Amazon.

Tip: buying online you will find the best offers and varieties. Not to mention that shipping is often free and you receive the product at your door.

Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare different types of electric grater

Now that you’ve learned a lot about electric graters, we will list some of the important features in a good product, so that you can compare and recognize the best option to grate your food and ingredients effortlessly and messy. Are they:

  • Power supply
  • Capacity
  • Type of cut and blades
  • Maintenance

Check below the details of the characteristics, so there is no doubt:

Power supply

The power sources of the electric grater vary according to the model and size of the product, and can be battery, simple battery, rechargeable battery or electric energy. Industrial models can consume more than domestic ones.

Before purchasing the product, check the voltage as well as its energy rating. In the case of batteries, check which type is used by the product, and whether it can be easily found in your region.


The capacity of the electric grater is related to its size and autonomy, in the case of battery / cell models. Industrial models are capable of grating large volumes of food every hour, values ​​that are expressed by manufacturers in kg / h.

In the models, the battery will have its capacity based on the operating time of the device without the need to recharge or replace the power source.

Type of cut and blades

Most electric graters come with some types of blades, which provide different cutting patterns and thicknesses. Each of these patterns may be more or less suitable for some preparations and types of ingredients.

The more blade options and types of cut the device offers the more versatile it will be, and capable of grating a greater number of ingredients to perfection.


As some blade patterns tend to accumulate residues, the routine maintenance of the electric grater deserves attention. To facilitate cleaning, some models include special accessories.

Prefer demountable models, which facilitate washing. If you usually use dishwashers, check the manufacturer’s specifications, as some materials are not suitable for washing machines.



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