Top & Best Culinary torch Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Culinary torch: Which are the best of 2022?

Hello, welcome to! Today we will talk about the culinary torch, a product that came out of the workshops and entered the cuisine, and is currently widely used mainly in confectionery.

This tool is ideal for browning, caramelizing and toasting the most diverse ingredients, giving them a touch of flavor and beauty. If you already work in this area or are amateur and want to venture out with a different tool, know that this can be an excellent option.

With that in mind, we have prepared a Guide with all the important information about the culinary torch and we will help you choose one to call your own. Come on?

First, the most important

  • The culinary torch is a light product, portable and easy to use by amateurs and professionals.
  • This product has the advantages of reaching very high temperatures and producing a directed flame, facilitating its use in the kitchen.
  • There are three types of culinary torch, the professional, the amateur and the plug, and it is possible to purchase the product for an initial price of R $ 30 on average.

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Best culinary torches: Our favorites

Can’t wait to buy your culinary torch, but don’t know which one to choose? Don’t worry, in this Ranking we have separated the best models for you to decide which one to take and finalize the purchase.

Buying Guide

The torch does not live on crème brûlée alone. This utensil that came out of the tool boxes and reached the kitchens is used in the preparation of the most varied sweet and savory recipes.

It gained space precisely for providing food with a different taste and if you want to achieve that flavor, but you don’t know much about the product know that you don’t need to worry because in this Buying Guide you will find all the information about it, just keep reading.

What is a culinary blowtorch?

Those who usually watch the MasterChef reality show or have followed other culinary programs must have seen the participants using a blowtorch to finish their dishes.

This is one of the most common tools in professional kitchens and can also be used by those who like to prepare recipes at home.

It has as main functions to gratin, caramelize and toast the ingredients and is ideal for the finishing of dishes with multiple temperatures, which if they were taken to the oven to reach the desired point could lose its concept or spoil.

The culinary torch has a very simple operation and composition. It consists of an area where butane gas, which is its fuel, is placed and a head that has a nozzle through which the flame will come out.

It has a button to activate the flame and regulate it according to the intensity you want.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the culinary torch?

The torch has the greatest advantages of being a very functional and easy to use tool, since there is not much secrecy in the use of this product.

In addition, it is an excellent finishing tool because it offers a free flame, which can reach temperatures much higher than other heat conductors, not to mention that it has a flame intensity regulator, which helps in the preparation of different recipes.

It is also worth noting that due to the shape of the nozzle it is possible to have precision in the conduction of the flame, which allows to heat only certain points.

Another positive point is that it is possible to caramelize, brown and toast food very quickly. In the oven or in other tools that could be used for this purpose the process is much slower.

The price of this product is also not something that scares, being very affordable and possible to be purchased by most people.

As negative points we can highlight that care is needed when using the torch, since any lack of attention can cause accidents since the temperature is high and the flame is free during use.

What recipes can I use the culinary torch on?

Those who do not know much about this tool have the idea that it is used only in the preparation of sweets, but this is where they are wrong.

This product was really known mainly for being part of the finalization of the famous French sweet crème brûlée, but it goes beyond that.

Still thinking about the confectionery, it is also used to toast meringues, giving them a more beautiful color, and fruits to give a different appearance and a smoky taste.

With regard to snacks, it is already very common to finish sushi and sashimi with this tool giving fish the crispy effect on the skin.

Already thinking about meats, it is widely used to toast the surface of those that are vacuum-cooked. Usually this type of preparation gives the food a perfect cooking, however it sins in appearance and in that the torch helps.

There are also some tricks that can be done with it. The blowtorch is great for peeling peppers and tomatoes and for helping to unmold cakes and puddings. Not to mention that vegetables roasted in the blowtorch are very tasty.

How much?

As we said above, a culinary blowtorch is not usually very expensive and can be purchased with some ease.

There are options for sale for an initial value of R $ 25 on average, with the most expensive ones costing around R $ 300. What causes variation in price is the size of the torch, its brand and whether it has additional accessories or do not.

Where to buy?

The best options for buying a culinary torch when it comes to variety are online stores. In them it is possible to find a multitude of models and prices well into account.

Some sites where you can purchase this product are Amazon.

If you have a preference for physical stores, it is easier to purchase this item in those that sell specific products for cooking or gastronomy, since they are more focused on tools for culinary purposes.


A good tip for those who use the culinary torch is to always use it with the blue flame, regulating it according to the desired intensity. The yellow flame must not be allowed to arrive, as it uses more gas and can leave a residual flavor.


Purchasing criteria: Factors for comparing culinary torch models

If you are interested in buying a culinary torch and still have doubts about which model to choose we have prepared a list below with the main points for you to compare and choose the best one for your need. Are they:

  • Torch type
  • Flame power and temperature
  • Reservoir capacity
  • Size and weight

Now check each criterion in detail to get the choice of the culinary torch to make your recipes more tasty.

Torch type

There are basically three types of culinary torches: professional, amateur and plug-in.

The fitting torch can be fitted in both the professional and amateur categories, and its main feature is to have only the head needing the gas cylinder to be fitted on its bottom. It is the smallest of all, as it has only one part and saves space.

Already thinking about the amateur torch, it is ideal for those who will prepare recipes at home. It is usually less powerful and has a smaller gas reservoir, precisely because it is not used in large quantities.

The professional model in turn is aimed at those who work in the area of ​​gastronomy. It usually reaches higher temperatures, sometimes comes with accessories and is more expensive.

Below you can find a table comparing these three models:

Flame power and temperature

The main benefit of a culinary torch is that it has a free flame and reaches higher temperatures than other culinary tools, right? However, among the models there are variations in this aspect that you must take into account.

Regarding the flame power, choose a model that has intensity regulation, so you can define more precisely how much flame you want for its completion.

Already thinking about temperature, analyze the technical characteristics of the product you are looking to buy which is the maximum it reaches, always thinking that the ideal is that in this regard it is very strong.


Reservoir capacity

The capacity of the torch reservoir is another issue that must be taken into account, especially in professional models. It is essential that the product is able to store a sufficient amount so that you can perform various preparations without having to change the gas refill in the middle of the procedure.

To get a sense of what is good for you, see how many minutes the manufacturer says the product works until your reservoir is empty, so it is possible to do an analysis to see if it will be good or bad for the way it is used.

Size and weight

A criterion that has to do with ease of handling, after all, it would not be ideal to have a robust and heavy object in the rush that a chef faces.

Check the measurements in centimeters of the culinary torch and also its full weight. There is no ideal size, what matters here is the one you like to work with. It is common for the torch to measure between 15 and 20 cm in height.

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