Top & Best Electric meat grinder Review 2022– How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Electric meat grinder: Which are the best in 2022?

Ground beef can create delicious sauces, sausages and be part of several other recipes. To get it you need a specific tool and among the options the best product is the electric meat grinder.

Practical and very versatile, this type of meat grinder can be used both in shops and in homes and promotes freshly ground food in different thicknesses, adapting to all tastes.

And if you are looking for one of these know that in this article we will talk about everything about this product, from its advantages to the ways of use. So continue with us to know everything.

First, the most important

  • The electric meat grinder can be used not only for grinding meat, but also to produce other foods such as sausages and dumplings.
  • There are options of different sizes and the domestic ones are usually small and portable.
  • It is possible to purchase one of these for a price starting at R $ 225, this being an affordable product for those who like to cook.

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The best electric meat grinders: Our choices

The ideal electric meat grinder should be efficient in grinding and easy to use, but it is not always easy to know which ones have these characteristics and it is to help you in this that we created this ranking with the options best evaluated by users, check out:

  • The option with two directions of rotation
  • The electric grinder with three disc options
  • The most complete option
  • The most powerful electric meat grinder

Buying Guide

Being able to give rise to ground meat, dumplings, sausages and many other products, the electric meat grinder is the evolution of the manual and has excellent practicality, allowing you to always have fresh food at any time of the day.

However, is it worth having one of these at home? Is it easy to use it? We will answer these and other questions in this Buying Guide and at the end of the reading you will know exactly whether or not you want one of these.

What is an electric meat grinder?

Known as an advancement of the common meat grinder, the electric version of this tool has the differential to carry out the whole process of grinding the meat without the need to turn the handle as is still done with traditional models.

Working like any other grinder, just put the meat in it and press a button and all the food will be ground and ready for use. There are professional options for this product, which are found in butchers, and domestic ones, which have a smaller capacity and can be used by anyone.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the electric meat grinder?

The electric meat grinder is a product that facilitates the work of those who like to produce ground meat, sausages and several other types of food. Its great advantage is precisely this, since with it the effort is minimal and the result is the same or even better than that of the manuals.

It also manages to be very agile, allowing preparation in less time and there are small and very portable options that are ideal for residential environments.

The electric grinder is agile and very easy to use.

Another positive point of the electric meat grinder is that it is very easy to use and is able to guarantee fresh ground meat and the desired size whenever necessary.

The only disadvantage that can be said about this product is that domestic models have a low grinding capacity and thanks to this they must be used sparingly so that they do not spoil or be damaged.

How to use an electric meat grinder?

The electric meat grinder is very easy to use and does not require much practice or knowledge to achieve good results. To show you this we created the step by step below:

    • First, it is necessary to fit all parts of the grinder according to the manufacturer’s instructions;
    • Select the disk size according to the desired result;
    • Turn on the grinder;
    • With the grinder on, place the meat in the grinding area and wait for it to come out ready for use.

It is possible to grind the meat once, twice and even three times so that it conforms to the desired size. For sauces and ground beef, grinding only once is enough, for hamburgers and pastry fillings, for example, it is worth grinding two or three times.


What are the best meats to grind in the electric meat grinder?

Those who are not very intimate with the meat or gastronomy universe may have doubts about the types of meat that can be ground in the electric grinder and it is worth knowing that there are several options.

Thinking about red meats, the duckling ends up being the main choice, since it has little fat and is tasty, but other options are hard chicken, chicken breast, ribs, ribs and even the lizard.

With regard to white meats, you can use chicken breast and pork shank.

How much does an electric meat grinder cost?

As we explained, there are electric meat grinders for professional use and domestic, and the price variation of this product is directly related to this.

Domestic models are smaller and also cheaper, while professional models are found in larger sizes and are more expensive.

With this, it is possible to purchase this product for an average initial price of R $ 225, up to more than R $ 4 thousand, specifically speaking of professionals.

Where to buy an electric meat grinder?

You can find the electric meat grinder in stores that sell butchery equipment and domestic appliances in stores that sell appliances.

However, the best place to purchase this item is on the internet, since there is a wide range of options and it is very easy to find the desired model. That way, you can search for it on sites like Amazon.

Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare the electric meat grinder

Now that you understand everything about the electric meat grinder, the time has come to explain to you what factors should be taken into account when choosing one, they are:

  • Grinder material
  • Size
  • Number of disks
  • Additional accessories

We explain each one below so that you don’t make a mistake in choosing.

Grinder material

There are electric meat grinders made in different materials and it is very common to find options in stainless steel, plastic and iron.

Of the iron they are usually professional and have a great strength and durability, which are characteristics of this raw material.

The options that are made with plastic structure , end up being weaker, but for home use they fulfill their function.

Since the stainless steel or parts in this material are a good choice, since it does not rust and has good resistance.


It is also important to analyze the size of the grinder to see if it will be compatible with the space you have. There are currently small and very portable options, which are ideal for people who want to take the product to different places or do not have a large area to store it.

However, it is good to remember that the smaller the grinder, the less meat it will be able to grind at a time, so it is good to adapt the need to the size of the product so that it does not fulfill its function or is too big and ends up getting in the way.

Number of disks

Another issue that must be taken into account when choosing an electric meat grinder is the number of discs it has. These discs are responsible for defining the final size that the meat will come out after ground and depending on the recipes you want a smaller meat, in others larger and so on.

There are options that have two discs, others with three. Then it is worth analyzing for what purposes you will use the ground meat to check your need and thus choose a model that suits it.


Last, but not least, is the voltage of the grinder and this is essential for you to use the product in the outlets you have at the store or at home.

You will hardly find a grinder that is bivolt, so before making the purchase check if the option chosen is 110 volts or 220 volts. Many manufacturers make the same model in these two options, but some exist with only one voltage.


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