Top & Best Tramontina pressure cooker Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Tramontina pressure cooker: How to choose the best one for you in 2022

Today is the day to talk about one of the most important utensils for those who do not dispense homemade food: the pressure cooker. More specifically, we will deal with what is the desire of any consumer: the Tramontina pressure cooker.

A reference when it comes to quality, Tramontina also takes the lead by offering numerous models of depression pot. In this article, we will show you the Tramontina pressure cooker differentials and how to choose the best one for you.

First, the most important

  • The Tramontina pressure cooker comes with the guarantee of quality and efficiency that have accompanied the brand for over 100 years.
  • The models differ with respect to the material of manufacture, cooking capacity, safety items, etc.
  • In order to invest your money well and buy the best Tramontina pressure cooker, you need to analyze some factors.

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The best Tramontina pressure cookers: our recommendations

When buying a new pan, a thousand doubts can arise. After all, there are ideal sizes and technologies for every situation. With that in mind, Tramontina has a wide variety of pressure cookers. We then select the best models for you. Look:

  • The best pressure cooker as a whole
  • The ideal model for families
  • The option with more security features
  • The pressure cooker with the highest capacity

Buying Guide

Buying a new pressure cooker is never an easy task. It is necessary to take into account the size, the material of manufacture, the locking systems, among many other factors. And of course, the best brand.

Therefore, in this Buying Guide we will focus on showing you why the Tramontina pressure cooker is one of the best on the market, how much it costs and where to buy it.

Why should you have a Tramontina pressure cooker?

When buying the pressure cooker it is clear that the brand is one of the most important items to be taken into account. After all, a good manufacturer, in general, is the guarantee that the utensil will have quality, efficiency and durability.

This, therefore, is the first reason why you should consider a pressure cooker from Tramontina. After all, the brand has been present in for over 100 years and today it already markets its products in more than 120 countries.

And good fame is not for nothing. The fact is that the Tramontina pressure cooker, in addition to fulfilling the basic function of cooking three times faster than any other pan, also has models and various technologies that help in the preparation of recipes and reinforce safety.

Nowadays, there are several lines of Tramontina pressure cooker, such as Vancouver, Solar and Presto. And each offers options with different design, colors, and security and locking systems to suit all styles.

Not to mention the cooking capacity that serves from people who live alone to large families. With this, it is possible to choose the best Tramontina pressure cooker according to your objective.

What are the safety systems of the Tramontina pressure cooker?

The pressure cooker is a great ally for those who don’t like to spend a lot of time cooking. After all, this type of pan is capable of leaving food soft in a much shorter time than if it were made in an ordinary pan.

This is possible because the pressure cooker is completely sealed, thanks to the lid and the sealing rings. With this, the water vapor stays inside the pan, which increases the pressure and ensures faster cooking.

In the Tramontina pan models, however, this whole process is optimized. This is because Tramontina invested mainly in practicality and security.



Did you know that the pressure cooker seal ring must be replaced whenever it becomes rigid or brittle?

In general, a seal ring can last for up to two years. But to ensure this useful life, Tramontina recommends that you periodically grease the sealing ring with cooking oil.

An example that illustrates the efficiency of Tramontina pressure cookers is the lids. Today, most brand pressure cooker lids have an external closure.

Anyone who has ever had an old pressure cooker, one in which the lids were internally closed, knows how hard it was to open and close. With the more modern models of Tramontina pressure cooker this is in the past.

With the external closure, the act of opening and closing the Tramontina pressure cooker is easier and safer, not to mention that this dynamic also speeds up cooking time, as it speeds up the process of picking up pressure.

In addition, the external closing lid also includes a lock, which prevents the pressure cooker from being opened if pressure is applied to the lid handle.

When it comes to the safety of a Tramontina pressure cooker, safety valves must also be highlighted. At Tramontina you will find models that have up to five of them.

What are the types of linings for the Tramontina pressure cooker?

Another differential of the Tramontina pressure cooker is that the brand offers models with different types of manufacturing material. And the fact is that, depending on this material, both the final result of the recipe and the ease of cleaning the pan can be affected.

In general, you will find two types of coating, depending on the Tramontina pressure cooker model: stainless steel and aluminum.

he Tramontina pressure cooker made of aluminum offers very quick heating. However, this type of pot is more difficult to clean and scratches easily.

The stainless steel pressure cooker Tramontina is more resistant and therefore more durable. In addition, due to the stainless steel, the pan does not oxidize and even better distributes the heat during cooking.

Check below a summary of the main differences between the Tramontina pressure cooker in stainless steel and aluminum.

In addition to the manufacturing material, Tramontina pressure cookers also have coatings, internal and external, which help not only during cleaning, but also in the quality of cooking. There are three main types of flooring that you will find, depending on the model chosen. Look:

  • Non-stick internal and external coating
  • Satin inner and silicon outer lining
  • Polished aluminum outer and satin lining

In addition, the most modern models have a triple bottom, which is formed by a layer of stainless steel, one of aluminum and another of stainless steel.

The triple bottom of the Tramontina pressure cooker guarantees an even faster cooking time and, as a consequence, reduces energy expenditure and keeps food warm for longer.

Tramontina pressure cooker: How to use?

Every pressure cooker works the same way, right? In theory, yes. But the fact is that pressure cookers have changed a lot in recent years. An example is the type of external closure and the various safety valves.

Therefore, the most important thing is that you always check the instruction manual of your Tramontina pressure cooker before starting to use it.

But, in general, it is possible to be attentive to some tips that Tramontina itself provides with regard to how to use the pressure cooker. Check it out below:

    • To open the pressure cooker: Push the safety latch forward and turn the lid handle to the right until the lid marking is aligned with the handle marking. Then, lift the cover.
    • To close it: Attach the lid to the Tramontina pressure cooker and turn to the left until the safety lock is activated. At this point, you will hear a small crack.
    • Maximum capacity: Do not fill the pressure cooker to more than 2/3 of its capacity. As the food expands during cooking, filling above this limit can cause risks of clogging the pressure valve and make it difficult to handle the pan and release pressure.
    • Minimum capacity: For any type of cooking in the Tramontina pressure cooker, a minimum of 250 ml of liquid must be added. This is the necessary measure for the formation of the proper steam that will guarantee the correct cooking of the food.
    • Pressure indicator pin : This pin allows you to identify whether or not there is pressure inside the Tramontina pressure cooker. When lifted, the pin indicates that the pan is under pressure and therefore the lid cannot be opened. When the pin is down, it will be safe to open the pan.


In addition, it is always worth remembering that to open the pressure cooker, you have to wait for it to cool. Only then is it possible to be sure that all the pressure inside the pan is released.

And if you want to speed up the cooling process of the Tramontina pressure cooker, you can also place it under water. But, according to Tramontina, it is important that you never force the pan open while the safety devices indicate that there is still pressure inside it.

Is the Tramontina pressure cooker guaranteed?

All pans from the manufacturer are guaranteed, and the same goes for the pressure cooker Tramontina. However, the warranty period may vary depending on the model chosen.

But, in general, the pressure cooker from Tramontina has a guarantee for vices and manufacturing defects that vary between 1 and 2 years.

The pressure cooker, if used incorrectly or opened at the wrong time, can cause accidents and disrupt food preparation.

In the case of a pressure cooker with a 2-year warranty, Tramontina explains that this is equivalent to: 90 days of legal warranty, plus 1 year and 9 months of the contractual warranty.

How much does the Tramontina Pressure cooker cost?

Items such as design, capacity, material of manufacture and security systems, generally influence the price of the pressure cooker Tramontina. Therefore, this type of pan can cost between R $ 160 and R $ 1,000.

Of course, the bigger and more efficient the more expensive the pressure cooker will be. But you don’t need to buy the most expensive one. After all, all Tramontina models have the brand’s manufacturing excellence.

Where to buy the Tramontina pressure cooker?

The best way to purchase a pressure cooker is online. You can buy this utensil in the most diverse stores, from department stores to large supermarkets. But nowadays, the most practical way to acquire the pressure cooker is through the internet. At Amazon, for example, in addition to buying your pan from the comfort of home, you can still find advantageous promotions.


Purchasing criteria: How to compare Tramontina pressure cookers

Well, if you got here you already know that it is worth buying a pressure cooker from Tramontina. But then the biggest question arises: What is the best model for me?

To help you with this choice, we suggest that you take into account some points that may influence the chosen Tramontina pressure cooker model. Are they:

  • Litration
  • Depth
  • Diameter
  • Pressure levels
  • Available colors

In the following, we will explain in detail how you can analyze each of these criteria.


The most important factor when buying the Tramontina pressure cooker is the capacity in liters it holds.

To do so, evaluate your home routine. For example, a small Tramontina pressure cooker is ideal for people who live alone or even families who cook less at home.

The large pressure cooker is recommended for larger families or even for those who like to cook in large quantities to freeze, for example.

You will be able to choose models with capacities ranging from 2.1 to 10 liters.

With that in mind, you will be able to choose models with capacities ranging from 2.1 to 10 liters. But, remember that after using the pressure cooker, you will need to keep it. So, if you are thinking of buying a high-pressure Tramontina pressure cooker make sure that there is enough space in the cupboard as well.


Another factor that we recommend that you also take into account is the depth of the Tramontina pressure cooker. In this regard, you will be able to choose between models that are deep or shallow.

The fact is that this factor can make all the difference when you prepare your recipes, whether in terms of the amount of food, whether it is easy or not to reach them at the bottom of the pan.


In addition to the depth, analyze the diameter of the Tramontina pressure cooker. This issue interferes, mainly in the size of the utensil, which must be stable in the stove top, and in the space you will need to store it after use.

Therefore, Tramontina offers pressure cookers with the following diameters: 20cm, 22cm or 24cm

Pressure levels

Another criterion that you must observe is the amount of pressure levels. This may vary depending on the Tramontina pressure cooker model you choose.

Nowadays, for example, there are models with two pressure levels, which you select according to the type of food and the cooking time, which can be slow or fast.

Available colors

Last but not least, take into account the color of your Tramontina pressure cooker. After all, currently, pans also help in decorating the kitchen.

At this point, Tramontina also innovated to please everyone. You can choose the pressure cooker in red, black, stainless steel, graphite, blue and yellow.



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