Top & Best Panela Tramontina Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Panela Tramontina: How to choose the best one for you in 2022

Welcome to! Today is the day to talk about the Tramontina pot, the most traditional and favorite of  for over a century! That it is a totally reliable brand, you already know. But which Tramontina pot are you looking for exactly?

With the evolution of technology and the taste of, Tramontina has also evolved and today has many lines of pots of different models, materials and finishes.

So many options are not for nothing, since choosing the right pot can make all the difference not only in your recipe, but also in your health. In this article we will explain the vast world of Tramontina cookware for you to make the right choice to meet your needs.


First, the most important

  • Tramontina differs from other brands by the tradition of more than 100 years and by the commitment to the durability, quality, safety and beauty of its products. It is the favorite of Brazilians.
  • When buying a pan the most important thing is to pay attention to the type of material from which each piece is made. Each has advantages and disadvantages that can help or hinder you.
  • It is also important to decide which models and the amount of cookware to buy. In this article, we show you how to make your decisions easier when choosing the cookware set.

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Best Tramontina pot sets: Our favorites

When buying utensils for home and especially for the kitchen, you must have complete confidence in the brands. In the case of Tramontina, with many decades of tradition in Brazil, we can rely almost with our eyes closed. We have listed below the best cookware sets by the brand so you can choose your favorite.

  • Stainless Steel Solar Set 6 pieces
  • Monaco Nonstick Set 5 pieces
  • 6 pieces Allegra Stainless Steel Set
  • Turin Set Stainless Steel 7 pieces

Buying Guide

You already know that you want to buy new cookware and you have also decided that you are going to opt for the Tramontina brand, which has a lot of tradition and is more than consolidated in the Brazilian market. Ok … But you already know how to choose the ideal model?

In the Buying Guide below, we will bring you interesting questions and answers, which will help you choose the Tramontina pan that will really be useful to you.

What is the importance of choosing the right pan?

We regret to inform you, but the saying “old pot makes good food” is not 100% true. In fact, the saying applies only to iron pots.

For all others, it is important that you know that a new, quality pan makes all the difference in your dish, your health and your pocket. More than that, it is essential that you choose the right material from which the pan is made.

The type of material can influence the cooking time, the taste of the food and also the durability, ease or not of cleaning and, of course, your health, since some materials release toxic metals in the food.


Irene CoutinhoSenac gastronomy technology coordinator

“Good are the pans that do not release metal in the food, that retain and distribute heat evenly, that are light, beautiful and easy to clean.”

Therefore, to make it easier to choose the right pot for you, we recommend purchasing a basic set of pans. After all, it is enough to choose between different types of materials, isn’t it?

With a basic kit of pans, you guarantee the necessary items for your kitchen and the safest, healthiest material that fits in your pocket

Why is Tramontina so reliable?

There are many options of brands, models, materials, technology, colors and prices. But none of this is for nothing, not even on a whim.

There are copper, iron, clay, ceramic, titanium and glass cookware. But the most recommended for durability, safety and ease of cleaning are stainless steel, non-stick and aluminum with ceramic coating.

Although the models of glass, ceramics, clay, porcelain, iron, soapstone and surgical steel are the ones that bring less risk to health, these pans are more expensive, require more care and are more difficult to clean.

The differential of the Tramontina pan is quality, durability, safety, innovation and beauty. This goes beyond the tradition of more than 100 years in the Brazilian market. The brand is present in more than 120 countries.

Tramontina has several product lines to please each profile and enhance the decor of your kitchen along with the need. From sophisticated to colorful, the brand presents utensils for all types and sizes of family.

How much?

Tramontina pans vary in price as well as in quantities of parts, material and technology. But even so, the cost-benefit ratio is higher when buying the cookware set than the spare part.

The values ​​vary, even, within the same line, as is the case of the Solar line, considering the number of pieces.

The cookware sets cost between R $ 100 to R $ 1600. But for about R $ 400 you get a set of great quality, with at least 6 pieces.

Where to buy?

Tramontina cookware can be purchased at most stores that sell cookware, in department stores and also online stores. This is also why prices vary widely from place to place.

You can find the Tramontina pot in stores. But the best thing is that you can buy your Tramontina cookware set with just one click, on sites like Amazon, for example.

Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare Tramontina pot models

To choose the ideal pan for your needs you need to note some key points that will make all the difference in your day-to-day. It is no use buying pans considering only the price or the beauty of the pieces. Here, the cheap and the beautiful can be expensive.

After all, you don’t want your recipe to be contaminated by toxic waste, much less that the same waste changes the color of the food.

Another negative surprise that can be avoided is spending more for a lower quality product that will have to be replaced in a shorter time. We believe you want a pan that will last a long time, don’t you think?

And, last but not least: whoever cooks always expects the cleaning part to be simple and uncomplicated. Therefore, we have listed here the main aspects that you must observe before choosing the right pan.

  • Material Type
  • Number of pieces
  • Ease of cleaning

Check below the detailed explanation of each one so you can make the best choice when buying your Tramontina pan.

Material Type

The most used and recommended pans by chefs are made mainly of three materials: Stainless Steel, Nonstick or Aluminum.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel ones are the most recommended. This material makes the heat evenly distributed throughout the pan, accelerating the heating (so there is no need to use high heat!) And conserving the heat for a longer time.

In addition, stainless steel pans have a triple-ply bottom (stainless steel + aluminum + stainless steel) which speeds up the cooking of food, and therefore saves energy.

They are also stainless, meaning they are very resistant to corrosion, wear and rust. The durability of the material also influences the price and stainless steel pans are usually more expensive than aluminum pans, but they are also the ones that last the longest.


Non-stick pans are the most practical when cleaning. Since they don’t need fat to fry, they heat up faster and don’t let food stick together.

But, attention! The nonstick technology is due to polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a material that is released from pots and reaches food. To avoid this contamination, it is essential to use silicone, plastic or wooden spoons to avoid scratching the bottom.


Finally, the aluminum pans. These are the most common, but also the least recommended by experts. Although cheaper and accessible, they cannot retain heat, they are very thin, more difficult to wash and still release substances during long cooking times.

The World Health Organization approves the use of this material in pots, but a study by the University of São Paulo showed that when cooking for more than three hours, foods absorb an aluminum index six times higher than allowed.

For added safety, choose aluminum cookware with a Starflon T3 non-stick coating, which will not let food stick and is PFOA free. Below, we summarize the characteristics of each material in a comparative table for you to understand the pros and cons of each.

Number of Pieces

Something very personal is the choice of cookware models. With such a variety of shapes, sizes and functions, choosing which cookware to buy to compose your kitchen is not the easiest task.

Therefore, we recommend that you choose a basic cookware kit, with the models most used by those who cook. Nowadays it is possible to find sets of quality, efficient and with varied designers. The sets consist of 2 pieces reaching 12.

To help you, check out how a basic set of pans is formed:

  • 2 pans of different sizes and depths;
  • 2 casseroles for cooking vegetables, rice and desserts;
  • 1 milkmaid;
  • 1 pressure cooker.

With these pieces you already have enough to prepare a multitude of beautiful meals. And, from there, you can increase your set by buying other spare pans that you feel need.

Ease of Cleaning

Everyone agrees that this is one of the main points when choosing a pan. After all, after preparing meals for you, your family and friends, what you most want is to taste the delicious dishes.

Nobody wants to spend hours sanding pots, struggling to get food scraps stuck together or yellowish stains. For this, certain precautions with your pans are essential. And, as stated earlier, the material of the pan is a key point here.

With the non-stick pans the ease of cleaning is certain, since its technology was made thinking about not letting the food stick to the bottom. But, when washing it is important to use soft plugs to avoid scratching the bottom and preserving the non-stick component.

In the case of non-stick pans, the important thing so that the food does not stick is always to cook over low heat. This also helps not to create yellow spots, which are also difficult to remove during washing.


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