Top & Best Cuscuzeira Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Cuscuzeira: How to choose yours in 2022?

If you are the type who does not need a warm couscous, this article is for you. We will help you choose the ideal couscous to prepare this delicacy in sweet and savory versions with greater practicality and ease.

Follow this reading until the end and check everything you need to know to choose the perfect couscous to prepare the couscous for every day of the whole family.

First, the most important

  • A type of steam cooker, the couscous can be made of aluminum, stainless steel, iron and even clay.
  • Model, size, capacity, material, accessories and details are some of the characteristics of the cuscuzeira that you should be aware of at the time of purchase.
  • The price of couscous varies a lot according to the make, model and size of the pan. It is possible to find simple versions for less than R $ 30, while the most sophisticated and more resistant materials can cost more than R $ 250.

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Best couscous: The newsroom favorites

For those who like a traditional northeastern couscous, having a good couscous at home is essential. But choosing the ideal model is essential to ensure the success of sweet and savory preparations. Check out our selection with some of the best couscous models on the market and get inspired to choose yours!

  • Couscous with triple bottom
  • The best option in stainless steel
  • Buying Guide

A warm couscous is an excellent choice for any meal. With or without filling, in savory or sweet versions, the delicacy goes well for breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner. And to prepare a perfect couscous with more practicality, the couscous is an indispensable tool. In addition to the classic couscous, the couscous can also prepare couscous from São Paulo, steamed vegetables and much more.

Check out our Buying Guide to learn everything about this utensil and know how to choose the perfect model to compose your collection of utensils for the kitchen, making it more practical and functional.


What is couscous and what is it for?

The cuscuzeira is a steam cooking pot, with a special design for the preparation of corn couscous or northeastern couscous. Available in clay, aluminum, stainless steel versions, with non-stick coating, for microwaves and even electric ones, the couscous pans have a very simple operation.


Cuscuzeiras have a very simple operation.

Just fill the lower reservoir with water and the other with the couscous mass. When taking the couscous to a fire, the water will boil and the steam formed will be directed to the upper compartment, cooking the dough.

Depending on the type of flour used to prepare the dough – thick, thin flakes or cornmeal – the result will vary in appearance, with a more rustic or smoother texture. But regardless of the flour chosen, the couscous made in the couscous acquires alloy and forms a single block, easy to unmold and serve.

Another advantage of using couscous is that steaming enhances the flavor of the food, maintaining its properties and nutrients. Check the table for more advantages and disadvantages of the product:


How to choose the ideal couscous?

To begin the process of choosing the ideal couscous, you need to determine which portion of couscous you need or like to prepare. For small portions, the individual couscous dishes are perfect. But if you prefer to prepare a larger couscous to serve the whole family, choose the larger capacity models.


For small portions choose individual couscous.

Another important point, regardless of the material chosen for your couscous, is the thickness of the pan sides. The thicker the material, the greater its heat retention and distribution capacity, and the faster and more uniform the cooking of your couscous.

It is also good to pay attention to the design of the couscous. Models with clean design, without many corners and details avoid the accumulation of residues and facilitate cleaning. It is also important that the lid of the chosen model has an opening for the exit of excess steam and a perfect fit for better cooking.

Another tip to make the perfect choice is to give preference to models with a sieve – also called a drain, vaporizer, etc., which is that part with holes through which the steam passes – removable. So you can make better use of the product, removing the accessory to prepare other types of recipes.

How to use the couscous?

As couscous is a very easy recipe to prepare, using couscous is also a process without mysteries. Check out an easy step by step to prepare the perfect couscous:


      • Heat the water at the bottom of the pan;
      • With the water boiling, add the seasoned pasta to your taste and the fillings (optional) on the top of the couscous;
      • Cover and cook for about 5 minutes;
      • Expect to warm and serve with the accompaniments of your choice.



Tip! If you want to make a stuffed couscous, the process is the same, just add the fillings of your preference directly in the couscous. You can mix the filling with the dough or add it in layers.

But beware: Only add cooked ingredients to the dough. Worth dried meat, shredded chicken, cheese, shredded coconut … Whatever your imagination sends!

What can be prepared in the couscous?

If you are not in the habit of eating couscous too often, you can rest assured that your couscous will not be leaning against the corner of the cupboard which is useless on a daily basis. In addition to preparing the traditional northeastern couscous, the couscous can be used to cook:

      • Couscous Paulista;
      • Couscous Stuffed;
      • Steamed vegetables;
      • Milk, bread, etc. pudding;
      • Tapioca with coconut or tapioca couscous;
      • “Rotten” cake and more!


How much does it cost and where to buy the couscous?

The price of couscous varies a lot according to model, brand, material and
product details. It is possible to find small versions with very basic features, for about R $ 30. More sophisticated models, with special materials and larger capacities, can cost more than R $ 200.

You can buy your couscous in physical stores of housewares, such as Camicado, Etna, Tok Stok, among others. However, it is by shopping on the internet that you can find a greater variety of brands and models of the product, taking advantage of the convenience of e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Mercado Livre and Fast Shop.


Purchasing criteria: How to compare couscous types

As it was already clear, couscous is the best option to prepare a perfect couscous. But as there are different versions and models, it is important to know a little more about the details of the product so that you can choose which one will best meet your expectations and needs. Pay attention to the following characteristics:

    • Size
    • Model
    • Material
    • Differentials

To end the doubts, below we will explain in detail each of the topics.


The size of the cuscuzeiras, in general, is indicated by the diameter, represented in millimeters or centimeters. The main measure you need to pay attention to is the top diameter of the couscous, as it determines the capacity of the pan and the size of the portion of couscous that your couscous will be able to cook at once.

In versions of individual couscous to the diameter of the lower part, where the water goes, it is usually larger than that of the upper part. In higher capacity versions, the lower part may be smaller than the upper part. There are also models where the sizes of the two parts are equivalent.


Cuscuzeiras can be of the type:

    • Individual: Small, prepares portions for one person. It is ideal for those who live alone, have a small family or like to vary their fillings;
    • Large: In this model, couscous trees are categorized by diameter in centimeters or by capacity in liters. It is the ideal model for large families or for those who want to make couscous in large quantities at once.
    • Multiple: A combination of the individual and large models, this model has a larger base and the upper part consists of two, three or four small clusters for individual couscous. It is the ideal option for those who sell the delicacy, or have the need to prepare several portions in the individual format at once.
  • Material

Although cuscuzeiras can be manufactured in several types of materials, the most popular materials are:

    • Stainless steel couscous: Durable and elegant, it is non-toxic and does not present a risk of contaminating the couscous with residues;
    • Aluminum couscous : cheaper, it prepares the couscous very quickly, as the material is a good conductor of heat. It should not be used with acidic, citrus or salt-rich ingredients. Aluminum reacts with these elements and releases waste, which can be harmful to health;
    • Non-stick couscous: The best option for preparing stuffed couscous, it has a non-stick coating that prevents the recipe from sticking to the pan;
    • Iron couscous: Able to retain heat evenly, it is heavier than the other versions. It should be washed immediately after use, as it rusts easily.

Regardless of the material chosen, it is worth the tip given earlier in our article: prefer the couscous with thick sides, which concentrate the heat better.


Although cuscuzeiras serve the same purpose, some models have differentials that make it more versatile and functional. Examples include:

    • Removable sieve: Facilitates the removal of the couscous and transforms the couscous into a conventional pan, which can be used for other preparations;
    • Non-stick coating:  Facilitates cleaning and prevents couscous from sticking to the pan, providing a smoother and more attractive result;
    • Glass lid:  It allows to follow the cooking without opening the pan, which causes steam to escape and delays cooking;
    • Handles: Both in the couscous and in the sieve, the presence of handles helps handling and makes the preparation safer and more practical.


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