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Top & Best Kitchen apron Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Kitchen apron: What’s the best in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about an accessory that is our longtime ally when preparing a meal: the kitchen apron.

It is one of those classic items, known and used all over the world, and that makes all the difference when it comes to the comfort of the cook.

Despite its advantages, not everyone is adept at the apron and still does not know how it can provide comfort and tranquility during food preparation.

If you are one of those people, we invite you to dive into our guide and discover all the benefits of a good kitchen apron!

First, the most important

  • The kitchen apron is an accessory used for cooking that aims to protect clothes from splashes and stains, in addition to making possible burns difficult.
  • It is mandatorily used in professional kitchens, and a great choice in the home kitchen, since it is practical and guarantees hygiene.
  • In addition to the traditional apron, there is also the waist model, which was designed to be used together with a dolman.

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Best Cooking Aprons: Our Favorites

  • Electrolux cotton apron
  • Tramontina fabric apron
  • Practical and inexpensive microfiber apron

Buying Guide

The kitchen apron is a basic item that everyone should have at home. It stands out for ensuring comfort and tranquility when cooking, since it protects against splashes and excessive heat from the stove.

What is a kitchen apron?

This is an accessory that you, at the very least, have seen others using. It is a garment that is used when cooking, over normal clothing.

It covers only the front, and can be made of cotton, polyester and other types of fabric. It is usually adjustable at the waist and neck, and may have front pockets in addition to other details that contribute to the ease of cooking processes.

It is essential in the professional kitchen, and although it is not a mandatory item in the amateur kitchen, it is a practical item, which guarantees greater comfort to the cook.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the kitchen apron?

Wearing a good kitchen apron ensures that you are much more relaxed and comfortable to cook, regardless of the type of meal being prepared.

Its main advantage is that it protects your clothes from possible splashes and stains that are common when you are hands on.

By wearing an apron, you avoid getting your clothes dirty, and still protect yourself from the excess heat caused by the hot stove.

Although not thermal and does not prevent burns, the apron ends up being a kind of barrier that makes it difficult for fire to spread to your skin, giving you more time to protect yourself in an accident situation.

In addition, many models have pockets that allow you to store utensils and even hang some dishcloth, thus facilitating your routine in the kitchen.

In general, it is a cheap, practical article that prevents dirt and also helps to keep your clothes away from stains.

What is the best type of kitchen apron?

When we talk about kitchen aprons, what comes to your mind is the image of the traditional apron, attached to the waist and neck, isn’t it?

For we must tell you that there is another type of apron that has also gained a lot of space in the kitchens out there: the apron just around the waist.

This model is smaller and does not cover the top of the clothes, so it is ideal only for people who have a professional routine and work with dolmã, clothing that resembles a shirt used by chefs and other employees who work in restaurant kitchens .

The waist apron is, in fact, a grace, but it is not ideal for residential use, since it covers only from the waist to the knees.

The traditional apron covers the entire front of the change up to the knees, and allows you to wear any type of clothing underneath. It is more comprehensive, and a great choice for both amateurs and professionals.

Regarding prices, both have very similar values ​​and are not expensive. They can be found in different colors, models and prints.

How much does a kitchen apron cost?

Anyone wondering about the cost of a kitchen apron can rest easy. Because it is a simple accessory, without expensive materials involved, it is usually sold at a very fair price.

Regardless of your choice between the traditional apron and the waist apron, the prices should not scare you.

On average, a kitchen apron costs between R $ 30 and R $ 90, and they have excellent durability and just need to be washed before you can use them again.

Some people even manufacture them at home, handcrafted, and sell them for even lower prices.

Where to buy a kitchen apron?

It is not difficult to find places that sell aprons, however, you will not always find them in large, well-known stores.

Kitchen supply stores and even uniforms usually sell a good variety of the product.

Finally, we recommend buying online, which is fast, safe and you can do it yourself. In this case, you will find cooking aprons on Amazon.

Purchasing criteria: how to compare kitchen apron models

Although the apron is a very simple article, there are some criteria that must be observed when making your purchase.

To help you in this process, we have selected some factors that make all the difference in product quality:

  • Fabric
  • Finishing
  • Extra compartments
  • Design

Now, for the avoidance of doubt, we will explain each of them in detail.


Just like clothes, the fabric of your kitchen apron is also very important and should be chosen carefully. Polyester and cotton are good choices, and are often the bestsellers and easy to find on the market.

If you prefer a cooler and cooler apron, consider jeans.


The finish determines whether a piece was done well or not, and should not be ignored. Observe if the apron has a firm seam and a well cut, or if its lines are loosening and the fabric is badly cut.

Although it is not exactly an aesthetic garment, it is an accessory that will be used a lot, and like any other garment, it must be of good quality and durable.

Extra compartments

Not every kitchen apron has an extra pocket or compartment, which although not essential, is an excellent surprise as it allows you to carry utensils and tea towels.

When cooking, especially in professional environments, every facility must be taken into account and prioritized.


As we already said, aesthetics is not the flagship of the apron, however, nothing prevents it from being beautiful and your face, especially if you like to cook for groups of friends, or if your establishment has a glass kitchen or bartender at home. View.

Nowadays it is quite easy to find colorful options, printed and with varied styles.


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