Top & Best Meat grinder Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Meat grinder: The best models for your kitchen in 2022

Welcome to, your internet review site. If you want the convenience of preparing delicious hamburgers or your own homemade sausage recipes, a meat grinder is a great purchase.

Developed to grind meat, these utensils were developed mainly for commercial use in butchers. But today they have become popular and it is possible to find models that fit your kitchen.

To understand a little more about the product and all the benefits of having a meat grinder in your home or small food business, check out our review and find out how to choose the best model.

First, the most important

  • Most grinders need to be fixed to a smooth and firm surface, such as a table or bench.
  • It is possible to find manual or electrical models, in this case, check the voltage and power of the grinder.
  • After use, clean the product according to the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent the remains of meat from accumulating and rotting inside the grinder.

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Ranking: The 4 best meat grinders on the market

Ideas for home use or small businesses, with a meat grinder you can prepare your own recipes whenever you want in a much more practical way. Check out our Ranking with some of the best models available on the market.

Buying Guide

Previously reserved only for butchers and meat shops or for use in industrial processes, today meat grinders are increasingly popular and it is possible to find residential models.

With them you can diversify your recipes, produce your own sausages or tasty hamburgers with practicality, speed and security. To understand a little more about them, we have prepared a Purchasing Guide especially for you.

What is a meat grinder?

A meat grinder is a tool that grinds large, solid pieces of food into smaller, processed pieces.

It works through a funnel where the meat is placed and pushed with the help of a pestle. The food then passes through the grinder with the help of a lever and comes out at the other end, with different thicknesses according to the nozzle.

Today it is possible to find electric models that facilitate the process, or multifunctional models that also process pasta and vegetables.


Did you know that the first meat grinder was developed in the 19th century by a German inventor and consisted only of a grill through which the meat was pushed?


What are the different types of meat grinders?

There are three main types of meat grinders available on the market. The portable models are ideal for residential use, as it allows you to develop your own recipes without spending a lot.

Electric models can be incorporated into small businesses, as they are faster and save manual effort. And for industrial use, on a large scale, it is possible to find professional models.

For more details, check out the comparative table below:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a meat grinder at home?

By adding a meat grinder to your kitchen, you can make your own recipes and process the food in the size and texture you want. The current models are easy to use and still add charm to your kitchen.

However, in manual models it takes a little physical effort. It is necessary to be careful with the hygiene of the product so that there is no accumulation of residues and, depending on the model, they can be a little expensive. See the table below.

How should I clean the meat grinder?

It is extremely important to perform the correct cleaning of your meat grinder to prevent the internal accumulation of residues that can rot and bring risks to your health.

Most models available today are easy to dismantle. Then, remove the parts and wash with mild soap and water. Avoid using abrasives to avoid damaging the product.

Depending on the type of material, you can leave them immersed in hot water to make it easier for the residues to come off before cleaning the individual parts.

How much?

The price of meat grinders will depend on the material in which they are made and whether the model is manual or electric. Manual models can be found in a price range that ranges from R $ 40 to R $ 400.

Electric grinders can be found in a price range that goes from R $ 80 to R $ 500 in residential models and can cost up to more than R $ 2000 when for large-scale industrial use.

Where to buy?

You can find home grinders in stores specializing in household items and even in large department stores or supermarkets.

But if you prefer to choose a model online and receive it at home quickly and conveniently, all models shown in this review can be found on Amazon.

Purchasing criteria: What to consider before buying a meat grinder

Meat grinders are no longer exclusive to large companies or relegated only to meat shops. There are numerous models that can be incorporated into residential kitchens.

But, before choosing which model is best for your needs, you need to observe some purchase criteria to make sure you are choosing the right grinder.

  • Material
  • Additional functions
  • Lock type
  • Power and voltage
  • Accessories

Carefully analyze each of these topics to better understand the product and how to be able to prepare new delicious recipes in a practical and safe way.


In the past, the most common models of meat grinders were produced in cast iron. You can still find these models, which are more rustic, but also much more durable.

Nowadays it is more common to find models produced in stainless steel and even in aluminum. In electric models, the gears are protected by a housing, usually made of plastic or metal.

The quality of the material will directly influence its strength and durability, so it is important to evaluate which option offers the best cost-benefit ratio for its use.

Additional functions

The most modern models of grinders are no longer limited to processing only meat. It is also possible to grind vegetables, vegetables and even pasta.

Before making the purchase, check the product specifications. Especially for pasta, which is heavier, you may need a more powerful grinder to avoid damage to the product.

Lock type

Another important factor to be considered at the time of purchase is the type of lock that the grinder has. In the more traditional models, this is done through a press that fits on the edge of the desired surface.

In the most modern models it is possible to find table models, which have suction cups attached to the bottom of the product, helping to keep them fixed on the desired surface.

Power and voltage

Many meat grinders are electric, that is, they process food without the need for a lever and manual physical effort during the grinding process.

In these models it is important to check the voltage of the product and if it is compatible with your electrical network. The engine’s power is also vital in determining the type of food it is able to process without damaging the device.


Most meat grinders come with accessories so that you can get different textures and thicknesses in the food that passes through the grind.

The most common are the nozzles, which have different amounts and thicknesses of holes. It is also common to find an accessory in the form of a funnel, ideal for filling sausages. On some models it is even possible to find special nozzles for pasta, with various shapes and sizes.

If possible, opt for grinders that already come with a specific pestle, as they increase safety during use, as they prevent your hand from coming into direct contact with the food and the grinding mechanism.

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