Top & Best Omelet Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Omelet: How to choose the best in 2022

Welcome to Today we are going to talk about the omelet, a kitchen utensil that facilitates the preparation of omelet and other recipes like pancake, tortilla and calzone.

The omelet can be electric, for use in a microwave or stove. Both models are easy to handle, prepare recipes in a practical, fast way, without making dirt or mess in the kitchen.

In addition to being versatile, the omelet is an inexpensive and easy to find utensil. To help you choose the ideal model for your daily life, we have prepared an article with all the information you need to know about the product. Good reading!

First, the most important

  • The microwave omelet unit is practical: you can mix the eggs in the container and then just put it in the microwave for up to three minutes. The piece can be made of plastic or silicone.
  • The cooker omelet is a set of two frying pans joined by a fitting. After mixing and placing the eggs, just join the pots and turn after a few minutes to cook on both sides.
  • The electric omelet is the ideal model for those looking for practicality. After mixing the eggs in a container, just place the eggs in the non-stick cavities of the appliance and wait for it to be ready.

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Best omelettes: Our favorites

To help you choose an omelet for your kitchen, we have selected some purchase suggestions. Among the options, you will find options with electric operation, traditional omelet and microwave.

  • Omelet + EGG Cadence
  • Omelet Omelet Plus Britânia
  • Omelet Omelet Tramontina


Buying Guide

Whether for breakfast, after training or dinner, a tasty and well-prepared omelet is always welcome, as this meal is light, healthy and very nutritious. The best thing is that you can prepare it in a practical and quick way.

You only need an omelet, which can be electric, for use in a stove or microwave. If you want to know the differentials of each model, read this Buying Guide.

What is an omelet?

The omelet is a tasty and healthy dish that combines with different meals, from breakfast to dinner. You can go beyond the conventional recipe and add other ingredients and spices.

To make the preparation of the omelet even easier, more practical and faster, you can use an omelet. You can find models for use in stoves, microwaves or with electrical operation.

What are the advantages of an omelet?

The omelet maker has numerous benefits, and the main ones are practicality, economy, health and versatility. Check each one in detail to start enjoying all these advantages.

Practicality : Just beat the eggs, add the spices and other ingredients that the omelet maker does the rest. And you don’t have to worry about dirt, as the non-stick plate is easy to clean, as the eggs don’t stick.

Economy : The non-stick coating on both the electric omelet and the stove allows the plate to heat up more quickly, which saves you gas or electricity.

Health : You do not need to put oil, butter or another source of fat in the omelet, this makes the omelet healthier and conserves the nutrients of the egg.

Versatility : You can go beyond the conventional omelet and add other ingredients in the preparation. You can also prepare fried egg, poached egg, tortilla, calzone, fried pizzas and pancakes.

What is the best type of omelet?

The omelette arrived in the kitchen of many people, after all, who does not like to eat a tasty, healthy and quick to prepare food. The coolest thing is that you find three models: electric, for cooking on the stove or microwave .

Microwave omelet

The microwave omelet unit is portable, easy to use and the cheapest option. Just beat the eggs (on the omelet), add the filling of your choice and put it in the microwave. About three minutes later, the omelet will be ready.

Among the benefits of this model are:

    • Do not dirty dishes;
    • No need to use oil or other sources of fat;
    • It can be taken to work, school or college.


You find this piece in polypropylene plastic, a resistant material, free of BPA (a toxic compound), with dividers (to prepare up to two eggs at the same time) and a closure.

Another option is the silicone omelet, this piece is 22 cm in diameter, prepares omelets with up to 3 eggs in conventional format. This model has two slots, so you can fold it and prepare canoe-shaped omelets.

Electric Omelet

The electric omelet is a very practical device, as you only need to beat the eggs (most models prepare two omelets at the same time), pour into the non-stick plates and wait a few minutes until the omelet is ready.

Non-stick materials heat up faster than conventional materials, so the electric omelet is a very economical option. Tip: devices with 1000 watts of power are more effective.

You do not need to turn the omelet, as the plates distribute the heat and brown both sides at the same time. The coolest thing is that the device has operating indicator lights that warn when the omelet is ready.

Cooker omelet

If you prefer to prepare the omelet in a traditional way, the stove omelet is an excellent option, as it consists of two pans of different heights that fit together by a sealing ring and magnets on the handles.

With the stove omelet, your omelets will always be perfect, as you won’t have to go through that tense moment of turning the dough.

This model does not require the use of oil or other sources of fat, as the frying pans have a non-stick coating (Teflon type Starflon or Pro-Flon). You also won’t need to turn the omelet over, just flip the pans.

The handles are made of antipyretic bakelite, which does not heat up during the preparation of the omelet. In some models the handles are joined by magnets, which guarantee the safety of those who are cooking. Other benefits of the stove omelet are:

  • The non-stick coating prevents the ingredients from sticking together, which facilitates the cleaning of the piece;
  • The pan fitting system provides fast and uniform cooking on both sides of the omelet;
  • The omelette can also be used as a conventional frying pan, just unplug the pots;
  • It can be washed in the dishwasher .

How much?

The prices of omelettes vary according to the model in question. The microwave omelet unit costs about R $ 15, if made of plastic, and R $ 90 for silicone.

The stove omelet can vary from R $ 30 to R $ 120, depending on the brand. And the electric omelet is between R $ 80 and R $ 130.

Where to buy?

You can find the microwave omelet in supermarkets. Another option is to buy the product over the internet. In addition to being more practical, you will find a wide variety of models and brands. Our suggestion is that you take a look at Amazon, because there you can find omelettes of all kinds.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare the different models of the omelet

Before purchasing a omelet, it is important to assess which model corresponds to your needs and preferences. You should also look at some features that make all the difference when it comes to cooking.

Each type of omelette deserves attention in some criteria. So, now that you know each type and know its advantages, let’s show you what to consider in each model:

  • Cooker omelet
  • Electric Omelet
  • Microwave omelet

Check now in detail what to consider before making your decision!

Cooker omelet

If you have decided to give the stove omelet a try, know that it is important to analyze some characteristics of the product before finalizing the purchase. Starting with the color of the piece, which can be gray, black, cherry red, copper or turquoise blue.

Also evaluate the shape of the piece, which can be round or square (it is more difficult to find options in this format). You also need to analyze the diameter , the options are: 14, 18, 20, 22, 24 or 31 cm.

Also check the compatibility of the omelet with different types of stoves and cooktops : gas, electric and glass ceramic.

The most important evaluation of this product refers to the type of coating (teflon), there are two options: Starflon or Pro-Flon.

  • Starflon : It has a greater non-stick capacity, resistance to abrasion, ease of cleaning, durability above average and is free of PFOA, a toxic substance used in the manufacture of teflon.
  • Pro-Flon : It consists of five layers of teflon, eliminates the use of oil or other sources of fat, does not stick to food, is easier to wash and is also free of PFOA.

Electric Omelet

If your choice is an electric omelet, check that the appliance has automatic temperature control , as this feature distributes the heat evenly on the plates and prevents the food from burning.

It is also worth investing in a model with operating indicator lights , the green light indicates that the omelet is being prepared, and the red light that the food is ready.

To avoid burns, look for a model that prevents heat transfer from the inside out. To find out if the omelet unit has this feature, look for the indication bakelite body or isothermal handles .

Other interesting features are safety lock, non-slip base and wire holder on the base.

Microwave omelet

If you prefer to buy a microwave omelet, you will have to decide if you prefer a plastic or silicone model. Each version has its differentials, advantages and disadvantages.

If you prefer the plastic omelet, check if the piece is made with resistant, non-toxic and BPA-free material (bisphenol A is a chemical compound present in some plastic pieces).


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