Top & Best Mondial electric cooker Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Mondial electric cooker: Check out the best 2022 models

The electric pan is like an extra helper in the kitchen. Whether to expand the number of stove burners or to solve the problem when the gas runs out, it is a real gem of modern life. Today we will explain everything about the Mondial electric cooker.

What can be cooked in such a pan? What is the energy consumption? You will find the answers to these questions throughout this guide. Stay with us and learn everything you need to make the best choice

First, the most important

  • Mondial is a brand that focuses on quality products at lower prices. With less than R $ 200 it is possible to buy a great electric cooker.
  • The handle of the Mondial electric pan is removable, so it can be taken straight to the table, keeping the food warm.
  • Washing an electric pan requires some care, but it is simpler than you might think.

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The best Mondial electric cookware: Our recommendations

Below you will find a selection with the best models of Mondial electric cooker. The brand has few options, but they offer different features, check out:

  • The Mondial electric cooker with temperature control
  • Best cost-benefit
  • Electric grill pan with removable grill
  • Model with exclusive seal

Buying Guide

The Mondial electric cooker is very practical, just plug it in, select the temperature and put the food inside. Without the use of gas, it also generates savings and is very easy to clean.

The 100% national brand is a reference in the market and has affordable prices for every type of budget. Want to know more? Continue with us in this Buying Guide.

What can be cooked in a Mondial electric pan?

If you think that an electric pan limits your recipes, you couldn’t be more wrong. It is possible to cook the most diverse dishes in this type of pan.

Delicious risottos, plain rice, pasta of any kind – with sauce or garlic and oil -, varied vegetables, all types of grilled or stewed meat, sauteed foods, scrambled eggs and even pizza. It all depends on your imagination.

In some deeper models, even soups or lasagna can be prepared. A Mondial electric cooker adds up – and a lot – to everyday life and to preparing many types of food.

The great tip is that it is ideal for those recipes that use a single pan for preparation. So you optimize your time and do not make the biggest mess in the kitchen.

In addition, it is worth noting that it is not just for cooking, it is possible to heat previously cooked foods

What are the advantages of the Mondial electric cooker?

So far it may be that you yourself have already completed the most varied advantages of a Mondial electric cooker. Anyway, we make a point of selecting all the positive points of investing in this utensil for your kitchen and counting on an extra helper when preparing your recipes.

The first and biggest advantage of it is that it works on energy. So, even if you run out of gas at home, you can prepare something for your meal. Still in this sense, it generates gas savings monthly if used frequently.

Another positive point that deserves to be highlighted is that they have non-stick coating, and do not need oil or butter to prepare food. This makes you eat healthier, avoiding the consumption of fats.


The limit for this pot is just your creativity in the kitchen.

They grill, bake, cook, toast, brown and heat the most varied foods. Based on this principle, you can already conclude that the limit for this pot is only on your creativity in the kitchen.

After preparing the food, simply disconnect the power cord and bring the pan to the table. So you leave the recipe warm and still have a beautiful utensil to further embellish your table.

Using the Mondial electric pan you end up making less mess and dirt in the kitchen. Just because your stove does not get dirty, post-meal cleaning becomes faster. And cleaning the pan itself is very simple, we’ll talk more about that in another section below.

Check out a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of using a Mondial electric cooker:

Mondial electric cooker with or without grill?

Mondial has two electric cooker models, one simple and the other that works especially as a grill, but also prepares several recipes. Each category has two models, adding up to four options to choose from.

All of them are very versatile and prepare the most varied recipes. Even with the grill you can bake pizzas and make risottos. They have more similarities than differences, however, some features make each model special.

In general, the biggest difference between grill pans is in the removable grill.

Regarding the similarities, they all have a transparent cover, removable power cable, temperature selector and non-stick coating.

In the table below you can better compare the characteristics of each model.

How to clean a Mondial electric cooker?

Here we need to divide the pans into two categories, those that have the removable grill and the fixed ones.

Of course, the grill models that have the removable grill end up being even simpler. But the same process can be done with all electric cookware, as they require certain care because they cannot be washed under the tap because they contain electrical parts. See the step by step:

  1. Unplug the Mondial electric cooker from the outlet ;
  2. With the pan still hot, remove all excess dirt with the yellow part of a sponge moistened with water and mild soap, taking care not to burn yourself;
  3. Then wash the sponge thoroughly and wipe the non-stick coating with mild soap again, rubbing the dirtiest parts lightly;
  4. Remove the little foam formed little by little , this process can be done with the sponge itself by washing it and passing it inside the pan a few times until everything is removed, or also with a multipurpose washcloth;
  5. Pass a paper towel to dry the inside of the pan . If it comes out clean, the cleaning process is finished. If you notice that there are still traces of dirt or grease, just wipe with a paper towel moistened with alcohol;
  6. Now wipe the outside with a damp cloth , wash the lid under running water and you’re done. Dry all parts and store your Mondial crockpot for next use.



Mondial has service in all states, in a technical assistance network with more than 1400 service stations.


What is the energy consumption of a Mondial electric cooker?

Mondial’s pans consume between 1200 and 1270 kilowatts per hour, this is related to the pot’s power. Because of the speed in preparing food, they can be more economical than cooking on the gas stove.

This is also because the electric cooker is used individually, and on the stove we usually connect several burners at the same time.

Even so, it is worth rethinking the frequency of use. Electricity is still more expensive than cooking gas. If used frequently it can end up being more expensive monthly.

Still, it is very worthwhile to have an electric pan, since it is rarely used exclusively in a home. Therefore, it should not be a cause for concern.

Purchase Criteria: How to choose the best Mondial electric cooker for you

Eager to start preparing your recipes in an electric pan? Wait just a little while longer as we are finalizing this Buying Guide with the criteria that you must analyze before making your decision. Check out:

  • Wattage
  • Temperature control
  • Measures and capacity
  • Format

Check out each topic in detail and make the right choice for your home and family.


You could see that Mondial manufactures electric cookers with only two variations in power. Three models have 1200W and only one 1270W. Still, it is a small variation.

The pot with more power ends up being faster in preparation, but it also consumes more energy. Even if the difference is small, consider what your home needs.

Temperature control

There are two forms of temperature control in Mondial’s electric cookers. In three models the selector goes from minimum to maximum and you can laugh by decreasing or increasing according to the need for cooking.

They all turn off automatically when they reach a certain temperature to avoid burning the food.

Another selector present in only one model is more specific, being possible to choose the exact temperature from 90 to 190ºC. This pan is best for those who need to know the exact temperature of some recipes. They all turn off automatically when they reach a certain temperature to avoid burning the food.

Measures and capacity

How big is your family? Some models are 30 or 40 centimeters in diameter and this difference is directly related to the amount of food you prepare for your family.

Also note that some pans are shallower and others a little deeper. This is important for the types of recipes you want to prepare. If you usually make more pasta with sauce, or soups, opt for deeper pans. If grilling meat is your priority, choose grill models.


You could see that the Mondial electric cooker can be round or square. Although this criterion is of little relevance, it is important to reflect on your revenues here as well.

If you also want to bake pizza in your pan, choose the round one. If you want to prepare a delicious lasagna, perhaps the square one is more suitable. But don’t worry, for many other dishes like soup and risotto, both are recommended.


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