Top & Best Retractable cup Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Retractable cup: How to choose the best model in 2022

Whoever values ​​conscious consumption or just wants to save money, should bet on a retractable glass, an item for individual use, reusable, easy to sanitize and that was developed to be used inside or outside the home.

The reusable cup is made of silicone and has a folding design, that is, it can be folded and stored in the pants pocket, purse or even in the backpack. To learn more about this novelty, read on.

First, the most important

  • The reusable cup generates a significant environmental impact, as it is an agent of behavior change. When a person starts using a returnable cup, he / she develops awareness about the production of waste and the use of non-renewable resources.
  • In a retractable glass, you can place both hot and cold drinks – the glass can withstand temperatures ranging from -50ºC to 120ºC. You can also use the container to store fruits and other foods.
  • This accessory is ideal for everyday use, whether at school, college or work. It can also be used on hikes, trails, camps, trips, concerts and sporting events.
  • The retractable cup must be made of food grade silicone, free of BPA, phthalates and chemical compounds. Coloring should be done from natural pigments, not dyes.

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The best retractable cups: Our buying suggestions

Thinking about purchasing a reusable glass for yourself or as a gift for a friend? Excellent idea, as the product is extremely practical, functional and decorative – you find models with minimalist to modern design. We selected some purchase options below:

  • The retractable cup with greater capacity
  • A versatile retractable cup
  • The best gift option

Buying Guide

Have you heard about the retractable cup? This item is gaining more and more popularity among people who want to reduce their consumption of plastic. After all, the folding cup can be reused countless times.

If you found the novelty interesting, but still not sure if it is worth buying a retractable glass, continue reading this Buying Guide, as we have gathered all the information related to the subject.

What is a retractable cup?

The retractable glass is a reusable item that serves to consume drinks inside or outside the home. The piece is made of silicone, free of BPA, phthalates and heavy metals that are harmful to the body.

This material is very resistant to temperature variation, that is, you can consume hot or cold drinks without worry. In addition, you can place it in the microwave, freezer or dishwasher without worrying about the integrity of the retractable cup.

The retractable cup has an accordion shape, that is, when not in use, just press it lightly to close it. The compact format allows the silicone cup to be carried in a pocket, purse or backpack and used whenever drinking something.



Did you know that using a retractable cup will save you about 1825 disposable cups a year? To achieve this result, we estimate that a person uses a disposable cup five times a day, five days a week. On weekends, this person continues to use disposable cups when he goes to a restaurant, bar, snack bar or cinema.


What are the advantages of buying a retractable glass?

Are you thinking about buying a retractable glass, but would like to know the advantages of the accessory before buying it? Know the main positive aspects of this piece:

It’s a healthy alternative

You know that coffee you drink in a plastic cup when you arrive at the office or after lunch? The habit can be very harmful, not because of the drink, but because of the container.

The disposable cup contains a substance called styrene that is released when it comes into contact with hot drinks and absorbed by the body. This substance is related to the appearance of numerous cancers.


Silicone is free of chemical compounds.

The retractable cup, in turn, is made of silicone, a material free of chemical and toxic compounds that does not cause damage to health when in contact with hot drinks.

Decreases plastic consumption

One of the main benefits of using the reusable cup is the possibility of reducing the consumption of plastic. According to a survey conducted by the  Association of Public Cleaning, approximately 720 million disposable cups are consumed daily.

And although plastic is a recyclable material, a large volume of cups is sent to landfills, as recycling cooperatives pay only R $ 0.20 per kilo of disposable cup (about 250 units).

Thus, plastic is one of the least recycled waste in the world and its decomposition can take about 400 years. Therefore, adopt the reusable cup and reduce the production of waste.

By replacing the disposable cup with the retractable cup at least once a day, you will no longer consume 365 plastic cups in one year.

Decreases water waste

When a disposable cup is recycled an absurd amount of water is used – approximately 500ml per cup. When using a retractable silicone cup, you spend little water to wash it.

Most economical option

Another benefit of purchasing a retractable glass is financial savings. When you buy and use a glass of these daily, you will no longer need to buy a bottle of water on the street and you will save a lot.

Some places also offer discounted drinks when you use a returnable glass. It’s worth researching!

Stylish option

In addition to bringing numerous benefits to the environment, the retractable cup is very stylish. By using the silicone cup, you demonstrate that you care about the environment, value conscious consumption and follow trends.

As there are options of different sizes and colors, you will find models for children, teenagers, young people and adults who can use it on all occasions of everyday life.
Find out more advantages of buying a reusable cup in the table below:

Is it hygienic to use a retractable cup?

A lot of people must be wondering if it is safe and hygienic to use a reusable cup. The answer is yes, after all, the cup is for individual use, easy to sanitize (can even be boiled) and to store.

In addition, silicone is a material with a low adhesion of flavors and odors – it may eventually have a little smell depending on the drink stored and the time the glass is left without washing.

To prevent the smell from permeating, we suggest that you pass water right after using it. Then just clean the glass at home, with liquid soap and loofah.

Why should I refuse a disposable cup?

By refusing a disposable cup, you avoid the disposal of plastic, reduce the emission of greenhouse gases that cause climate change, acquire ecological awareness and influence the people around you to change their consumption habits.

You can adhere to other returnable items like wooden cutlery, stainless steel straw and paper napkin. But know that there are ecologically correct items:

Purchasing criteria: Find the best retractable cup of the moment

Those who are adept at zero waste have a set of items used to avoid the use of disposables. This kit includes a bottle, set of cutlery, food jar, cloth napkin, reusable straw, an eco bag and a retractable glass.

If you choose to assemble your own zero waste set, check out some tips on how to choose a reusable cup below:

  • Material
  • Cup capacity
  • Hue
  • Accessories

We will detail each of these criteria throughout this section. Leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions.


You find the retractable cup in stainless steel or silicone. Stainless steel is the most recyclable material in the world, however, the capacity of a retractable silicone cup is lower and the piece is not stable, that is, it can close suddenly, causing the drink to spill and possible burns if the drink is hot.

The most suitable material is silicone.

The most suitable material is silicone, as it is resistant to temperature variations, has low adhesion of odors and flavors from food and drinks, is durable and does not harm your health. It is important to make sure that the cup is made of food-grade silicone, free of BPA, non-toxic and odorless.

That is, the material is biocompatible, so it does not cause allergic reactions in people. In addition, the material must be inert to the environment, so there is no risk of releasing any harmful substance to people or animals, coming into contact with air, water or soil.

It is very important that you look for a retractable cup with a sturdy seal, stability ring and thicker bottom. The rim and lid of the cup must be made of polypropylene, as this rigid and durable material offers greater stability and safety to the reusable cup.

These parts must be independent to facilitate the washing process and subsequent recycling of the product. When the pieces are joined, recycling is much more difficult and practically unviable (economically speaking).

Cup capacity

Another feature that you must take into account when purchasing is the capacity of the reusable cup. You can find options in silicone with 150ml, 200ml, 250ml, 350ml or 550ml. Some retractable cup models are adjustable in two or three size options.

Stainless steel models have lower capacity. You can find options with 150ml or 250ml only.


Although it is a purely aesthetic factor, take a few minutes to evaluate the color options available for the retractable cup. There are several shades: Pink, yellow, orange, red, lilac, purple, blue, gray and black.

More important than that is to buy a colored retractable glass with pigment – not paint – free of toxic substances and heavy metals – intended for food grade use.



At the time of purchase, note which accessories accompany the retractable cup. Some models have a strap or key chain that makes it easy to transport the accessory. Others have a “cup glove” (a kind of band around the piece) that protects the hands from the heat of the cup.


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