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Top & Best Garlic press Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Garlic press: How to choose the best model in 2022?

Hello, welcome to If you are looking for a helping hand in choosing the best garlic press model to equip your kitchen, this article is for you. Freshly squeezed garlic makes all the difference in a recipe.

Basic but very efficient utensil, the garlic press is essential for those who want practicality and ease in the preparations that take garlic. Capable of squeezing small amounts of the spice at a time, the juicer is ideal for extracting the maximum flavor from the ingredient so appreciated in Brazilian cuisine.

Follow us on this reading and check out the best options of the product, in addition to the features you must pay attention to to make the best choice for your home.

First, the most important

  • The ideal material and model of the garlic press should be defined based on the user profile. The choice will be a determining factor for the durability and efficiency of the product.
  • More sophisticated juicers can add other features, which is an advantage for those who want to avoid excess utensils in their kitchen.
  • Easy to be found, the garlic press is available from R $ 10 on the most basic models. More sophisticated models, with extra features and accessories can cost hundreds of dollars.

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Best garlic presses: Our favorites

The garlic press is practical, fast and effective, and can have several uses for the cook. To guarantee all the benefits that this product can offer, the right choice is essential. Then, check out our list of the best juicer models:

  • Helix Juicer – Joseph & Joseph
  • Aluminum Garlic Press – Susi Zyliss
  • Garlic Press – Prana


Buying Guide

Some processes take up a lot of time in the kitchen. Peeling the garlic and chopping with the knife can take a long time for amateur cooks.

The garlic press speeds up this process, bringing convenience to the kitchen. Continue with us to learn everything about this indispensable tool.

Is the garlic press necessary?

Garlic is a spice very much appreciated by the taste of Brazilians. There are several options for garlic already processed, in paste, etc. However, fresh garlic, freshly squeezed or chopped gives the dishes much more flavor.

But handling the fresh seasoning can be boring for those who cook. The smell of garlic is strong and difficult to get out of hand, which is uncomfortable for many people.

The garlic press is a tool that squeezes or kneads the spice quickly, conveniently, requiring minimal contact between the seasoning and the cook’s hands.

The garlic press is an excellent alternative, for example, to the traditional pestle, popularly known as garlic punch.

In addition to making less volume than the punch in your closet or drawer, the juicer is more practical and does not require the use of salt or other ingredients to facilitate the processing of garlic, as is the case with the punch, where it is common for garlic to “slip”.

Garlic can be squeezed directly into the pan or recipe preparation container, generating less dirty dishes. Many models can be used with unpeeled garlic, making kitchen routines easier.

If you prefer to work with peeled garlic, check out this tip from the World Manual to peel garlic in 20 seconds:

Usually made of plastic, aluminum, stainless steel or a mixture of some of these materials, they can add more than one function, in addition to squeezing garlic.

With small dimensions, the utensil can accumulate a lot of residues, which is why some models include special cleaning accessories.

What is the ideal material for a garlic press?

As we have already mentioned, the choice of the garlic press model must be made based on the needs and the profile of the people who will use the product.

The type of material and the model of the juicer will directly influence the durability of the product and its performance. The most common materials in garlic presses are plastic, stainless steel and aluminum.

It is important to pay attention to the lever system of your garlic press. Some more basic models, usually aluminum, have a very rustic lever, which ends up requiring enough force to squeeze the garlic.

The most modern ones, usually made of stainless steel, have levers and holes designed to provide operation with less effort, being ideal for those who do not have much strength in their hands or simply want something more practical.

Also, check the possibilities for cleaning your juicer. Some models are fully removable, which makes washing easier. If the model is one-piece, check if it comes with accessories to assist in removing waste.

Models with a mix of materials also inspire attention. If the juicer has plastic parts, check if they will have direct contact with the garlic, as the material is more likely to get smell and taste.

The plastic handle also deserves attention, as excess force may cause breakage.

If you are going to use your garlic press to also squeeze ginger or pepper, for example, buy one made of material that does not smell or taste, because garlic has a very strong odor and taste.

If you usually use dishwashers, check the manufacturer’s specifications for the chosen product. Some materials are not suitable for washing machines.

One-piece squeezers can be left with residue after washing in the dishwasher, requiring more careful manual cleaning before or after the process in the machine.

How much?

The price of the garlic press varies widely according to model, brand, material and product details. It is possible to find basic models very affordable, starting at R $ 10.

More sophisticated models, of famous brands, with special materials and more than one function can cost up to R $ 200. After choosing the desired model, use price comparison sites to choose the best offer. The price of the same product can vary widely from one store to another.

Where to buy?

You can buy your garlic press in physical stores that sell household items.

It is also possible to purchase online, taking advantage of the convenience of e-commerce sites such as Amazon.

Buying online you are more likely to find exactly that model that you wanted so much. In addition to receiving the product at home.

Purchasing criteria: Factors for qualifying garlic press models

The ideal garlic press is not necessarily the best model available on the market, but the one that best suits your needs.

Based on the tips we have already given to identify the ideal product for you, here is another list of factors to consider to make the best product choice:

  • Material
  • Model
  • Functionalities
  • Maintenance

Below, check in detail the importance of observing these aspects.


As already mentioned, the material of your garlic press is one of the most important characteristics, being a determining factor in the durability and effectiveness of the juicer.

Choose according to your needs, as well as the type of material you use at home. Thus, the same care given to other utensils will be necessary for your juicer.

The mix of materials deserves attention. Make sure that the areas receiving the most pressure are not fragile. If you are going to use your juicer for other ingredients as well, it should be made of material that does not smell or taste.


The model in this case does not only influence the aesthetics, but also the efficiency of the product. More modern models with different designs tend to be more efficient and easier to use.

Pay attention to the product cable, if it offers comfort and good grip when using. Solid models are more difficult to clean, and can cause waste. The demountable ones, in addition to preventing losses, are much easier to sanitize and store.


Some models add several extra features, such as olive gin, nut cracker, bottle opener, etc. Choose the product according to the necessary uses in your home.

The multipurpose juicer is ideal for those who want to avoid excessive utensils in the drawer or cupboard, investing in just one that performs several functions.

However, extra functions can make the product more expensive. Before making a larger investment in a product with multiple functions, consider the need and whether these extra functions will be used.



For most garlic press models, maintenance basically consists of cleaning. Check the manufacturer’s specifications for instructions for use, special care, washing and storage.

Make sure that all requirements are easy to care for and perform, after all, this is a product for those who seek practicality, not long maintenance and use processes.

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