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Top & Best Kitchen glove Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Kitchen glove: How to choose the best in 2022?

your presence is always good news here! Today we will talk about a very simple item, but one that makes all the difference when it comes to cooking: the kitchen glove.

Although not always remembered, the kitchen glove is a great ally not only when dealing with hot dishes, but in several processes that involve the act of making food.

If you are still a beginner in this cooking story, and are learning to handle your stove, this guide is for you.

In the topics below we will talk about how the kitchen glove can make your life easier at home and help you with some everyday processes. Come on?

First, the most important

  • The main purpose of the kitchen glove is to protect your hands from contact with hot surfaces. It is thermal and allows you to pick up dishes and pans at high temperatures.
  • They are divided into three types: neoprene, silicone and thermal.
  • The price of the kitchen glove varies a lot according to the brand and the material that is made, however, on average, the value is between R $ 25 and R $ 75.

Best kitchen gloves: Our recommendations

Anyone who thinks that kitchen gloves are all the same is very wrong. Despite being a very simple object, there are characteristics that must be noticed when buying a model to call your own.

To help you in this search, we have selected some options of gloves that will surely add when preparing dinner:

Buying Guide

Using the kitchen glove avoids many accidents when preparing food. If you are in the habit of cooking at home, you know how useful it can be.

In the guide below we will explain the utilities of this product and give you all the necessary information for a conscious purchase.

What is the kitchen glove and what are its advantages?

The kitchen glove, also known as the thermal glove, is nothing more than an article that guarantees the cook greater safety when dealing with dishes, pots and pans at high temperatures.

It is a slightly more coarse glove, without the division of the fingers, fully coated with thermal protection, be it in plush, silicone or neoprene.

This article allows the cook to place his hand directly in the oven, or in very hot pots, without risking burning. It has a simplistic design and is very easy to handle.

Despite being a simple item, it is a great ally when preparing meals, as it avoids you having to use dish towels, which in addition to not being thermal, can still end up turning yellow in contact with the heat.

It is important to remember that the kitchen glove protects only your hands, and that in the kitchen every care is necessary, especially when dealing with hot dishes.

Below, we set up a comparative table with its advantages and disadvantages:

What are the main types of kitchen gloves?

The kitchen glove can be manufactured in different materials, however, before making your purchase, it is important to make sure that it has thermal protection.

Below, we will show you what possibilities you find in the market:

Thermal carp glove

This is the traditional thermal glove, best known to all of us. It is made of cotton fabric, with thermal insulation inserted between its layers, which stops the spread of heat and still gives the fluffy effect, you know?

Despite being a little big and even coarse, it can be found in different colors and patterns.

Silicone Glove

The silicone glove is synthetic. It is very soft, thinner and sometimes we do not even believe that it is able to protect from heat, right?

It turns out that silicone is composed of molecules with electrical properties that are highly resistant to high temperatures.

Neoprene glove

You may not know the neoprene glove, but it is also a good ally. It is a type of rubber, also synthetic, well known for being used in the manufacture of diving suits, due to its isothermal property.

Like the others, it also guarantees safety when it comes to contact with hot pots and pans.

How much does a kitchen glove cost?

The prices of thermal gloves may vary slightly. There are those that are cheaper, as well as one of the most expensive, however, they do not have abusive values.

On average, the cost of this product is between R $ 25 and R $ 75, varying according to the brand and the material it is made of.

Where to buy kitchen gloves?

It is not difficult to find good kitchen gloves on the market. You can start your search for specialized home and decor stores.

Some large supermarkets, such as Extra and Carrefour, also offer the product. And of course, there is also the possibility to buy online, on Amazon.

Purchasing criteria: how to compare kitchen gloves

As you already know, a kitchen glove does not pose a lot of difficulties. However, before purchasing any product, it is important that you pay special attention to factors that may be significant at the time of your choice.

  • Material
  • Comfort
  • Coverage and protection
  • Design

Now that you know what points to look for in a thermal glove, let’s explain each one better.


Regarding the materials, you will be able to choose between neoprene, thermal ferrule and silicone. All offer good durability and live up to their promise. The advantage of silicone is that it is very easy to clean if it gets dirty.


It is important that you put your glove in your hand and feel comfortable. It should not be slipping or squeezing. Also note if it has a firm or slippery grip in contact with other objects.

Ideally, you should try on the glove before purchase, and make sure it has good shape for your hand.

Coverage and protection

Some gloves cover only the fingertips and part of the palm. In this case, the chances of burns end up being much higher.

The ideal is that you choose a model that covers the whole hand to the wrist, after all, the goal is to avoid accidents, right?


Although not essential, it is nice that your glove has a nice design, that you like visually and that matches the style of your kitchen.


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