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Top & Best 2L thermos Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best 2L thermos: How to choose the best model in 2022

Everyone likes to have coffee, tea or hot chocolate in the morning or late afternoon, don’t they? Or cool off with a glass of juice or iced tea on a summer afternoon.

To enjoy these cool drinks with an ideal temperature, it is essential to buy a 2L thermos. Thinking about it, we prepared an article with all the information about this tool.


First, the most important

  • The 2L thermos helps to preserve the flavor and temperature of hot or cold drinks. To keep the drink at the correct temperature for longer, it is important that the bottle is full.
  • A 2L thermos can be used at home, office, gym, outings or trips. This model is suitable for groups of people, whether family, friends or co-workers.
  • The thermos can be made of stainless steel or plastic while the inner vial – where the liquid is stored – can be made of glass or stainless steel. Each model has its advantages and disadvantages, find out which ones are in this article.

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The best 2L thermoses: Our recommendations

In order to know the best thermoses with 2L of capacity in the market, you should check the ranking of best products listed below. You can find models with different shapes, materials and shades. Buy your favorite using the description link.

  • The best rated 2L thermos
  • The most sophisticated thermos on the market
  • A fun-designed thermos
  • The most efficient 2L thermos

Buying Guide

Who doesn’t like a cool drink at the right temperature as if it had been prepared at that moment? To avoid having to prepare coffee, tea, chocolate or juice several times a day, you need to buy a 2L thermos.

With that in mind, we have prepared a Buying Guide with information and tips that will help you buy your 2L thermos without complications. To learn more, read on

Why should I buy a 2L thermos?

The thermos is used to preserve the properties, flavor and temperature of hot or cold drinks through an intelligent sealing system.

The utensil is a great help in the routine of a home, study and work environment – especially for professionals who need to carry their drinks as farmers, drivers, security guards and others. It can also be very useful during tours or trips.

However, the different models of thermos have different characteristics such as material, capacity, pumping system and others that make these models suitable for certain purposes of use.

Want to know if a 2L thermos is worth buying? Check the table of advantages and disadvantages of this model:

How many people does the 2L thermos serve?

When we consider the size of a cup of coffee or tea – 250ml – we find that a 2L thermos serves about eight servings. To serve glasses of juice (300ml), you can serve about six servings.

In other words, we can consider using a 2L thermos for a larger group of people. You can share that coffee, chocolate or warm tea or even a cold juice with your family or friends.

But it is important to mention that when using a thermos, you should add a little hot or cold water – it depends on the temperature of the drink – and wait a few minutes to change the temperature of the ampoule.

In the case of hot drinks, you must fill the bottle completely, this will make the drink remain hot for a longer time, because whenever the bottle is opened, the hot air goes out and the cold goes in, therefore, the less drink in the bottle , the more cold air will enter and the faster the drink will cool.

What is the best 2L thermos model?

When purchasing a 2L thermos, you must decide whether you need a thermos with a screw or pressure cap. We will detail the characteristics of each model throughout this section.

The screw-on thermos seal better, so it keeps the temperature longer. However, this model is not so practical and quick to serve, as the bottle needs to be opened and turned when placing the drink inside the cup or cup.

In addition, cheaper models may have a drip problem. This defect means that the coffee area is always dirty.

The pressure thermos is the ideal model for those who prioritize practicality and agility to serve drinks. No skill or time is required to serve, just press the button and the drink will be in the cup.

If you can invest a little more and prioritize practicality when serving the drink, we recommend that you choose a 2L thermos with a pressure system.

How to store the 2L thermos?

To prolong the life of the 2L thermos, it is important to maintain a series of precautions with this object.

First, before placing any hot drink, scald the thermos with boiling water to stabilize the temperature inside the vial, preventing cold air from remaining inside the bottle when you place the drink.

If you want to add a cold drink, you should cool the ampoule of the thermos with cold water.

To sanitize the thermos, wait until the bottle is at room temperature. Then use warm water on the inside without adding detergent – liquid soap can taste.

To wash the outside of the bottle, use the loofah on the soft side with a little detergent. By maintaining this care, you leave the bottle free of bacteria and bad odors.

And in order not to leave the 2L thermos with a smell, it is important to let it dry naturally, with the lid open, and keep it that way until the moment you decide to use it again.

The sealing rubber must be washed frequently. When damaged or punctured, it must be replaced with a new part. Remember that a new, good quality rubber prevents leaks.

Another tip in this regard is to load the thermos in a vertical position to prevent leaks. Be careful not to burn yourself, when transporting the bottle, do not rest it on any part of the body, use the carrying handle.

Purchasing criteria: How to find the best 2L thermos

Many people are in doubt when buying a 2L thermos, as it is necessary to analyze some characteristics of the product to find a model that meets the needs.

The main features that change from one model to another are listed and detailed below:

  • Capacity
  • Thermal conservation time
  • Pressure cap or thread
  • Bottle and ampoule material

Analyzing all of these characteristics will help you make a good buying decision. Any questions, leave a comment.


The thermos can be small, medium or large, with a capacity ranging from 500ml to 2L. To choose the ideal model, consider the usefulness of the bottle and the number of people to be served.

We recommend the 2L thermos for those who want to serve coffee, tea or hot chocolate to more people.

Remember that the greater the capacity of the thermos, the heavier the utensil will be. Therefore, take this into account when purchasing and prioritize practicality in everyday life.

Thermal conservation time

When choosing a 2L thermos, it is important to evaluate the thermal conservation time of the piece. Some bottles keep the temperature of the drink for 4, 6, 12 or even 24 hours.

Thermal conservation is different for hot or cold drinks.

That is, the thermal conservation time changes a lot from one product to the other. In addition, most models have a different shelf life for hot and cold drinks.

The ideal is that you choose a bottle that has thermal preservation capacity that meets your needs, so you will feel quite satisfied with the purchase.

Pressure cap or thread

As mentioned earlier, you find the 2L thermos with a pressure or screw cap. The purchase of a thermos with a pressure cap is recommended for environments with high circulation of people, such as offices and schools.

The screw cap thermos is perfect for home use. As this model has a more precise seal, the temperature remains unchanged at any time of the day.

Bottle and ampoule material

You find the 2L thermos with glass or stainless steel ampoule – inside of the bottle. The glass ampoule has more efficient thermal insulation, therefore, it maintains the temperature of the drink for a long time.

However, glass ampoule models are more fragile, so be careful not to drop the bottle and break it. We do not recommend buying this appliance if you have a child or pet at home.

The thermos with a stainless steel ampoule has greater lightness, resistance and practicality. You can handle and transport the utensil without fear, as it is quite resistant.

The outer part of the 2L thermos can be made of stainless steel with a brushed or varnished finish, or colored or printed plastic. The material of the bottle directly influences the price of the piece.


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