Top & Best Sushi kit Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Sushi kit: How to choose the best in 2022?

If you have already surrendered to the delights of Japanese cuisine, you will be interested in today’s topic, as we will talk about the sushi kit.

Very complex for some, very simplistic for others, the sushi kit exudes elegance. It is the main tool during a Japanese meal, being made up of parts necessary for the consumption of food.

Although not everyone gets along right away with the sushi kit, it is actually quite practical and essential for an oriental dinner or lunch. It is an article that has been gaining more and more space in Brazilian kitchens.

If you still don’t know the advantages of this product very well, check out our guide that you will not lack information.

First, the most important

  • The sushi kit consists of a set of tools that are nothing more than the cutlery and plates needed to eat the most different types of sushi.
  • The most basic version of the sushi kits consist of chopsticks and shoyu holder, however, there are those that accompany dishes, mats and chopstick rests.
  • They are usually sold in pairs, that is, to serve two people.

Best sushi kits: Our favorites

  • Complete and functional sushi kit
  • Special sushi kit for two
  • Sushi kit with excellent cost benefit

Buying Guide

Japanese food is increasingly popular not only in restaurants, but also at home dinners.

Receiving friends with an oriental table is sophisticated, pleasant and very tasty, but for that, you will need your own sushi kit.

What is a sushi kit?

Just as in Brazil we have our own cutlery for food, people in Japan (and other eastern countries) have theirs. In this case, we know them as a sushi kit, a set of pieces used for the consumption of Japanese food.

The kit consists of everything that is essential to eat the most different types of sushi, such as chopsticks and shoyu holder.

The chopstick is the main item. It is a pair of toothpicks used to pick up the pieces and bring them to the mouth. It must be handled between the thumb, index and ring fingers.

The shoyu holder resembles a small individual deep dish, used to add soy sauce, tarê sauce, or any other sauce of your choice.

Many kits consist of other items, such as the plate, used to present the pieces, and the mat, which must be used in the preparation of the pieces, to roll them up.

It is a super necessary kit for those who have the habit to indulge in oriental cuisine, and although it looks quite different from our habits, it is not so difficult to handle.

What are the advantages of the sushi kit?

The great advantage of the sushi kit is that when you purchase one of these you will have no difficulty tasting Japanese food at home. It is quite complete and offers the necessary tools for an oriental meal.

Traditionally Western cutlery, such as a knife and fork, should not be used in the consumption of Japanese cuisine, as they can end up spoiling the shape of the pieces, making it difficult for you to eat them.

In addition, the sushi kit allows you to taste Chinese and Korean dishes, which also do not dispense with chopsticks and soy sauce. Who doesn’t love to try different types of food?

Sushi kit with or without mat?

The sushi roll mat is a great ally of the sushiman, since it is indispensable for his work.

It is a small mat made of wooden sticks, used to roll pieces of uramaki and makimono, the most well-known and adored in oriental cuisine.

Some kits are quite complete and accompany the famous sushi mat, which allows you to not only eat this type of food at home, but also to prepare it in your own home.

That is, if you know and enjoy making your own sushi, kits with this option are an excellent idea.

Remember that because it is an extra element, it ends up making the price of the product a little more expensive, ok?

How much does a sushi kit cost?

Now that you know all the benefits of a sushi kit, let’s talk about its price. Like most household items aimed at the kitchen, its material and brand influence a lot.

Compared to a Western cutlery kit, the sushi kit will seem a little expensive, since the set is usually sold only to two people.

But, in general, and because it is a very specific product, its price is not so alarming and worth it. The cost varies, on average, between R $ 70 and R $ 180.

Where to buy a sushi kit?

As it is becoming increasingly popular in our country, there are many stores that sell the sushi kit, mostly home and decoration stores.

In larger cities you can find places specially dedicated to oriental cuisine, which sell not only their food, but also sushi kits and other tools used in this type of cuisine.

You can also buy your product in some department stores and over the internet, on Amazon websites. Option is not lacking, right?


Purchase criteria: how to compare sushi kits

Although the sushi kit is a simple item, it is important that you keep an eye on all the details before buying yours. Below, we list some factors that should be considered:

  • Material
  • Kit elements
  • How many people serve?
  • Design

Now, let’s explain each one a little better.


Sushi kits can be made from different materials, and that makes all the difference. Opt for models that are sturdy, durable and have chopsticks that do not chip.

Regarding the chopsticks themselves, the best ones are made of bamboo or wood, and when it comes to the shoyu door, pottery and wood are good choices.

Kits made entirely of plastic are very fragile and do not always have good durability.

Kit elements

How many elements do you think are needed in your kit? In addition to the shoyu holder and chopsticks – which are essential – you will also find more complete options, with plates, mats and chopstick rests.

The more complete, the more interesting the experience, but also the more expensive the total set.

How many people serve?

The vast majority of these products are sold in pairs, that is, to serve two people. However, despite this, there are options for groups of four or six.

If you are looking for sushi kits for a wider range of people, it is worth looking at sets for larger groups in order to compare prices.


As we said, sushi kits are charming, elegant and embellish a dining table. To ensure that the moment is perfect, it is worth opting for a kit with interesting design, that draws your attention and matches the style of your home.


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