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Top & Best Fruit bowl Review 2022– How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Fruit bowl: What is best for your kitchen in 2022?

Today we are going to talk about the fruit bowl, timeless articles that can do much more than just store fruit in an organized way.

This domestic utensil, so common in kitchens, is much more interesting than it looks. In addition to being responsible for the storage of fruit, it can also be used as decoration, if it is well chosen.

Next, we will point out all the advantages that fruit trees have to offer you, and indicate good models to help you organize and decorate your home.

First, the most important

  • Fruit trees are great kitchen organizers. They store fruits and vegetables in different compartments, in order to make them visible and easily found.
  • The two main types of fruit trees are cart and table. Both are interesting, but the table fruit has a more decorative function, while the more organizational cart. One of the advantages of the table fruit bowl is that it can be placed in the dining room.
  • As fruit trees are very common items in  homes, it is very easy to find them with great variety in the market. Decoration and appliance stores always have good options to offer.

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Best fruit trees: Our favorites

Want to leave your fruits exposed and organized? Fruit trees have this function. And if you’re looking for one for your home, you’ve come to the right place. We select the best ones so that you have excellent options to choose from.

  • Chrome fruit trolley – Future
  • Mountable fruit cart – Tramontina
  • Crystal fruit bowl Gevena – Wolff
  • Round fruit bowl – Duler

Buying Guide

Many people store fruits in the refrigerator, but end up forgetting to eat because they are hidden. The fruit trees always leave the fruits exposed and airy. Want to choose a model to use the kitchen?

Come with us and we will bring you all the information you need to choose a fruit bowl today.

What is a fruit bowl and what are its main advantages?

It is very difficult to maintain a healthy diet without having items that contribute to this at home, right? Getting used to always having meals outside the home may seem very practical, but temptations are not always easy to resist.

An interesting way to strengthen ties with fruits and vegetables is to create the habit of consuming them at home, always leaving them within reach of your eyes (and your mouth).

And that’s where a super practical and versatile household item comes in: the fruit bowl. This utensil may seem a little expendable, but it is a good ally when it comes to keeping an organized kitchen and food in good condition.

Currently, some fruit trees are so beautiful that they can be used as decorative items, bringing more elegance and sophistication to your home.

These items match almost all kitchens, and offer good value for money. In addition, most of them are super easy to move around and do not usually take up much space.

Keeping fruits and vegetables visible and organized is a good way to start creating healthy habits, and taking the first step towards a lighter diet.

Although not essential in the kitchen, having a good fruit bowl will help you keep some food in order in space. However, if you have no plans to spend extra with this type of utensil, you can think of other options to keep your fruits well preserved.

Product variables: Cart or table fruit bowls?

That fruit trees are of great help in organizing the kitchen, we already know, but here we will discuss and point out the differences between the two main types of this classic household utensil.

The most common type of fruit bowl to be found is the cart. It is the most practical, as it has wheels and is very easy to transport.

These types of fruit trees are also the ones that fit more fruits and vegetables, as they have a greater number of compartments. They were designed to be housed only in the kitchen, as a support item when preparing recipes.

Despite being super versatile and useful, they are not used as a decorative item, unlike table fruit.

able fruit trees can be found both in the dining room and in the kitchen. They are usually placed on tables or other surfaces.

The main advantage of this type of fruit bowl is that you will find really beautiful models to buy. Some made of glass, crystal, stainless steel, porcelain and even wood.

On the other hand, the main disadvantage is that, despite their beauty, these fruit trees are well compacted, and do not support many fruits. Another issue is that if they are housed in the dining room, you probably will not be using them for storing vegetables.

Both types are interesting choices for your home, but it is interesting that you evaluate the real reason for buying a fruit tree, whether it is in fact by organization or if it is for decorative reasons.

How much?

Talking about values, regardless of the item, can vary a lot because it is usually directly linked to the brands and the different models. In the case of fruit trees, the good news is that prices are very affordable.

A quality fruit basket with a price varies between R $ 150 and R $ 250. If you are interested, there are fruit bowls of this type that are cheaper than that, however they are made of more fragile materials and are the least recommended in questions of benefits.

Regarding table fruit bowls, it will also depend a lot on the material that they are made of. Glass, wood and stainless steel fruit bowls, for example, should not exceed R $ 60. The most sophisticated models, made of porcelain and crystal, cost between R $ 100 and R $ 200.

As we always like to emphasize, it is common to find a wide variety of prices in almost every type of home item. The value issue is very personal and you always analyze what offers you quality and fits in your pocket.

Where to buy?

Finding fruit trees for purchase is a very easy task, as this is a very traditional product in, so it is very well accepted by consumers.

In general, if you intend to buy such a utensil, you should go to decoration stores or appliance stores. On the internet, it is also easy to find a good variety of fruit trees.

Regarding the decoration stores, we can mention some that are well known,  Smaller and lesser-known decorating stores are also likely to sell the product.

If you prefer to make your purchase at home appliance stores, we can recommend Magazine.

Now, if you prefer to shop in the comfort of the internet, you have the option of entering the online version of all these stores that we have already mentioned, in addition to Amazon.

Still, on the internet, you have the option to buy your fruit bowl at Mercado Livre, which may be a new product advertised by a store, or a semi-new product, announced by someone who wants to resell it for a lower price.

Regarding resellers, we always remember that it is good to pay attention to all the details so that you do not pay for an item that is not in good condition.

Did you know that they have already invented a fruit bowl that warns you when fruits and vegetables are about to spoil? The innovation is the result of the work of designer Jagjit Chodha, who created the smart fruit bowl with the aim of reducing food waste. The household article has a sensor that monitors the levels of chemical substances released by the fruits during their ripening. When the system captures a large increase in these substances, lights come on, suggesting that the food should be consumed as soon as possible.



Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare the different models of fruit trees

Although fruit trees are not very complex articles, we selected some factors that can make a difference to your personal need:

  • Material
  • Capacity
  • Space
  • Design

Below, we will explain a little more about each one, so that you have no doubt when choosing a quality fruit bowl for your home.


Like most kitchen items, the material of a fruit bowl says a lot about it and is probably its most important factor.

At the time of purchase, analyze very well what it is made of, as there are several options of fragile and not very durable fruit on the market. In summary, the variety is quite large, and you can find fruit bowls made of stainless steel, wood, plastic, carbon steel, glass, porcelain and even crystal.

If you are going to buy a cart fruit bowl, we recommend that you prioritize those that are produced using stainless steel and carbon steel, as they are the most durable and resistant to impacts and rust.

Some cart models are made of wood, and this is also a cool option, especially if you want to give your kitchen a more stripped look.

Regarding table fruit bowls, the glass and wood options are great and usually offer a good price. Crystal and porcelain are more expensive, but they are usually the most elegant.

This model of fruit bowl can break more easily, they are made of materials that break easily. This is something you should consider. We do not recommend plastic fruit bowls, as they are very fragile and do not usually bear the weight of fruits and vegetables for a long time.


There is no quantity that defines the exact capacity of a fruit bowl, however, they have different sizes and it is up to you to decide which of the models is ideal to meet your domestic needs.

As we already know, the biggest ones are the fruit baskets. They usually have at least 3 large compartments, where you can put lots of fruits and vegetables.

If you have the habit of cooking at home every day, and if your family has healthy habits, it is recommended that you give priority to such a model.

But, if you are looking for a small model, where you can put only a few fruits, we recommend you to buy table fruit, as they are smaller and more delicate.

Some people have both models at home, and the cart is in the kitchen with the fruits and vegetables used for cooking, and the smaller fruit bowl is in the dining room, as a decoration object and with fruits to eat throughout the day, as a snack.

As we already said, these are very personal issues, and it is worth evaluating calmly to decide what the perfect size should be the fruit bowl of your home.


Before buying your dream fruit bowl, know how much space you have available. There are large and small options for this utensil, and it is possible to place it in different places in a house, if there is planning.

If you have little space in your kitchen, prioritize fruit bowls that you can put on top of surfaces, or even options that are fixed on the wall, so you don’t have to move your furniture and appliances.

But, if you have plenty of room to accommodate this item, don’t be afraid to buy a floor option, which will fill an empty space well and will be very useful to you.


And finally, a very convenient issue when it comes to fruit: design. As we already talked about here, some fruit trees are really beautiful and can be used in a decorative way.

Usually, these models were made to be left in the center of tables, or on counters where they can be seen more easily. Of course, the issue of design is not always important for everyone, but if you are interested in decoration, it may be worth buying an item that, in addition to being useful, will make your home more beautiful.

Currently, you find fruit bowls of all colors, styles and sizes. Some are smooth, others with drawings and even textures. This is also a very personal question, but it must be analyzed with care, not least because nothing better than leaving our house with our face, right?


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