Top & Best Cupcake Machine Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Cupcake Machine: How to choose the best one in 2022

Today we’re going to talk about the cupcake machine, which prepares up to seven cookies at once without you having to select the temperature or watch the preparation time.

To make cupcakes is easy, just prepare the dough and pour it into the paper cups placed in the cavities of the machine. In about eight minutes the cookies are ready.

Once ready you can finish them as you prefer. Most machines come with a confectionery kit for you to apply the toppings of whipped cream or cream.

In this article, you will learn about the best machines, learn how to use them and also learn how to buy the models to choose yours. Come on?


First, the most important

  • The cups of the cupcake machine are non-stick, this prevents the cookies from sticking to the plates and also facilitates cleaning after use, since just wipe with a damp cloth and the appliance is clean again.
  • The cupcake machine serves to prepare many other dishes such as petit gateau, muffin, patty, bread, rain cookie, sweet or savory tart, omelet, cheese bread, starch biscuit, among others.
  • Most cupcake machines prepare mini size cookies. If you prefer larger cupcakes, the conventional size, pay attention to the size indication provided by the manufacturer.

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Best cupcake machines: Our favorites

Nothing better than a freshly baked muffin to eat for breakfast or late afternoon. But you no longer need to wait the 30 minutes that the conventional oven takes to prepare it, as the cupcake maker makes up to seven cookies in less than ten minutes.

It was thinking about the practicality of everyday life that we prepared this list with the best models of cupcake machines for your kitchen.

  • Sweet Cake Cadence Cupcake Maker
  • Mondial Pratic Cupcake Machine
  • Britania Cupcake Machine

Buying Guide

Cupcakes are among the favorite desserts of children and adults and it is common to find these cookies at birthday parties, weddings, breakfasts or special snacks, among other celebrations.

What not everyone knows is that there is a very easy and quick way to prepare these cookies: using the cupcake machine.

What is a cupcake machine and where to use it?

Nowadays there are machines to prepare French or Swiss style crepes, churros, waffles, donuts, pancakes and, of course, to make cupcakes. The coolest thing about the cupcake machine is that it can be used in the preparation of several other sweet and savory dishes.

With it you can make muffins, cheese breads, sweet or savory tartlets or patties, breads, omelets, starch biscuits and much more, all in one machine.

Some models are equipped with interchangeable plates, that is, those that can be exchanged to prepare other types of dishes, such as crepes (in the French style) and waffles.

Multiplate models come with a cavity plate, a flat plate and a checkered plate, both non-stick.

The conventional model, however, comes only with a plate, with seven cavities, each one to place a cookie. The plate is non-stick and this prevents the cookie from sticking to the top plate, deforming it or dirtying the appliance.

Check now the main advantages and disadvantages of the cupcake machine:

How does the cupcake machine work?

It is very easy to prepare cupcakes using the machine. The first step is to prepare the dough in a mixer. The dough can be of various flavors: chocolate, corn, vanilla, carrot, sponge cake, among others.

Unlike the conventional oven, you will not need to grease the cavities of the machine, they are non-stick on top and bottom. You will only need to position the paper pan in each space and pour the dough just above half of the pan.

You can also put the dough directly into the machine cavity, as in the image below:

Then just wait for the machine to run, which is less than 10 minutes. Both the preparation time and the temperature of the machine are automatically adjusted, there are lights to indicate when you should put the dough and when you should remove it.

Do all machines make cupcakes the same size?

No. You need to be aware of the size of the cupcake machine cavity. Generally, each cupcake is the size of cup number two (about the size of a small pie).

Some people do not pay attention to this information and end up being disappointed when they receive the product, because they find the cupcake too small.

There are machines that prepare cookies of the conventional size, which are bigger as well as those sold in bakeries and pastry shops. This model is ideal, because if you want to prepare a smaller cupcake, it is also possible, just use the smaller mold.

Also be aware of the number of cavities in your cupcake machine, some have space to bake just six cookies while most bake seven. If you usually bake a lot more than that, you will need to make several “batches”.

How much?

The price of a cupcake machine varies little, generally these devices cost around R $ 100. Some models are more sophisticated and have plate exchange, in these cases the price is a little higher, around R $ 190.

Where to buy?

You can buy your cupcake machine in supermarkets like Extra and Carrefour or in department stores like.

If you prefer, you can also buy this appliance in the comfort of your home, over the internet, in e-commerces such as Amazon.

At Amazon, for example, you can find the best models of cupcake machines (all the products we list in the ranking) at low prices and with fast delivery.

Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare cupcake machines

The cupcake machine is an electronic appliance that is worth having in the kitchen, because in addition to baking the cookies in record time, it also serves to prepare many other sweet or savory recipes. But, before buying this device, you need to note some features. Are they:

  • Plate
  • Power and voltage
  • Extra features
  • Included Items
  • Design

We will explain each of these purchase criteria, this way you will not be left with any doubts and will be right in choosing your cupcake machine for your kitchen.


The cupcake machine consists of two plates, the lower one to place the dough for the cookies and the upper plate to shape them. Both plates are non-stick.

One feature is that these machines have defined spaces for the number of cookies in each “batch”. Most appliances have space for seven cupcakes, but some have space for just six.

Power and voltage

You can find cupcake machines with different wattage ratings. There are models with 830 w, 1000 w (it is the most common type) and more powerful devices, with around 1200 watts.

The greater the power of the machine, the more it heats up and, consequently, the faster the cookie is ready.

Also note the voltage of the device. Some have 110/127 volts and others are 220 v. Choose a model with the voltage compatible with your home sockets.

Extra features

Cupcake machines can come with some extra features like a cable holder inside the appliance, which reduces the mess of wires in your kitchen. Some devices can be stored vertically, saving space in cabinets.

Some safety items are also observed as non-slip feet that prevent the device from falling, a handle that remains cool even during the operation of the device and a safety lock.

It is so easy and safe to use the cupcake maker that you can even call your son or daughter to help you. Look:

Included Items

Some cupcake machines come with some extra items such as a cookbook, paper cupcakes for cupcakes and a kit for confectioning with an injector bag and nozzles for making different designs using creams and whipped cream.

It is important to note that items are included with the product before purchasing it. This information comes in the description of the device.


The design of the cupcake machines varies, there are models with thematic characters such as Mickey Mouse from Disney, appliances with one color on the base and another on the lid, monochrome and even those with brushed stainless steel finish. Most models come with cupcake stickers.


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