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Top & Best Garbage bag Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Garbage bag: How to choose the best in 2022?

In today’s article we will help you choose an item that is part of the daily life of most homes and businesses: The garbage bag.

Fundamental to the disposal of waste, garbage bags are resistant and practical. Available in different colors, sizes and capacities, they can be used in kitchen, bathroom, garden waste bins and wherever else appropriate waste disposal is needed.

Follow us on this reading and check out the best product options, in addition to the features you should pay attention to in order to make the best choice of garbage bag to dispose of your solid waste.

First, the most important

  • There is a wide variety of garbage bag sizes and brands, made from recycled, recyclable or biodegradable materials. Choose according to the appropriate size and type of waste that will be disposed of in the product.
  • Capacity, color, type, material and size are some of the characteristics to be observed when purchasing.
  • The price of garbage bags varies widely according to the size, material, brand and quantity of bags per package. It is possible to find packages with few units for less than R $ 4, with larger, more reinforced or biodegradable versions costing over R $ 50.

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Best garbage bags: Our recommendations

Have you ever stopped to think that the way we dispose of garbage generates direct impacts not only on the environment, but also on the lives and routines of people who work to collect and recycle this waste? Therefore, responsible and conscious disposal should begin with the proper choice of the garbage bag.

Check out our list with the selection of some of the best products on the market:

  • Super tough garbage bag template
  • The ideal garbage bag for smaller baskets
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Buying Guide

Recyclable, biodegradable waste, dry waste, organic, industrial, hospital waste, hazardous recyclables, non-hazardous recyclables. The range of classifications garbage can receive is enormous. And to properly store and dispose of each of these types of waste, the garbage bag is the ideal solution.

Continue with us to learn everything about this indispensable product to ensure the conscious disposal of waste in your home or work.

What is the garbage bag?

The garbage bag is a model of plastic bag that is intended for the storage and disposal of garbage and solid waste in general. Available in different sizes, colors and capacities, they can be used in the dumps of bathrooms, kitchens and offices, as well as in commercial establishments and public areas, such as parks and squares.

Did you know?

A plastic garbage bag can take 100 to 400 years to decompose in the environment. For its production there is consumption of oil or natural gas (non-renewable natural resources), water and energy. The process releases liquid waste and toxic greenhouse gases.

In addition, if they do not have the correct destination, they can end up clogging manholes, causing floods, or reaching seas and rivers, causing the death of fish, birds and turtles.

What are the advantages of using a garbage bag?

Practical and affordable, the garbage bag is the best option for disposing of waste at home or at work. Available in several configurations, it has versions that adapt to all models and sizes of trash, sink, kitchen, bathroom etc.

Versatile, garbage bags can have other uses besides the storage and disposal of waste. They can be used, for example, to organize, store or protect bags, objects, clothes, donations, among a multitude of other items.

However, indiscriminate use of the product should be avoided, given that the material is highly polluting. Although there are already sustainable, biodegradable and even compostable versions of garbage bags, the values ​​are still high compared to conventional plastic bags.

Traditional, recycled or biodegradable: what is the best garbage bag option?

Far beyond price, functionality and environmental impact, choosing the type of bag used to dispose of waste also makes a difference in the final disposal of waste and the garbage bag itself.

Traditional garbage bags, made of polyethylene, remain the cheapest on the market. However, they are super-resistant and impermeable, which makes biodegradation of waste difficult. Therefore, they should only be used for non-recyclable and non-organic waste.

The recycled or recyclable ones have intermediate values. Although they also have a long period of spontaneous decomposition in the environment, these garbage bags have already been or can be recycled, turning into other objects or even new garbage bags.

They must be used with recyclable items so that they receive the same treatment as the waste they contain.

Biodegradables, in turn, are unfortunately the most expensive option on the market. It decomposes after 60 days, if disposed of and processed correctly. Therefore, they should only be used for the disposal of biodegradable waste that will receive the proper destination.

Otherwise, not finding the ideal conditions for decomposition, it will have the same fate as ordinary bags in a dump, producing methane.


What is the best way to use the garbage bag?

Sealing tightly, disposing of it in the correct place and keeping it out of the reach of animals are some basic principles of the correct use of the garbage bag. However, there are other issues. Even if there is selective waste collection in your region, the service is worthless if the disposal has not been done correctly.

A few minutes of your dedication to correctly use garbage bags for selective collection can make a big difference in the disposal of household waste.

In some regions, the responsible agencies stipulate specific colors for the garbage bags, in order to facilitate selective collection. Although there are variations from city to city, the standard established by the National Environment Council is:

    • Blue: paper and cardboard;
    • Red: plastic;
    • Green: glass;
    • Yellow: metal and aluminum;
    • Black: wood;
    • Orange: hazardous waste;
    • White: hospital waste;
    • Purple: radioactive waste;
    • Brown: organic waste;
    • Gray: general non-recyclable, mixed or contaminated waste that cannot be separated.


This differentiation, when done correctly, facilitates the transportation, identification and proper disposal of waste.

How much does it cost and where to buy a garbage bag?

Garbage bags can be found for values ​​that vary greatly according to the capacity, make, model and number of units in the package. You can buy packages of simpler brands for less than R $ 4. Packages with the most sophisticated models, with odor retention and adhesive tapes for closing, can cost more than R $ 50.

You can buy your garbage bag in stores that sell cleaning and hygiene products.

However, it is on online platforms such as Amazon where you can find the greatest diversity of brands and models of the product.

Purchasing criteria: How to compare garbage bag models

At the end of our article, we will give you a little help so that you can make the right choice of garbage bag to store your waste properly. Check the list of features for which you should be aware when comparing the types and brands of this product:

  • Capacity
  • Type
  • Differentials
  • Colors

For the avoidance of doubt, we will detail each of the following characteristics:


The capacity of garbage bags is usually expressed in liters (L) and kilograms (Kg). The capacity in liters refers to the volume of waste that the bag model in question is capable of handling.

The capacity in kilos refers to the weight limit that the garbage bag supports without presenting any risk of breaking or tearing. The capacity in kg is usually much less than the capacity of liters in the same bag. For heavier than bulky waste, prefer reinforced models, or provide reinforcement using one bag inside the other.


Garbage bags can be sold in rolls, where the units are detachable, or in packages with loose units. Although the two versions have equivalent performances in use, the roll trash bags are easier to store and keep in order in cabinets or drawers.


With handle, with perfume and odor blocking, with closing tapes or adhesive edges. There are countless differentials that garbage bags can present as a way to make their use more practical and convenient, and the model more attractive to the consumer.

However, these differentials tend to make the product more expensive. Consider whether the facilities offered are really necessary and useful in your routine, to define the cost-benefit of the purchase.


There is a wide variety of colors for garbage bags, with black, white, blue and green being the most popular in Brazil. Although the color may seem like a simply aesthetic detail, it can provide some differentials in the use of the product.

As already mentioned, in some cities the selective collection determines specific colors for each type of material. If the service is not available in your city, you can use different colors to separate dry waste from organic waste, for example, avoiding confusion when disposing.

Light colors are also more suitable for use in kitchens, sinks and bathrooms, as they provide a greater sense of cleanliness and hygiene.


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