Top & Best Kitchen tap Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Kitchen tap: What’s the best of 2022?

Always a big challenge to choose the details of the new house. But also very pleasing to define the finishes and leaving your home with your face. I already draw your attention here to the importance of the kitchen tap.

Think about how you need it for anything you do in the kitchen. From a simple breakfast to fill a kettle, to preparing a whole lunch and cleaning the dishes.

Today brought a selection of the 6 best faucets that combine design, functionality and ease of handling. In this comprehensive guide, you will find other essential information for your choice. Come with us!

First, the most important

  • Choosing a kitchen faucet is more important than many people think. One of the pieces that works the most in the house, it needs to be carefully analyzed before choosing.
  • Although some models have the highest price, it is an investment that lasts for many years. It is worth the cost benefit considering features and high durability.
  • They can be wall or table. We will compare the two so that you can decide which model is right for your kitchen.

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Best kitchen faucets: Our recommendations

To provide the best for you, our ranking is composed only of chrome kitchen taps, due to the superior quality of these models. Check out the best:

  • Lorenvogue kitchen tap
  • Docolvitalis kitchen mixer tap
  • Kitchen tap with 360º swivel
  • Kitchen tap with filter
  • Deca kitchen tap

Buying Guide

Although it seems like a super simple task, choosing a kitchen faucet requires attention that most people don’t give. Once purchased, headaches begin. For this not to happen at your home, follow all the tips throughout this Buying Guide.

What are the features of a kitchen faucet?

The kitchen is one of the most important places and therefore it must be well planned. And although it seems simple, choosing the tap is an essential part, both for the aesthetics of the environment and for the practicality of everyday life.

It is there that a family spends a good part of their day while at home. Breakfast, lunch, dinner … There are many times when being in this environment is important.

Now analyze the importance of water in the preparation of each of these meals. Essential isn’t it? You have probably run out of water at home and could see the importance of this resource in your household chores.

So we can say that the tap is the central element of this environment and perhaps the part that works the most in a house. For this reason, the choice of kitchen faucet is a great aspect to be considered.

And you realized by our list that it can be a detail that makes all the difference in your day to day. There are countless options on the market, ranging from a simple plastic faucet to those that combine design and functionality.

We focus on bringing you taps that combine these two factors, listing only the best rated, chrome and with excellent quality. After all, everyone wants a beautiful and functional environment.

Among the advantages of having a kitchen tap in chromed metal we can say that it suits any environment. The main disadvantage is the high price. Check out:

What to pay attention to: Wall or table tap?

Knowing the importance of the kitchen tap, I invite you to pay attention to a very important aspect. Do you prefer a faucet fixed to the wall or countertop? How is your sink?

Many people do not pay attention to this detail, they go in search of the perfect tap and when they get home they realize that it does not fit the environment. There are several models of wall or table.

Table faucets are installed on sink countertops, which is why they are usually taller. Wall-mounted ones can have a straighter design. But before choosing the ideal model for your home, analyze your project.

To buy a wall faucet it is necessary to have a hydraulic installation, that is, a pipe with a water point there. To choose the right kitchen faucet we will consider some points:

How much?

With R $ 50 it is possible to buy a simple plastic faucet. But there is no way to want all the benefits and qualities already mentioned in that value.

For you to buy a quality faucet, chrome, with features that facilitate your daily life and that of your family, the initial investment in a kitchen faucet should be around R $ 250.

With about R $ 400 you can get an even better tap. There are also some models that cost R $ 2,000. So, it really varies a lot according to what you’re looking for.

Where to buy?

It is very easy to buy a kitchen tap. You can find one in any building material in your city. There are also household goods stores, which are usually located in large cities.

Although they are great options, you may not find much variety or exactly the model you have in mind. Therefore, it is worthwhile to search for online stores, which generally also have better prices and promotions. Some options are Amazon.


Purchasing criteria: Factors to guarantee the purchase of the ideal kitchen tap

You may still ask yourself, “Why is it so important to pay attention to a tap that will simply allow water to reach my sink?”

In addition to everything that has already been mentioned, we still have some alerts to do, and this reflects in your daily life. That way you analyze your needs, thus ensuring the perfect kitchen tap for you. Realize if the following points are important to you:

  • Hot and cold water
  • Flexibility
  • Sink fitting with two bowls
  • Single-lever
  • Prevents splashing
  • Dual water outlet

Hot and cold water

Hot water is a great facility in the kitchen. Especially for those who consume fatty foods, as it makes cleaning dishes easier. In addition, no one likes to mess with cold water on the harshest days of winter.

Hot water also speeds up food preparation. By putting boiling water and making pasta, for example, using already heated water makes the whole process faster.

Just remember that to supply hot water, the mixer must be connected to a heating system or even an individual electric heater.


Think of yourself preparing lunch and the sink full of dishes, you want to fill another pot with water, but there is no more space in the tub. This can be a nuisance in the routine.

360 degree swivel taps and highly flexible hoses make life much easier for those who cook and also those who clean.

The flexibility of the tap is directly linked to the practicality of daily use. If they are important factors for you, consider the investment.

Fitting for two vats

If your sink has two basins, it is important to guarantee a tap that can be installed in the middle of them.

Analyze the measurements, if it has 360 degree rotation and flexible hoses to reach perfectly in the two vats. It is interesting that they reach all corners of the two vats.

Remember to consider whether you want a sink or countertop. In this case, bench sinks are generally more functional.


Single lever is a synonym for practicality. Faucets like this ensure that you turn on hot and cold water by controlling the ideal temperature with just one command.

In this same record, you also control the water flow. It is a very modern and practical option for mixer taps. They end up being more practical because they don’t have two records.

Prevents splashing

Nothing is more irritating than turning on the tap and getting wet. Notice the height and the spout of the tap water.

Faucets installed too far from the sink can cause this problem. But some models have an aerator, which ensures this control, avoids splashing and also generates more water savings.

Dual water outlet

Some of the models have a double water outlet, which ends up being the preference and need of many people.

For those who cook a lot, double outlet ends up streamlining the food preparation process. Or even when you’re cooking with someone else. Another advantage is if one of these outlets is a purifier, guaranteeing drinking water from the tap itself.


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