Alexa Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Best Alexa: How to use it with the Echo line in 2022

Today we are going to talk about Alexa, the intelligent virtual assistant compatible with Echo line devices, both developed by Amazon.

Alexa is also compatible with numerous smart devices such as lamps, switches, cameras and sensors. The most interesting thing is that you don’t have to pay for virtual assistant support, just having a compatible device. Want to know more and answer all two questions about this novelty? Stay with us.


First, the most important

  • You can purchase one or more Echo devices – same model or different devices – as they are compatible and can be paired via Bluetooth.
  • With equipment from the Echo line, you can control the smart home devices: Lamps, switches, surveillance camera, sensors, locks and more.
  • The device comes with a plug adapter and a quick start guide. All Echo devices have a one-year warranty and technical assistance included during this period.

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The best models of Echo: Our recommendations

Echo devices are intelligent speakers controlled by voice commands with the aid of Alexa, Amazon’s artificial intelligence. These devices were recently launched Get to know them below and find out which one is right for you:

  • The most affordable equipment
  • Alexa in image and sound
  • The device with powerful sound


Buying Guide

A few weeks after announcing the arrival of the Amazon Prime service in Amazon took another step in its expansion in the country and brought us its virtual assistant Alexa, who understands and speaks Portuguese.

Alexa and Echo devices – which support artificial intelligence – are designed to connect all aspects of your life. Want to know more about Amazon’s artificial intelligence? Check out this Buying Guide.


What is Alexa?

Alexa is the virtual assistant developed by Amazon. The software receives voice commands, interacts with the user and controls all connected hardware, whether Echo devices or other intelligent equipment.Alexa offers resources related to communication, information, entertainment and productivity. The software also controls smart devices in the home.

What are Alexa’s communication features?

With the help of Alexa you can connect with friends and family through voice calls – or video in the case of Echo Show 5 – or text messages.Simply synchronize your contacts with the Echo device (via the Alexa app) and request the call or message by voice command. In the case of text messages, you can ask Alexa to read or write them. Important: The contact must also use the app or have an Echo device.

Another interesting feature is Drop In , used to quickly connect to one or more Echo devices connected on the same network. You can send a notice to all devices at the same time.

Just inform “Alexa, Drop In on behalf of the device or on the environment ”. You can also establish this communication through the application. Find out the main advantages – and some disadvantages – of the service in the table below:

Can I get information with Alexa?

Alexa can also keep you informed or entertain you. Artificial intelligence informs a summary of the main news and news of what is happening  in the world.


Tip: You can choose your preferred news provider from the more than 40 options available.

Those who like sports will love to know that Alexa summarizes the main news on the subject, informs the results of the matches, date and time of the next games, positions in the table and much more. You can customize the news summary to keep track of your favorite teams.

You can also plan your day with the help of Alexa, just ask the weather forecast. Ah, with the Echo Show 5 device you can access a full version of the weather forecast.

Another possibility is to ask about traffic conditions before leaving home. In the application, you must enter a starting and destination location, save the settings and ask about the route by voice command.

Alexa also translates words or phrases in more than 50 languages ​​- you can question the meaning or ask Alexa to tell you what the word or phrase looks like in another language. Artificial intelligence is trained to recognize different regional and cultural accents.



“She reports as if it were a friend speaking, it was one of the decisions we made at the beginning of development here.”

You will also have access to questions, answers, facts and curiosities on various topics: General subjects, calculations, definitions and spelling. Alexa also tells jokes and has her own personality and sense of humor.

How to have a smart home with the help of Alexa?

You can enjoy a smart, automated home with the help of Amazon’s artificial intelligence.

It is possible to control numerous smart devices, as long as they are compatible with Alexa.

You can control countless devices, including lamps, smart plugs, cameras, locks, sensors and more, through voice command (provided these devices are compatible with Alexa).

To connect these devices is easy, just configure the equipment by the application or the manufacturer’s website, open it on the same wireless network as the Echo device and connect them through the application or Bluetooth.

You can group these devices (as long as they are compatible) and control them at the same time, always using a voice command.

Tip: Update these devices whenever you are prompted.

See what you can control with Alexa:

  • Lights : You can control smart lamps remotely or by voice command. You can turn it on, off, adjust the intensity or change the tone – as long as the device has these features.
  • Smart Plugs : With smart plugs, you can turn ordinary objects into smart devices. In addition to turning these devices on and off, you can track electrical consumption through the Alexa app.
  • Cameras : With Echo Show 5, you can connect surveillance cameras, indoor or outdoor, and monitor the interior or perimeter of the house using voice commands.

It is possible to check who is knocking on your door or whether the baby is sleeping – yes, it works as a baby monitor – whether you are inside or outside the house (when you are outside use the application to access the images).


How can Alexa help me on a daily basis?

Alexa can also help you in everyday life. You can ask to set alarms, timers and reminders. You can also synchronize the calendar and ask Alexa to consult, add or delete your events and appointments.Another option: ask Alexa to remind you of an important event or appointment and send a reminder to your smartphone . Other possibilities are to build lists of tasks and purchases. You can add or delete articles.

In day-to-day cooking, you can also request that Alexa request a timer, conversions and recipes.

Can you ask Alexa to play songs?

Alexa can also play music through radio stations or apps like Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and others – you can request a song, by the name of the singer or band, ask to pause, play, skip track and change volume .


Did you know that the Amazon Prime service offers a service called Prime Music, with over two million songs? You can listen to playlists offline and without ads. Another option is Amazon Music Unlimited, which offers more than 50 million songs.

You can also connect available Echo devices and create music playlists for various environments. You can exchange different songs or enjoy the same songs in all environments.

Is Alexa safe?

You need to know that Alexa and Echo devices are designed with multiple layers of privacy.

Audio and video recordings are stored in the cloud.

For example, your voice is only recorded and sent to the cloud after the device detects the activation word “Alexa”.

Such recordings can be deleted whenever you wish. You can also disable the microphone and camera by pressing a button. Another possibility is to cover the camera with a cover integrated with the Echo Show 5.

What else should I know about Alexa?

Alexa has hundreds of Skills and continues to develop many more. Skills are like apps that help you do many things. See how to acquire new Skills for Alexa below:

The Alexa app is compatible with Fire Os, Android and iOS devices. It is also accessible via the web browser.

What devices are compatible with Alexa?

Alexa is compatible with three smart devices developed to support Artificial Intelligence: Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Show 5 – both offer all the features of Alexa.

  • Echo . It is a reference when it comes to smart speaker. The device has two speakers with Dolby sound quality and equalizer controls, so it can reproduce audio in 360º, with dynamic vocals and intense bass.
  • Echo Dot . It has four long-range microphones, which allow you to communicate with Alexa on the other side of the room. It is also possible to connect the device to speakers via Bluetooth or 3.5mm audio cable.
  • Echo Show 5 . It is a different device from the others, as it has a touch screen, with 5.5 inches and HD resolution. The device has a compact design that adapts to any room in the house.

One of the advantages of buying a device with a screen is the possibility of integrating internal and external surveillance cameras and viewing the images through the device.

With Echo Show 5 it is also possible to make video calls. The device is customizable, you can choose the watch face and use your favorite photos on the home screen.

The device has an integrated 1MP camera with HD resolution. You can turn off the internal camera and microphone by pressing a button, another possibility is to slide the built-in cover.


Did you know that Echo Show 5 got its name from the 5-inch screen?


Purchasing criteria: How to compare Echo models

All devices in the Echo line support Alexa and practically the same commands and features – with the exception of Echo Show 5. However, there are some differences that can change your experience with the equipment, we list the main ones below:

  • With or without screen
  • Sound quality
  • Device design
  • Price

We will detail each of these topics throughout the section. By following these tips you will find the ideal device for your needs.

With or without screen

The Echo Show is the first device in the line that has a 5.5 inch touchscreen with HD resolution. The device also has a camera with 1MP, HD resolution and a 4W speaker on the back.

The device is ideal for those who have surveillance cameras in the internal or external areas of the house, as you can view images through the device. Another possibility is to make video calls through Echo Show 5. You also have access to multimedia content.

Sound quality

The devices in the Echo line are smart speakers, so it is essential to assess the sound quality of these devices at the time of purchase.

The Echo is the one that stands out the most in this sense, as it has premium sound quality with 360º projection through two speakers: 3 ”neodymium woofer and a 0.6” Tweeter. These two speakers have Dolby sound quality.

Echo Dot, on the other hand, has only a 1.6 ”speaker and Echo Show 5 has a 4W speaker. It is worth mentioning that all models can be connected to external speakers via 3.5mm cable or Bluetooth connection.

Device design

You find Echo devices in different shapes and sizes. The Echo has a cylindrical shape as well as the Echo Dot , the difference between them is that the first is larger and the second compact.

The Echo Show, on the other hand, resembles a tablet , with support for the rear speaker.

Another difference is the tone, there are options in black, gray, white or blue (only Echo Dot). The choice is related to personal preference, but the lighter the device, the more it will attract attention.


Of course, in addition to all the criteria already mentioned, the price of each one needs to be taken into account when choosing your Echo. Obviously, models with more features end up costing more.

Therefore, Echo is the most expensive of the family, followed by Echo Show 5 and Echo Dot. Put the price on the scale together with the other criteria before defining which Echo is right for you.


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