Best Blackberry Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Blackberry: How to choose the best phone in 2022


Your presence is always important! Today we are going to talk about a brand of mobile devices that has already been on top! Let’s (re) introduce you to Blackberry!

Innovative in many ways, within its time, the company launched phones with an integrated keyboard and a mouse system known as a “trackball”. This, and a great set of native applications, made it dominate the market, mainly corporate.

With the arrival of smartphones, the company decided to keep resources focused more on security and privacy, almost leaving the market. Today, however, due to some partnerships with other international brands, Blackberry is coming back. And here you will know everything about this new moment.

First, the most important

  • Famous in the world, the Blackberry brand has always been synonymous with business. Cell phone number one among businessmen and large corporations, the brand lost space and today is returning to the scene.
  • The design, manufacture and sale of Blackberry smartphones passed on to other international companies, in a partnership system. She is returning to the market.
  • With modern devices and its absolute differential in information security, Blackberry has already launched new models in the smartphone market, aimed at intermediate and advanced users.

The best Blackberry smartphones

The novelty can leave you confused. A new brand among so many others that are already on the market. Even comparatives are hard to find. We’ll save you some work and show you the best product options.


Buying Guide

Researching Blackberry will bring you a lot of content, especially for the time the brand has existed. The used and new options can be confusing, it is important that you get to know them well before choosing one.

We are here to help you with that. Below you will learn everything you need to know before choosing your Blackberry.

Do you know the Blackberry brand?

It is very likely that you have heard of Blackberry. It gained visibility by creating cell phones for the corporate world with functions aimed mainly at the business environment.

Always in dark colors, you distinguished it from other models by the width of the phone and the keyboard that they had attached to the device. In addition, some also came with an “air ball”, a kind of mouse activated by movement.

Blackberry has always been famous for security, providing users of their mobile phones with unique data encryption technology.

However, nothing has been able to really save Blackberry from a smaller and smaller market share, until a few years ago it was announced the end of direct cell phone manufacturing.

What happened was the partnership with other companies of international character for the use of the brand. One of the main ones was with the brand TCL, a Chinese giant that already operates in several countries.

Accordingly, TCL was responsible for developing, producing, marketing and providing technical assistance to users, on behalf of Blackberry.

Betting on revitalizing the brand, the Chinese company is investing heavily with smartphones and the brand’s own styles.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a Blackberry?

A big question from users is whether it is still worth having a Blackberry. In order for you to find these answers, we will introduce you to the main advantages and disadvantages of the modern versions of the brand.

First, we can highlight that it is a global brand, recognized in different places around the world. And its strong point is the high security technology.

It operates on the Android system and has several proprietary software, in addition to, of course, many options for download from the PlayStore.

And as if that weren’t enough, most models have a resolution higher than Full HD. The brand resurfaced with everything.

But, like any device, some disadvantages are noted. And the price is the main one. The models are still expensive. And since the brand was recently reactivated, there aren’t many model options yet.

Are Blackberry smartphones here to stay?

Blackberry was already at its peak, and ended up directing its resources now to the manufacture of software and the patent of innovations. But it took advantage of the value of its brand to keep it on the market through partnerships with other companies.

This sparked the interest of TCL, a gigantic electronics manufacturer in China, with a vast market in several countries. Specialist in the production and development of screens (for smartphones, televisions and others).

In this way, Blackberry smartphones are back in business with a more modern look, but maintaining the main characteristics of the brand. Extremely fortified security technology, and native business-oriented applications.

, there is not so much appeal from Blackberry, but its smartphones are advanced in technological resources, and aesthetically beautiful. Recently, TCL even launched a smartphone with an external keyboard, reminiscent of the good times of Blackberry.

Who is a Blackberry smartphone for?

Compared to other brands on the market, there are a small number of options for you to be enchanted. However, Blackberry has a huge concern for end user satisfaction.

The result is devices with a high technological load, in addition to the best in resolution and features. For this reason, they are not intended for initial users, but for intermediate and advanced users.

With advanced features in screen quality, photography and high complexity security, it is the ideal phone for you to stay connected with the least possible risk.

The idea of ​​the external keyboard also allows for more fluid typing than the keys on the screens themselves. With small elevations, it is easier to hit the right key, than to make that torrent of the wrong words ever.

Blackberry phones also have learning technology about typing. The proposal is, in up to 10 minutes of typing, to understand which words are most typed and provide them with auto-complete.

How much?

Generally speaking, smartphones are not usually cheap. A Blackberry, in this case, will have its prices even higher within the comparative. The amounts easily exceed R $ 2,000 for any of the available versions.

Of course, you have a great technological package, a current operating system and a security package of the most powerful in the world.

If safety and work features are the main reason for your purchase. Go Blackberry with your eyes closed.


Where to buy?

Smartphones have immense popularity in all locations. Therefore, you can go to the store of a telephone company in your city, or even in large retail stores or department. They always have several options.

However, in the case of Blackberry, there is an exclusivity in the brand itself, which ends up limiting the places of purchase.

A viable and interesting option is research and acquisition via the internet. Stores like Amazon offer several models for comparison and purchase. You can choose the best for your needs, and receive it in the comfort of your home.

Purchase Criteria: Factors to compare the different Blackberry models

Now that you know enough about Blackberry, as well as your reality regarding smartphone manufacturing, it’s important to know what you need to buy them.

Choosing a new smartphone (or changing the old one) involves a series of decisions, as these devices have become indispensable for many people.

Issues such as image quality, speed of task execution, are key components in a smartphone, even a Blackberry. Pay attention to these specifications, and your choice will be the best possible:

  • Processor
  • RAM memory
  • Camera
  • Screen


In any electronic equipment there is a “brain”, the place where information is processed to perform tasks. This is the processor. Over time, its evolution was enormous, reaching levels little imagined a decade ago.

At a store, or reading a specification, when it arrives at the processor part, it is possible that the information is written in one of the following ways:

  • Dualcore: two cores
  • Quadcore: four cores
  • Octatore: eight cores

These are the most common options on the market. When choosing, always choose the smartphone with the largest number of cores.

Making a comparison, a DUAL core with a speed of 2 Ghz loses to a QUAD with a speed of 1.5 Ghz. After all, 2 (dual) x 2 = 4 Ghz; and 4 (quad) x 1.5 = 6 Ghz.

RAM memory

This is another hardware (component) essential for the good speed of the smartphone. In theory, the more RAM memory, the greater the performance of the equipment.

In general, smartphones usually have a good performance ratio from 2 Gb of RAM, being able to perform most activities without any crash.

Blackberry is very concerned with fluidity, so much so that its smartphone on the market already comes with 3 Gb of RAM.



Here is a truth: except for professional use, it is increasingly difficult to see cameras today. The smartphone brought a replacement to this equipment in a fast and very technological way.

It is difficult to measure how much minimum resolution you need for a good photo, so the advice is: the more, the better. And you can even use filter and enhancement apps.

Pay attention to the camera specifications, the abbreviation “F”. It indicates the angle of the lens opening (the larger, the more light enters and the sharper the image is). The proportion is contrary. So, the lower the “F”, the better the Blackberry camera.


The screen is one of the most important aspects of the smartphone, like so many others in the set. But in essence, first you need good equipment to do a good job.

The screen is where the work is shown, but it is all done with other parts of the mechanism.

Blackberry smartphones do not have the largest screens on the market, but they have sophisticated equipment with an excellent resolution setting. All of them have image quality superior to high definition (HD).

The advantage of an external keyboard to the screen also allows better use of its functionalities, since the part covered by the letters will not exist.




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