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Top & Best LED strip: How to choose the best one in 2022?

Today the subject of the text is LED strip. Do you think about buying this product and want to know how to find the best versions? Be sure that after reading this Guide it will be easier to have less costs and more benefits when purchasing.

The LED strips seem to provide more life in decorating indoor or outdoor environments. In addition to decorating the product serve to illuminate. Except that if you choose the wrong option everything can go out in a matter of seconds, unexpectedly!

The main types of LED strip, the use of each version according to several different needs, the average price and other questions you will learn in this text.

First, the most important

  • Most common LED strips are available in yellow or white. There are also RGB options with three different tone types.
  • Only a few versions are water resistant and are suitable for outdoor installation.
  • Most options do not have more than 4 special effects modes controlled by remote control.

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Best LED strips: Our recommendations

There are so many choices of LED strips that we can even get lost when looking for the best product. A simpler way of comparing models is to know the technical characteristics of the LED strip versions that are successful. The following is a list of the best:

Buying Guide

You might want to follow the fashion trends in decorating using the LED strip around stairs, handrails, furniture and baseboards! Discover below the revelations that can direct your purchases in the search for the best offers on the market.

What is the LED strip?

LED strip is a long product made up of small LED lights that serve to decorate or illuminate indoor and outdoor environments. It is interesting to note that the best current versions even have an adhesive material that helps with installation.

You can use an LED strip to get around the most different locations, for example:

    • Furniture;
    • Mirrors;
    • Steps;
    • Skirting boards;
    • Handrails;
    • Stairs;
    • Facades.


These products are characterized by being very flexible to help in the creation of scenic effects that value different decorative proposals.

The LEDs are fixed on an electronic board that has a material full of flexibility. To work the lights need to work at a low voltage, which can go up to 24v.

On the market it is possible to find LED strips available in different sizes. The length of a tape ranges from 5 to 100 meters or more. It is also available in different thicknesses.

White, green, yellow, blue and red are just some of the colors referring to the LED strip. There are also monochromatic tones and RGB versions (Red, Green and Blue meaning red, green and blue), which combine different tones in just one ribbon.

The product has a lot of durability. An LED strip glows for a time ranging from 20,000 to 40,000 hours, or more!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the LED strip?

At first we can see in a positive way that the LED strip is a flexible light source. That is, you can take the lamps to the most different places to have the lighting.

With a lot of elegance, this is the typical product that saves decorators’ lives, as it combines in the different decorative proposals, adding a beautiful visual charm in exchange for inviting prices.

We must not forget that durability is also an advantage. Even the cheapest productions last thousands of hours!

Sustainability is another benefit since this product consumes little energy as it works with lighter powers.

It is also a production that does not heat up, in addition to being available in different sizes to satisfy the demands of the most different needs.

Now, on to the negative aspects! One of them is that the cheap versions are not shielded in an advanced way, so that they may have little resistance in contact with water or excess of intense sunlight, generating a certain limitation to use in open places.

Contrary to what many people may think, it is not easy to do the installation that must be performed by professionals. They even use adapters to get the lights on perfectly!

Another negative point is that there is a length limitation. If you look for versions that are less than 5 meters long it will be difficult to find in the market. Not to mention that in the RGB color productions there are few color mixes in just one ribbon.

Better absorb the disadvantages and advantages of LED strips by analyzing the data in the following table:

What are the different options for LED strips?

Color and power are the two aspects that most differ in the options available for the purchase of LED strips, not to mention the size and thickness. The thicker the better the production resistance.

In the most popular and affordable tapes there are white tones, which have a striking tone. There are also yellow versions to use in the most sophisticated decorations, generating a certain visual comfort in the environment.

The third and most varied shade option is the RGB LED strip, which features a combination of blue, green and red. Using a remote control it is possible to select just one shade or all colors on the same ribbon.

One cannot ignore the fact that the LED strips also divide according to the power, with the main versions having 4.8w or 7.2w per meter. The first offers soft lighting, making it ideal for decoration. Now if you really need to light the room, the 7.2w LED strip is ideal.

See the difference of these versions in the table.

How much?

The size, the power, the durability and the color options, these are all aspects that can make the price of the product cheaper or lower. The average price ranges from R $ 20 to R $ 1,500.

Only the question of the brand does not interfere much in the price, only if you buy online you can save up to 20% in the end.

Where to buy?

As it is a very popular product on the market, you will not find it difficult to buy LED strips in stores.

On the internet, buyers have the advantage of faster price comparison, in addition to finding endless models in their offers. Make your purchase in stores like Amazon.

Consider that the LED strip is a decorative product, so that most versions have limitations in working in very open areas. If you want to install outdoors, it is worth paying more for versions resistant to sun and rain, which have better armor.


Purchase criteria: Factors that help in comparing LED strip offers

There are so many details in the simple LED strips that some vendors take the opportunity to sell cats for the price of hare. To find out if an offer on the market is worthwhile or not compare the promotions according to the following criteria:

  • Colors
  • Size
  • Durability
  • Shielding
  • Effects
  • Certificate

To better understand the meanings of the terms listed, continue reading this article:


Color can be one of the most important points of the product for some buyers. Keep in mind that popular priced options feature only yellow or white, without many extras.

On the other hand, when paying a little more for the RGB LED strip you have 3 different colors available with options of effects controlled by remote control.


If you have a desire to install the LED strip in the most different places, the advice is to choose the versions that have several meters.

It is worth noting that larger productions can be cut to increase the flexibility of using professional decorators. You can find 5 to 100 meters of tape, it all depends on your need.


It is good to keep an eye on durability, as one version may last longer than the other.

By paying low prices you can buy productions that last up to 20 thousand hours. There are higher price options on the market with advanced armor that can last for 35,000 hours or a little longer.


Keep a rule in mind: Not all versions of LED strips work in water. In practice, the more shielding, the greater the product’s resistance to water or the sun.

For those who do not know the shield, this is the part that is on the outside of the tape. If it is robust, the product has more resistance. Otherwise, it is difficult to use production outdoors or even inside aquariums or pools.


The best versions of LED strips can offer up to 4 different effect options, which in practice are the ways in which the lights flash.

It is good to keep an eye on before buying, as there are also options with no special effect.


Buy only the LED strip certified according to INMETRO’s strict standards. Only in this way is it possible to ensure safe use.

The temptation may even be great to buy non-certified items because of the low prices on sale in the street market. Except that not acquiring the certified LED strip can generate a lot of headaches in the end.


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