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Top & Best Lapel microphone Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Lapel microphone: How to choose yours in 2022?


The lapel microphone is a very useful tool for public presentations and video recordings and it is what we will talk about today here at, and welcome!

Having a very small size and existing in wired and wireless options, the lapel microphone is an ally of many speakers and presenters, having an easy use.

And if you are looking for one of these to record your videos and introduce yourself, but you still have doubts about which one to buy, know that in this text we will bring you all the most important information about the product and at the end of the reading you will be an expert on the subject, come on ?

First, the most important

  • There are wired and wireless lapel microphones.
  • This product has always been widely used, but with the growth of the Youtube platform its use has increased considerably.
  • The lapel microphone can be found in different directions and there are simpler models that cost around R $ 10.


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The best lapel microphones: Our suggestions

The lapel microphone must have a good sound transmission and have the least possible noise interference and it is to show you which are the best on the market in these aspects that we created this Ranking with four options, check and choose yours.

  • Microphone well rated by users
  • The best cost-benefit
  • Lavalier microphone with a range of 60 meters

Microphone well rated by users

Buying Guide

Small, discreet and very functional, so the lapel microphone can be described. Widely used by reporters and TV presenters, this product has a wide application and nowadays many youtubers have also started using it.

However, those who still know little about this product often do not know which to choose, since there is a wide range of options, and it is to help you in this task that we have prepared this Purchase Guide with very complete information about the lapel microphone. To know all of them, just read until the end.

What is a lapel microphone?

You can define a lapel microphone as a mini microphone, made in a small and discreet size, having the facility of being fixed on clothes, without the need to hold it.It always comes with a receiver and a transmitter, both of which must be located at the distance specified by the owner for the product to work properly.

Did you know that the lapel microphone is one of the most used for video recording? Because it is discreet and offers freedom, it is the preferred option of YouTubers.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the lapel microphone?

Many people who are not used to public speaking see the microphone as a major obstacle and cannot feel comfortable using the product. There is an advantage of the lapel model, as it is enough to attach it to the clothes so that it amplifies the voice of the speaker.Still in relation to this, the lapel microphone can also be very functional for those who are already used to cameras and presentations, as it gives greater freedom for the person to perform other activities while talking, such as cooking, makeup etc.

Another advantage of this product is that even though it is small it achieves a high and clear sound transmission, without losing anything in terms of quality for normal microphone models.

The negative point of the lapel microphone is that there are models that have a slightly less firm fixation and mainly in more fluid fabrics they can come off with a certain ease, which makes its use difficult.

There is also the disadvantage that the wired models limit usage a little and for options that do not have a wire, you should always be careful to stay within the transmission distance, because otherwise, no one will hear what is being said.

For which situations is the lapel microphone indicated?

The lapel microphone is a product that for many years has been used for recording videos and nowadays with a greater number of people producing content for Youtube it is considered a favorite.Another situation in which he is very positive is for public presentations such as lectures and courses, especially if there is a need to use his hands.

How to connect the lapel microphone to the cell phone?

For those who are in the habit of using the cell phone to record audios and videos the lapel microphone is a great option, however not all models can be used on smartphones and many people end up buying the product in the wrong way.When the microphone is used with the cell phone it must be connected to the headphone jack, however many lapel connectors are three-way and in this case one with four ways is required.

To solve this problem there are two options: buy a specific microphone for use in cell phones or else you must purchase an adapter, which will transform the plug and so it is possible to use it.

It is worth knowing that if the use is with common recorders or cameras this is not a problem because the connector of the lapel microphone is already developed in a way that works on these devices.

How much does a lapel microphone cost?

The lapel microphone can be found at very attractive prices, as there are simpler models, which have a slightly lower quality, and those that are more elaborate and that usually have more technology involved in their manufacture.With that, it is possible to buy a lapel microphone for an initial price of R $ 10, in the case of more amateurs, up to about R $ 5,000, these being the most professional and wireless.

Where to buy a lapel microphone?

The lapel microphone is a product more easily found in stores that sell sound and video equipment and if there is one in your city, just go to it to find it.On the internet it is even easier to make this purchase, as there are several sites that sell a varied range of this product, with some options being Amazon, Americanas, and K Pro Audio.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors for comparing lapel microphone options

Now that you are already inside the universe of lapel microphones the time has come to help you choose yours and for that there are some important points that must be taken into account when comparing the options, they are:

  • Wired or wireless
  • Distance
  • Targeting the microphone
  • Design

Now we will detail them one by one so that you can make the best choice.

Wired or wireless

As we told you, there are lapel microphones in the wired and wireless version and this is the first point that you should analyze when choosing a model.

Those with thread are cheaper, need to be passed through the clothes to be more invisible and have the negative point of giving a little less freedom to the user.

Wireless ones, on the other hand, can be more comfortable to use, but with them it is necessary to have a greater control over the distance where the transmitter is, so that it does not leave the radius determined by the manufacturer and this hinders the dissemination of sound.



Regardless of choosing a wired or wireless model, it is important to know the maximum distance that you can stay with the microphone without it starting to work with interference.

In the case of those with wires, this is basically determined by their length and in wireless models this information is in the technical specifications. Knowing this, you can get a sense of whether or not that microphone is right for you.

The greater the range, the more freedom the exhibitor has to move around the environment.

Targeting the microphone

There are currently five types of lapel microphone targeting on the market and it is important to pay attention to this factor to know which is best for you. The most found is the directional, which captures the sound in only one direction, not catching the sounds of the environment, however, there are also other options:

  • Omnidirectional : Can capture sounds from all directions.
  • Bidirectional : It is responsible for capturing sounds in opposite directions.
  • Cardoids : They are good for those looking to capture frontal sounds.
  • Hypercardoids : They capture front and rear sounds, but have more emphasis on the frontal ones.


Another issue that you should consider is the design of the lapel microphone and in this sense it is worth knowing that there are some that are more round, others more square and so on.

However, what really matters is the size, since there are models on the market that are very small and ideal for those looking for a product that practically does not appear.

In addition, it is essential to look for a model that has a firmer fixation, and those that have a clip or belt loops can be better than those that just fit the clothes.


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