Top & Best WiFi signal amplifier Review 2022- How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best WiFi signal amplifier: What is the best model of 2022?

WiFi technology is a major evolution of convenience and practicality in the way we receive internet signals. However, there are still limitations, and your main ally to overcome them is the WiFi signal amplifier.

In addition to having several options available on the market, a better understanding of how this accessory works and how to best use it is essential, because if you do not use it properly, you will not have the expected result.

We at will help you to prevent this from happening, helping you to choose the most appropriate WiFi signal amplifier model. We will also show you how to get the best performance out of it.

First, the most important

  • There are different types of WiFi signal amplifier: repeater, powerlink and antennas.
  • The environment and appropriate allocation factors are as important as the model specifications.
  • This is a complementary solution, so it is also important to pay attention to the internet connection and WiFi router, as the WiFi signal amplifier depends directly on these to fulfill its role.

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Best WiFi signal amplifier models: Our favorites

Looking for a device that helps to amplify the internet signal at home, on the site or at work? We have listed some of the best models on the market, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


Buying Guide

Before purchasing your WiFi signal amplifier, you need to take into account some criteria. The more you know about the product, the less chance you have of buying something that will not help you. So, continue reading this Buying Guide and learn everything you need to choose the right amplifier.

WiFi signal amplifier: Antenna, Repeater or Powerline?

The WiFi signal amplifier is basically a technology to overcome limitations of the propagation of the WiFi signal through the environment. These limitations are due to, mainly, three factors:

    • Distance
    • Walls
    • Other obstacles


In principle, there are three types of devices that fulfill this role in different ways: repeater, Powerline and antennas.

The latter, however, is a very limited solution, restricted only to potentiate the signal from the WiFi router in the same location, slightly increasing its range, being a considerably less effective resource than the first two.

In addition, not all routers allow the installation or exchange of antenna. Therefore, we will focus our analysis on repeaters and Powerlines.


The repeaters came first, and as the name suggests, they receive and “repeat” the WiFi signal received by the router, functioning as a second unit from it.

For this, they need to be within the range of the WiFi router. In this way, they create a second range covering areas that previously received little or no WiFi signal.

Below, we list the main advantages and disadvantages of repeaters:


Powerlines are a more recent innovation, fulfilling a role similar to that of repeaters, but in a different way.

These accessories are also known as PLC (Power Line Communication) and are used to distribute internet around the house from the mains sockets.

That is, instead of creating a second range, similar to that of routers, powerlines provide you with WiFi signal in all outlets in your home, in which you can connect multiple repeaters, generating several WiFi points.

In the table below we have separated for you the main advantages and disadvantages of Powerlinks:

Where should I place my repeater?

The location of the WiFi signal amplifier is very important, as their improper positioning will harm the result you expect. This is a more important factor for repeaters, since transmission over WiFi is more susceptible to interference.

You should avoid placing the router and the repeater at the edges of the environment, as the signal is radial, much of the signal will be sent to your neighbors.

You should also avoid installing too close to devices that cause greater interference such as microwaves and cordless phones, as this factor occurring very close to the device has the potential to significantly impair the signal.

Therefore, ideally, you should place your WiFi signal amplifier in a central and high area of ​​your environment. This second factor contributes to the better propagation of the WiFi signal, as there is less interference in higher places.

Another must-see tip for you: using apps that analyze the WiFi signal strength. With them, it will be much easier for you to identify the best place to install your WiFi signal amplifier.

Choosing the right amplifier, your house will have a WiFi signal more powerful than this statue in Silicon Valley:

How much?

Repeaters are cheaper options, and can cost from R $ 119. More advanced options, such as Powerlines, can cost up to R $ 420.

Where to buy?

This product is easily found in physical and digital stores. However, on the internet, there is the advantage of analyzing the specifications more clearly, since this information is more visible.

On the internet, amplifiers can be found in virtually all e-commerce. Some examples are Amazon.

Purchase criteria: Compare the different models of WiFi signal amplifiers

There are some essential aspects that you need to analyze before making your decision when purchasing a WiFi signal amplifier:

  • Type
  • Environment
  • Specifications

Next, we will detail these three factors.


As we explained earlier, the two main types of WiFi signal amplifiers are the repeater and the Powerline. Below we will detail them in greater depth.

Repeater : it is the most common and cheapest type of WiFi signal amplifier. They are responsible for receiving and “repeating” the signal emitted by your router, creating, from the place where it is allocated, a second signal zone.

For its best operation, it is important that you install it not so close to the router, because although this helps you to receive a good signal level, its range will be similar to that of the router itself, because of the short distance.

It should also not be installed too far from the router, because although it guarantees a better range of action than in the previous scenario, the signal received will be small, which will cause the distribution of this to be even worse, since in the repetition process, it loses also speed.

Powerline : The coverage is greater, because once connected to the electrical network, it will deliver a WiFi signal with greater speed. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about the range of action as in the case of the repeater.

With this device you will be able to distribute internet to your entire home (as long as it is connected by the same electrical network) efficiently and quickly. Which is certainly a great advantage for larger homes and offices.

However, as this technology is delivered through the sockets, it is necessary to complement it with the repeaters, which receive the signal through the electrical network and distribute the signal.

Most Powerlines are accompanied by 1 or 2 of these repeaters, which may not be enough if your house is too big and with more than one floor, for example, so it is necessary to complement it with extra repeaters.


Probably the main factor that will influence your purchase is the environment where you want to install the WiFi signal amplifier.

Factors such as location size, walls (and thickness) and appliances (and their placement) are very important for you to choose the type and the best allocation of your WiFi signal amplifier.

All the factors mentioned above have a negative influence on signal propagation, since they are limitations (size of the site), barriers (walls and plumbing, for example) and interference (devices such as microwaves and cordless phones).

Therefore, if you need to improve the signal in a small environment, the repeater will certainly be sufficient to meet your needs.

Regarding the Powerline, you should pay attention to your electrical network first. It is important that this is in good condition as it is directly linked to the speed at which the WiFi signal will be distributed.

If your internet needs are for a large environment, with a greater number of barriers and devices, the powerline should be a more efficient investment.


For more basic needs, such as a smaller environment, fewer appliances and natural barriers, this is one of the factors that will least influence your purchase.

This is due to the fact that most of the most basic WiFi signal amplifiers are capable of delivering higher speeds than what is offered by internet operators.

However, if you need higher performance, multiple devices and larger environments, paying attention to the specifications will also be important. And the main factors are:

Speed : measured in Mbps (megabits per second), it is the unit of measurement of data transmission. So the bigger the better.

Protocols : you may have heard of the 802.11 protocol, which is the reference for WiFi signal. This code is accompanied by letters such as: “AC” and “N”, which represent the frequency at which the routers transmit signal.

The AC protocol is the fastest, but this is not just a matter of speed, but of compatibility, where the router and the WiFi signal amplifier must be aligned.

To avoid worries, paying a little more, you can opt for a Dualband device, which is capable of processing and transmitting both frequencies.

Antenna : this last factor is directly responsible for the range covered by your WiFi signal amplifier. Give preference to more powerful antennas for better coverage.


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