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Top & Best 40 inch TV Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best 40 inch TV: Which are the best of 2022?


As more time passes, televisions are gaining new technologies that make them even better. An excellent option is 40 inch TV and it is what we will talk about today here at be very welcome!

Having a size that matches different environments, this type of TV is found in many models and thanks to that there are versions that provide images and cinema sound, for a very good average price.

And if you are thinking of purchasing a new appliance for your home this can be a great choice and in this text we bring everything that is most important about it so that you know exactly which one to buy. So continue with us and let’s go!

First, the most important

  • The 40 inch TV is ideal for medium and large sized living rooms and bedrooms.
  • All of them have great image resolution and most are full HD, including models that can connect to the internet.
  • The value of a 40 inch TV starts at around R $ 1,300 and even the most modern ones do not have such a high price.

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Ranking: The 3 best 40 inch TVs

The 40 inch TV is an excellent option for those who do not give up watching their series, movies and many other programs, however, it needs to be of excellent quality to reproduce good images and sounds. For this reason, we have separated in this ranking the best in the market, check it out.

Buying Guide

Ideal for watching open TV programs, series and movies, the 40 inch TV is a great option for those looking for a larger screen, but without spending a lot on it, and is available in several options, including smart TV versions , which connect easily to the internet.

Thanks to this they are among the most sold and it is to show you their advantages and disadvantages, prices and even how to choose one for you that we have prepared this purchase guide. To know everything just keep reading.

What is a 40 inch TV?

The 40 inch TV is a device that does not fit even among those that are small or giant, thus having a screen with an ideal size for those who want something big, but without overdoing it.

In general this type of TV is about 101 centimeters wide and 50 centimeters high without its base and is available in different thicknesses, with models that are thinner and even slightly thicker.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the 40 inch TV?

Thanks to its size, the 40 inch TV is very versatile and because of this it can be installed in various environments without weighing it down. In addition, it currently exists in various models and thus manages to have superior sound and image quality.

Another advantage is that there are many options with smart technology, which are ideal for those who love to watch internet content on the TV, without the need for additional cables and connections for that.

There is also the advantage that this type of TV is not among the most expensive and has an average price that is worth the investment, thus having an excellent cost benefit.

The disadvantage of this model of device is that there are very few models or almost none manufactured with curved screen, 4K and 3D resolution, and those looking for a TV of this type will have to opt for larger options.

What type of screen does the 40 inch TV have?

40 inch TVs have LED screens and this makes them able to transmit images with a lot of quality. This type of screen is an evolution of the LCD and it is from it that the new Oled and Qled technologies were created, which are found in larger televisions.

Thus, the LED screen is the most used in several electronic devices and is composed of a large number of diodes, which are small lamps. These diodes are responsible for emitting light to the liquid crystal that makes up the television screen.

In this way, instead of all of it receiving light, each point is lit as necessary to form the images and with that it is possible to have a greater definition and better colors and contrasts.

Which is better: 40 inch digital TV or smart TV?

All new 40 inch TVs have an integrated digital converter and that means they receive a digital signal and thanks to that they have a picture and sound without drizzle or interference, unlike what happens with the analog, which has even been turned off in several cities companies.

Thus, the 40-inch digital TV has the advantages of providing a sound similar to that of home theaters and provides electronic programming guides, with information on weather, programs and more.

The big difference between them for smart TV is that this model manages to combine the quality of digital TV with internet connection via Wi-Fi or cable and thanks to that it is possible to access applications and watch content present in broadband.

In addition, with the 40-inch smart TV there is also the possibility to connect it to smartphones and tablets in a very simple way, thus being able to consult everything that exists on these devices.

With that, which one to choose depends a lot on how you use the television set and those who like series and movies and usually watch them on the computer can benefit from smart TV.

How and where to install the 40 inch TV?

The 40 inch TV is ideal for medium to large living rooms and bedrooms, with a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from the sofa, which can be up to a maximum of 3 meters in order to be well used.

The models can be placed on top of furniture such as racks and tables, since they all come with supports, or else through a TV panel , which can be chosen according to the decoration of the environment.

An important point for those who choose to place the 40 inch TV on the wall is to analyze the material on which it is made. Plaster castings are very weak and may not support the weight of television. An alternative if your wall is made of this material is to look for beams, since they are strong and can support the TV.

It is also necessary to be careful with the type of support that will be purchased and before anything else it is necessary to note the weight of your TV to acquire an option that the support, since often devices with the same inch can weigh differently.

However, regardless of how this product is installed, it is necessary to take into account some factors and the first is the location. Always choose to leave the television as far away from the sun as possible, as when it hits the screen it becomes more difficult to watch it.

Another issue is how long it will stay where people who will use it will sit. Thus, the ideal is that when sitting the bottom of the TV is at eye level, so that it is possible to use it comfortably.

How much?

The price of a 40 inch TV is determined by the type of technology it works with and also its brand. Thus, there are options that are full HD, others are smart TV and the like.

Thus, the simplest models have a starting price of around R $ 1,300 and the maximum price they can reach is around R $ 2,300.

Where to buy?

It is very easy to find a 40 inch TV to buy and in practically all stores that sell electronic products you can find them, with some examples being Casas Bahia, Magazine Luiza, Fast Shop and Carrefour.

There are also no difficulties on the internet and you can easily search a number of options without worrying about leaving your home. Thus, some sites where 40 inch TVs are very popular are:

    • Amazon
    • American
    • Cold spot
    • Free market


In addition, if you do not know the models that are in our Ranking can also be purchased and if you liked any just click on it that will quickly be directed to the website where it is for sale.

Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare 40 inch TV models

So far we have presented everything that is most important about the 40 inch TV, and if you are determined to purchase one, know that there are some factors that must be taken into consideration to make the best choice, they are:

  • Image resolution
  • Sound quality
  • Connectivity and number of ports
  • Frequency
  • Thickness

Now we will detail each one of them.

Image resolution

One of the most important points of a television is the image it transmits and it must be of the best quality possible, so that what is happening on the screen of the device is very clear and free from any interference.

This characteristic is determined by the resolution of the screen that is measured by pixels, and among the options available for the 40 inch TV, full HD is one of the best.

If you find an option with the HD screen, it is worth knowing that it has half the pixels of the full HD and however much it can generate good images, it will always be inferior.

And even if there are few models, it is possible to opt for a 40 inch 4K television, also called Ultra-High-Definition.

These can be superior to full HD since they have screens with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is four times more than the other option and on them it is very difficult to see the points that form the images.

Because of this, 4K TVs are able to display content with more clarity, brightness and color variation.

Sound quality

It is no use having a television with a super image resolution if the sound it transmits is not of the right quality? So this is another point that you should pay attention to.

Therefore, it is worth knowing that Dolby Digital is one of the best, but if you do not find any that have this technology, it is worth researching the characteristics if it has a different speaker layout, if it has a special system for this and the like.

Connectivity and number of ports

The connection methods that the 40 inch TV has is another thing that you must take into consideration and here it comes not only the question of the internet, but also the number of ports it has.

Of course, if you have the desire to access the internet and even your cell phone via television, it is very worthwhile to purchase a 40 inch smart TV, however the number of inputs it has should also be considered.

These ports are important for connecting the device to blue rays, video games, DVDs and even the equipment of the cable TV company, for example. Therefore, at least it must have two HDMI inputs and at least one USB, more than that can be very useful.

A tip for those who will use the internet on a 40 inch television is to check if it will be necessary to connect it via Wi-Fi or cable and also to hire an unlimited plan or with many megabytes, since the consumption can be high to play movies in 4K, for example.


The frequency is another characteristic of the 40 inch TV that must be analyzed and it concerns the number of times the screen is updated. It also helps with the image quality you will receive.

For example, a television set with a frequency of 60Hz reproduces 60 frames per second and the higher the number, the smoother the image transition, significantly reducing blurring or distortion.

TV thickness and size

Even if the screen size of a 40-inch TV is always the same, its structure causes changes in its measurements as a whole and it is important to analyze whether they suit your space and taste.

There are people who have been looking for increasingly thin TVs, so it is important to check the thickness of the set. Those who have a smaller area to place it should also look for models that have thinner edges and thus keep the screen size, without spending more space for it.



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