Top & Best Sony 4k TV Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Sony 4k TV: How to choose the best in 2022?

A high-level television set brings entertainment, fun, information, emotion and many other positive things to our lives. Choosing a model from a trusted brand is essential! Therefore, today we will talk about the Sony 4k TV.

You know how spectacular Sony is. 4K TVs are close to the best on the market when it comes to resolution. Why not join the two sides in one product? In this guide, we will help you choose the best model possible and bring a lot of happiness to your life!

First, the most important

  • As the high-end brand that it is, Sony produces 4K TVs that rely on very modern technologies and produce jaw-dropping images.
  • The TRILUMINOS screen and the Backlight Master Drive are some of the main features that Sony applies to its 4k televisions. They take the home audiovisual experience to a new level.
  • Another great positive point of these devices is the Android TV operating system, considered the best today.

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The best Sony 4k TVs: The writing choices

There are many sizes, technologies and functions of Sony 4k TVs. With extensive research, we selected those we believe to be the best. Any of them is an excellent choice!

  • The 4k Sony TV for those who want a home cinema
  • For those who don’t have that much space
  • The best cost-benefit


Buying Guide

There are many details to observe when choosing a television. With the quality and profusion of Sony models, it’s even harder to know what’s really worth.

But don’t worry: we have prepared a complete shopping guide to answer all your questions!


What are the advantages of a Sony 4k TV?

Sony is a Japanese company with an extreme tradition in the manufacture of electronics. From televisions to cameras and even offal such as recordable DVDs, it always stands out for the extreme quality of its products.

Concern about cutting-edge technology is a classic feature of Sony. The brand positions itself as of a high standard, making high quality and expensive electronics. The focus is always on who can pay more for the best.

With Sony 4k TVs, you’ll find the most advanced resolution, screen design, sound technology and connectivity. The top of the line always brings innovations that are jaw-dropping.

No wonder there is a big difference between Sony’s top-of-the-line and entry-level products. It is one of the brands with the largest gulf between electronics lines. We can consider this both an advantage and a disadvantage.

Among all the manufacturers of modern televisions, Sony is the one that offers the best operating system. With a microphone on the remote control, access to the Play Store and great quality of apps, this is the aspect where the Japanese brand has the most advantage over the competition.

See the main advantages and disadvantages of Sony 4k TVs below:

What technologies does Sony offer on its 4k TVs?

Investing in modern technologies that can improve your experience is a mission for Sony. Therefore, it always evolves the quality of its television lines.

When choosing a 4K TV from Sony, you may notice the presence of some strange names that denote the applied technologies. Therefore, we will calmly explain what are the most important:

  • Backlight master drive: It is an optical system generated by the 4k processor that illuminates the background of images through an ultra-dense LED light. It makes the experience in films, series and programs that use well-crafted photography much more impactful.
  • TRILUMINOS screen: Trademark of Sony, is present in almost all models. It has a wider color palette and is able to map all the shades on the screen. Each shade and shade is reproduced with much more fidelity!
  • Android TV: It’s the operating system of Sony Smart TVs! Considered the best of today, it offers advanced voice control, a wide range of applications and broadcasts available and fantastic connectivity.
  • High Dynamic Range 4k: It is the combination of Sony technologies (such as 4k X-Reality and the TRILUMINOS screen) that makes the 4k resolution of televisions even better. It makes the realism of each image unbelievable.

The more of these special technologies your Sony TV offers, the better!

What are the lines of Sony 4k TVs?

There is more than one line of Sony 4k TVs. As we mentioned, the difference between the models considered “top” and “entry” is considerable. But your pocket and your need are the most important factors for choosing.

The simplest and oldest models are those that start with the letter “K”. Then comes the “X”, with growth according to the number that follows the letter (from 70 to 95). The most modern, perfect and expensive is represented by the “Z”.

In all lines, you find variations in screen size, but as the more modern ones get closer, it is more difficult to find smaller models. The TVs that start with “Z” exist only in 75 and 100 inch versions, which makes it impossible to buy by those who do not have space.

We set up a table that compares the three lines of Sony 4k TVs:

How to keep your Sony 4k TV always up to date?

Smart TVs have an operating system that always needs to be updated. Sony works with excellent Android TV. You will need to be aware of any new versions that appear.

The main updates to the Sony 4k TV happen automatically.

The main updates happen automatically. This was the case when, in February 2019, there was an upgrade to Android 8 Oreo, powerful software that opens up many new possibilities for users.

Keeping the TV always connected with WiFi helps the TV to stay up to date, both in the operating system and in important applications such as YouTube and Netflix. The device automatically alerts you when a new download needs to be made.

The key is to always have a good internet connection. So you can make the most of everything your Sony 4K TV offers you!

Did you know that Sony is concerned about the impacts that its electronics have on the environment? In addition to manufacturing with environmentally friendly materials, it helps you dispose of batteries.

Since 2004, you can take used batteries and batteries to official Sony disposal points. In doing so, you will be sure that they will not pollute our springs!

How much does it cost and where to buy a Sony 4k TV?

There is a huge variation in the prices of Sony 4k TVs. The model and the size of the screen are the main factors that influence the differences in value. We found devices in the range of R $ 1,000, obviously already very good, and others, more modern in the “Z” line, which reach no less than R $ 45,000.

Electronics stores, home appliances and even hypermarkets must offer good varieties of Sony 4k TVs. Internet shopping is also a good option, especially on Amazon, international Amazon and Mercado Livre.

Purchasing criteria: What to consider when choosing a Sony 4k TV

We have already talked about the advantages of sony 4k TVs, the characteristics of each line and the main technologies applied. We just need to go into more detail about some technical specifications. Therefore, we have selected four important criteria for discussion!

  • Screen size
  • Connectivity
  • Sound quality
  • Electricity consumption

Below, we go into more detail about each of them.

Screen size

One of the main aspects that we think about when buying a television set is the size of the screen. Measured in inches, it can add a new dimension to what is watched and make the immersion experience much better.

The exaggerated proximity between television and viewer can cause problems with vision.

However, not everyone can count on a big screen television. When there is no space, exaggerated proximity has the potential to cause serious problems with vision.

A simple 32-inch TV already asks for a distance of 1.8 meters so as not to impair the viewer’s eyes. The number, of course, is growing: In a 70-inch model, it is 3.8 meters.

So prioritize your health and don’t buy a TV bigger than your space can handle!


We live in an era in which connectivity is the key to everything. Purchasing a device that is not up to date with everything that technology allows is already a start of lag that will only grow over time.

Check the ways of connecting your Sony 4K TV! WiFi, of course, is indispensable. The number of physical inputs also needs to be assessed, such as the possibilities for HDMI, Ethernet and USB.

Sound quality

When we buy a television, we think mainly of image. High resolution, definition, pixel count and more. Not surprisingly, “4k” is an indicator of visual quality.

However, we must not forget that televisions are used to enjoy audiovisual products. And that they also need to have good sound quality for the experience to be complete.

Always check out what your preferred model has to offer in terms of audio. Sony, of course, is very concerned with the subject and wants your experience with each device to be complete!

Electricity consumption

A television set consumes electricity even when it is on standby. With all the modern technologies applied to the current models, mainly regarding the quality of the resolution, the brightness and the contrast, the tendency is that the number is more and more.

Be sure to compare electricity consumption between models of similar price ranges. That way, you will know exactly what you are buying and you will not have an unpleasant scare when receiving the electricity bill.


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