Top & Best 65 inch TV Review 2022 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best 65 inch TV: Learn how to buy the best in 2022

Welcome to Mypricesaving! Today we will talk about an item of desire for those who want to have a cinema experience at home: the 65 inch TV.

This giant television is a consumer dream for many. But how to choose the ideal among so many different models? And how to make your dream come true if you live in a small space?

In this article, we will explain to you what to consider when purchasing the 65 inch TV of your dreams.

First, the most important

  • The 65 inch TV is a giant television, which guarantees high image resolution and sound quality.
  • Ideal for large spaces, the 65 inch TV can also be used in smaller rooms, depending on the technology used.
  • In the midst of so many different models and technologies, we will show you what to watch before buying the 65 inch TV.

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Best models of 65 inch TV: Our recommendations

Those looking for a giant television want the perfect combination of high technology, image quality, sound and durability. Thinking about it, manufacturers have invested heavily in innovations. In this way, we will present you the best 65 inch TV models available on the market today.

  • 65 inch Android TV – Sony
  • 65 inch Smart TV – Samsung
  • 65 inch Smart TV – TCL
  • 65 inch Smart TV – Philco

Buying Guide

It may seem simple to choose a 65 inch TV, either by the designer or the price. But it is necessary to consider several factors, from the technical specifications, the technology used to the size of the room.

That’s why we created this Buying Guide with all the information you need to know to get the ideal 65 inch television.


What is a 65 inch TV?

Imagine having the feeling that you, your family and your friends are in front of a movie screen, however, sitting on the sofa in your living room. Imagine? This is the experience you will have with a 65 inch TV.

An item of desire for movie lovers, this giant television allows a privileged view, with high technology that guarantees the latest generation of sound and image.

With a large screen, the 65 inch TV gives you a real picture feeling. Because the number of pixels (the smallest point that forms a digital image) is so large, it is almost impossible to notice any imperfection in the image.

The size of a 65-inch TV, despite varying between manufacturers, usually has a screen about 80m high and 143cm wide. It is, therefore, a television that falls into the “giant” category.

In common, the large televisions manufactured today are considered to be of the latest generation, since they have the most modern technology.

This means that the 65 inch TV models that you will find on sale, come mostly equipped with internet and other functions. We will talk more about these items in Purchase Criteria.

Due to its large size, the 65 inch TV is, in general, more recommended for larger spaces. But, as we will see later in this article, even in this technology comes to help.

Today there is already a solution in case you have a smaller area and still want to purchase a 65 inch TV. The most important thing to consider, however, is the distance between your TV and your sofa.

What is the ideal distance between the sofa and the 65 inch TV?

Did you know that, regardless of the size of your television, there is an ideal distance that must be considered between the set and the sofa?

According to experts, this distance allows you to take better advantage of the image quality, in addition to protecting your eyes from such close contact with the screen.

Thus, the larger the television screen, the greater the distance between the device and the viewer.

he closer you get to the television, the greater the chance that the image will lose quality and appear “pixelated”, that is, as if the image loses focus.

The simplest way to calculate the distance between the sofa and the TV set is to consider about half a meter of distance for every 10 inches. That is, if your television is 32 inches, it is recommended that you stay at least 1.5 meters from the screen.

In the case of the 65-inch TV, the ideal is that you guarantee a distance between those who watch and the screen of about 4 meters. According to experts, this is the ideal distance to guarantee the quality of the image you will watch on your television.

Because of this great distance, in general, the 65 inch TV is usually a challenge to be placed in small spaces, such as bedrooms, for example.

But this is where the evolution of technology comes in to solve this challenge. Nowadays, it is already possible to have a big screen in a room or a smaller room, without compromising the visualization of the image.

This is because the distance between the viewer and the TV must also take into account the resolution of the image that the device offers. A television with Full HD resolution requires a distance between the sofa and the screen between 3 to 4 meters.

If your 65-inch TV has a higher resolution, such as ultra HD 4K, the distance between the viewer and the device can be between 2.5 to 3 meters. We’ll talk more about image resolution types in Purchasing Criteria.

What are the advantages of a 65 inch TV?

As we have seen, the great advantage of the 65 inch TV is that it offers an image and sound experience that can be compared to that of a cinema.

As such, the vast majority of 65 ”TVs come with high image resolution and efficient audio systems. In addition, this television also usually comes equipped with the Smart system, which allows integration with the internet.

Another advantage of the 65 inch TV is that it becomes an item that makes up the decoration of the environment. In general, these televisions come in a slim or ultra slim format, that is, they are thin or superfine, ensuring a bold designer, in addition to saving space.

But, as with most electronic equipment, the 65-inch TV also has some disadvantages.

Among the disadvantages of the 65 inch TV is the price of the device. It is a fact that the bigger the television, the higher its cost.

The 65 ”TV comes equipped with the Smart system, which allows integration with the internet so that you can watch movies and series on Netflix and Youtube.

In general, larger televisions are manufactured with the latest technologies, which consequently makes the electronic device more expensive.

The counterpoint is that the 65 inch TV ends up becoming a great cost-benefit. As it employs the latest technologies, you will certainly not think of switching to another one anytime soon.

But another disadvantage is that this size of television will inevitably take up a lot of space in your home, whether taking an entire wall or on top of a large rack.

Below you can see the main advantages and disadvantages of the 65 inch TV:

What is the best image resolution for a 65 inch TV?

It is useless to invest in a giant TV if the device does not have a high definition image resolution. The type of image resolution is what will define the quality of what you watch.

Therefore, the more advanced the system, the more details of images you will be able to see, giving the feeling that you see an image with the naked eye.

Currently, TVs with image resolution in HD, Full HD and 4K formats can be found.

  • HD : HD television is the most outdated and near the end. Nowadays, few brands still invest in this resolution and when they do, they are on smaller televisions.
  • Full HD : This resolution is already high definition and, therefore, still remains on the market. There are few 65 inch TV models still manufactured in Full HD. This type of resolution is losing space to the most modern model available on the market today, the Ultra HD 4k.
  • Ultra HD 4k : It has four times higher resolution than Full HD. Therefore, the devices in 4k reproduce impressive details and a very high definition image. The 4k system is generally found on larger televisions, such as the 65 inch TV.

In addition to these three types of image resolution, there is a fourth that has not yet emerged, but which is already considered the future: the 8k resolution.

The problem is that there is still little content transmitted in this resolution. So when you buy the 65 inch TV you can rest assured with 4k resolution.

In addition, when it comes to image resolution on the 65 inch TV, you should also check if the device has Dolby Vision technology. This technology guarantees an image transmission without loss of the original quality.

Also note if the 65 inch TV has Hight Dynamic Range (HDR) technology. This system offers a superior standard of contrast and brightness and more vivid colors.

How much?

The price of a 65 inch TV will depend on the technological systems employed and the manufacturer brand. For this reason, you will find 65 ”television sets on the market that cost between R $ 4,000 and R $ 26,000.

You don’t need to invest your entire budget on the most expensive TV. Most of the time it is possible to find a reasonable price that guarantees the desired quality.

Where to buy?

The 65 inch TV is for sale in electronics, department stores.

But we recommend that you make your purchase at online stores, such as Amazon, for example.

When you buy online, you guarantee a wider range of brands, models and also more affordable prices. Not to mention that you make your purchase from the comfort of your home.

Purchasing criteria: What to consider before choosing a 65 inch TV

As we have already seen, the first point that you should note, before buying your 65 inch TV, is the size of your room. It is necessary to respect the ideal distance between the screen and the viewer to guarantee the quality of the reproduced image.

But, in addition, there are a number of technical factors that will also influence the efficiency of your television and your experience as a viewer.

To help you choose the 65 inch TV best suited to your expectations, we’ve listed below the main factors to note before making your purchase.

  • Screen
  • Smart TV
  • Sound quality
  • Connections
  • Models

Next, we’ll detail each of these factors so that you can buy the ideal 65 inch TV.


Another factor that you should consider when choosing a 65 inch TV is the type of screen. Here we are still not talking about the designer, but about the technology and also the image quality in terms of brightness, contrast and colors.

In general, the most popular models have LED screens. But this is not a rule. In addition to the LED, you can also find screens in LCD, Plasma and the latest Oled.

Plasma TV is the most outdated, as it does not work well in bright environments and consumes more energy.

The LCD TV is still one of the most used technologies on the market, but it usually has a low contrast and brightness rate.

On the other hand, the 65 inch LED TV, although more expensive, is the most economical and also the most sold on the market. The LED television has a much higher performance in terms of contrast and brightness.

The OLED screen is the latest on the market, but it is even more expensive. It consumes less energy and guarantees more contrast, brightness and better reproduction of black and dark colors.

If your budget allows, invest in 65 inch OLED TV. Otherwise, choose the LED screen.

Smart TV

As we have already seen in this article, the latest models of 65 inch televisions already come with the Smart TV system, which allows access to online applications and the internet browser.

But you must take into account how access to the internet can be done, depending on the TV model chosen. 65 inch Smart TVs come with two access possibilities:

  • Integrated Wi-Fi : The television comes with an adapter that captures the Wi-Fi signal in your home.
  • Wi-Fi Ready : An adapter is needed to receive the signal from the internet, which connects via the USB port.

Sound quality

Regarding audio quality, you should consider both the power of the speakers and the technologies that support the transmission of audio.

The most modern models of the 65 inch TV usually have speakers with powers ranging between 16W and 20W in their speakers. The higher the power, the better the sound quality.

Allied to this, some models come with support technologies, which further optimize the sound quality. The most common and effective way to transmit clean, cinema-quality sound is Dolby Digital.

But, if the 65 inch television does not guarantee these technologies, it is recommended to choose a soundbar or home theater, to enhance the sound quality.


The 65 inch TVs on the market have inputs for different types of connections. But, depending on your need, it is important to check the number of inputs before purchasing the 65 inch TV.

If you have, for example, a Blu-ray player, a video game and a pay-TV connection, the television must have at least three HDMI inputs. In general the 65 inch TV usually has between two and four HDMI inputs.

USB ports, which are used to connect flash drives or other devices, are usually offered between two and three per device. But there are some models that do not have this option, so check beforehand.

We also recommend that you look at the number of speaker outputs and home theater connections.


As we saw in this article, the 65 inch TV can come in slim or ultra slim format, which makes it more discreet and contributes to the decoration of the environment.

But in addition, you can also find the model of the 65 inch TV with the curved screen. The curved screen gives the feeling of having a greater field of view, in addition to offering more comfort to the eyes and greater realism to the transmitted image.

Due to the rounded edges, the curved screen balances the brightness, color and outline of the images. The problem is that this television model produces more reflections than that of a flat screen.



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