Top & Best Philips Smart TV Review 2022 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Philips Smart TV: Which are the best of 2022?

Welcome to The expected day has arrived. After organizing your budget you are looking for an excellent Philips smart TV to watch movies, series, series, sports and more.

Philips smart TVs have complete applications that value every detail in the experience of watching what you like most. But, there are some technical details that you need to know to differentiate the models and make the best choice.

Advanced lighting system, internet access and incredible contrasts. By discovering how to buy your Philips smart TV you can bring a model that suits your needs and entertains the whole family.

First, the most important

  • To work, the Philips smart TV requires a robust broadband internet service.
  • When you buy Philips smart TV you don’t need a soundbar or home theater to have top quality sound.
  • The number of inches on the Philips smart TV can range from 32 to 82 or more inches.

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Buying Guide

Many times when you watch the content on the smart TV Philips thinks you are on the screen because of the realism in the audiovisual. Now read the words that can make you more aware when comparing and choosing models.

What is the operating system of the Philips smart TV?

Operating system is responsible for the speed in navigation and for the methods to activate the basic functions like audio or the most complex applications.

Most smart TVs on the market have a similar operating system!

But, in the case of Philips smart television, the operating system is unique, in view of the personalized technological engineering against crashes or noise.

The name of the operating system for Philips smart TVs is Tizen, fully dedicated to allow you to perform multiple functions at the same time without crashing when running applications simultaneously.

How to connect a Philips smart TV on the internet?

The instruction manual of the device specifies how to make this connection. The procedures work as follows:

  • First, you need to connect the router to the TV set and wait a few seconds.
  • Then you need to take the remote control and press the “Smart TV” button to make it possible to use online navigation or applications.
  • If the TV does not go to the menu, you must select the option called “C / FIOS”Finally, choose the menu called “Internet” or “Online”, so you can access the browser to access and view the contents of any website. You can even watch Netflix without using the app on the Philips smart TV.

Why does Philips smart TV stand out in the market?

Due to the unique operating system, we can say that the experience of watching Philips smart TV is more intuitive, interactive and enjoyable. With just one device you work online while watching your favorite shows.

With these devices you can even record programs and enjoy cinema-quality sound without extra devices! The models can even design colored LED lights in special effects to enhance the user experience.

In addition to the high price, a downside is that you need to have a powerful broadband internet to enjoy the best of the Philips smart TV.

More pros and cons you can see in the table:

What are the most popular Philips smart TV models?

It is to be expected that on larger models you will find more application options and powerful processors that work together for the Philips smart TV to fly in navigation.

However, on smaller devices you can also find the main applications such as access to social networks or shortcuts to Netflix. In any model you connect the digital television system.

The versions are also all thin, but only larger editions have more choices to personalize the audio, check DTVi details and take advantage of the superior diversity in the applications, with advantages even in 3D reproductions.

Depending on the store that sells the product, we can say that the warranty period for Philips smart TVs with more inches is extended. Larger televisions also favor the decoration of the room by the projection of beautiful bright lights.

Find in the table some differences between the main editions:

How much does a Philips smart TV cost?

From R $ 900 to R $ 5,000, this is the average price of Philips smart TVs. Naturally, the more inches there are in the device, the higher the prices charged at the retail level.

If you do not want to learn the functions of the device on your own by following the manual, you will have to pay extra to installers who provide this type of technical training.

Where to buy a Philips smart TV?

In department stores it is not difficult to find different versions, although buying directly from the store in person can make the price more expensive.

When you buy online you can save up to 20% when you buy a Philips smart TV of any inch.

Amazon has trusted sellers who sell different versions of the brand television. Find significant diversity in the choice of inches.

Did you know that there are 3 ways to access Netflix on your Philips smart TV. First, right on the screen by selecting the shortcut. Second, accessing the internet browser. Third, selecting “menu”, “net TV” and then “Netflix”.



Purchase criteria: Factors to compare Philips smart TV offers

How relaxing to get home from work, stretch your legs on the couch and enjoy your Philips smart TV! The feeling becomes even better when you save a lot when buying after comparing offers wisely according to 4 fundamental rules:

  • Space
  • Ambilight
  • Control
  • 3D

See what each criteria means below:


Before buying the TV, check the space in which the device will be installed. Remember that many-inch versions can be disproportionate in the environment in terms of decoration. Larger models require very strong supports when installed on top of something, and should preferably be placed on the wall.

Smaller models, on the other hand, are easier to be proportional to the decorative proposal of the environment, with or without table support, although they have the disadvantage of being smaller. Also check the type of support that came with the product packaging.


Exclusive to Philips smart TVs, this technology can project soft colored lights onto the wall. They change their position and tones as the images on the screen change.

The intelligent system reads pixels from each image to project colors that match the scenes on the screen.

More inch models offer superior numbers of ambilight and extra ways to choose these lights: dynamic or relaxing. The smaller Philips smart TV is less dedicated to technology.

Notice how the Philips smart TV ambilight app works:


The Philips smart TV has in its packaging a manual in Portuguese and the remote control that can access all the functions of the smart device.

Sometimes the remote controls do not come with batteries. In other purchases, there may even be extra alkaline units. If there is no difference between prices, opt for the offer that has batteries.

To stand out from the competition some vendors sell Philips smart TVs with 2 remote controls without increasing prices.


Specifically, anyone looking for a Philips smart TV just because of 3D technology should opt for 50-inch or larger models. In smaller products the images may not be as good.

If you don’t want to use the more advanced 3D you can save money by buying smaller versions. Ponder whether this technology is really important to you. With all these tips you are now ready to buy your Philips smart TV.


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