Top & Best Samsung 4k TV Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Samsung 4k TV: How to choose the best in 2022


Every day a new technology appears and, with that, new televisions appear on the market. With so much diversity, it is even difficult to choose the ideal. But if you want the top of the line, the secret is to focus on the resolution of the image and the quality offered by the manufacturer. So today we are going to talk about Samsung 4k TV.

Samsung’s 4K TV is one of the most modern and delivers very high quality images, in addition to innovative features to optimize your experience in front of the screen. In this article, we’ll show you how to choose the best settings according to your expectations.


First, the most important

  • The Samsung 4k TV allows you to access content with ultra-high definition images and vibrant colors.
  • But there are several models that differ by size, type of screen and additional features.
  • Therefore, it is necessary to take into account some factors before investing in this type of TV.

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Buying Guide

To buy a new TV you need to consider several issues: From the price, through the technologies to the space where the device will be installed. With the Samsung 4k TV this is no different.

Therefore, in this Buying Guide we will explain everything about how this type of television works and how you can optimize its performance.

Why invest in Samsung 4k TV?

To answer that question, we need to go in parts. Firstly, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of the manufacturer. Samsung has a long tradition in the manufacture of electronic products, with emphasis on TVs and smartphones.

Known for investing in cutting edge technology and innovative features, Samsung is a reference when it comes to 4k television. But what does 4k mean?

This numbering is a type of high definition image resolution, Ultra HD (UHD). And the fact is that the higher the resolution of the TV, the sharper the details and colors that you will see when watching movies and programs.

Therefore, the Samsung 4K TV is ideal for those who access content with very high quality images. However, as we will see shortly, there are some restrictions on this access.

Another highlight of Samsung’s 4K TV is that even if its screen is small, the image quality will be more vivid and detailed, which does not happen on a television with lower resolution.

According to Samsung, if you compare the quality of a 65 “Full HD TV with a 65” 4K TV, you will notice a difference in the pixels that make up the image.

Erico TraldiAssociate Product Director for Samsung  TV and Audio and Video areas

“With unique features such as cable-free visuals and image quality without the white sub-pixel, 4K TVs make the consumer experience unique and innovative.”

This difference in pixels makes you have a more immersive experience, and also without restrictions on the distance between the TV and the sofa.

Because of the 4k resolution, the fact is that you can have a Samsung television with a large screen even in smaller environments, which is not possible with lower resolution TVs.

To find the ideal size for your room, Samsung recommends that you follow the following recommendations. Look:

What is the difference between Full HD TV and Samsung 4K?

As we have seen, there is a difference in the pixels that make up the image, which interferes with the quality of the displayed image.

The Samsung 4K TV has a resolution of 2840×2160, which totals 8,294,400 pixels, which are the points that were the images on the screen. Full HD TVs have a resolution of 1920×1080, or 2,073,600 pixels.

Because of this, 4K TV offers much sharper, clearer and more colorful images. However, precisely for that reason, Samsung’s 4K TV is much more expensive than Full HD.

Another difference between them is in terms of content. That’s because it is not enough to have a Samsung 4K TV to have instant access to high resolution content.

The fact is that 4K TV only plays content that has been shot in 4K. And this type of content is still not as vast and accessible when compared to images shot in Full HD.

What content is available on the Samsung 4K TV?

Companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube, in addition to some television channels, have already adapted the content to be transmitted by 4K TVs.


Today there are approximately 80 channels in the world that broadcast in 4K.

According to Samsung, today there are approximately 80 channels in the world that broadcast in 4K.

It is worth mentioning that many people record videos using 4K cameras or smartphones and share the content on YouTube or Vimeo, which can also be accessed on the Samsung 4K TV.

Can I watch Full HD content on my Samsung 4k TV?

Since 4K content is still not as common as Full HD, it is natural that you have to watch it on your Samsung 4K TV.

When you watch Full HD content on a 4K TV, ‘Upscaling’ adapts and improves image transmission.

‘Upscaling’ is a technology present in 4K TV that converts the Full HD image so that it is formatted on the display of a Samsung 4K TV.

Did you know that Samsung was founded in 1938 in South Korea and in 1969 launched the first black and white TV?

Today Samsung offers in addition to TVs, smartphones, tablets and various appliances.

What are the differences of Samsung 4k TV?

There are many differentials of Samsung’s 4K TV, but in fact all are related to investment in cutting-edge technology.

And while features may vary from model to model, there are some that are common to most Samsung 4K TVs. See the main ones:

    • HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology: With it you can see all the details of the scenes, without giving up the contrast.
    • True 4K: Present in the entire Samsung TV line, with RGB panels without the white sub-pixel that makes the image whitish.
    • Cable-free: Samsung’s ‘Cable-Free Visual’ solution hides the wires connected to the TV inside channels located at the rear of the device.
    • Simple installation: Exclusive to Samsung 4K QLED TVs, the No-Gap support allows you to fix the TV to the wall as if it were a frame.
    • Single remote control: Some Samsung 4K TVs automatically recognize the devices connected to it, which allows you to use only the TV remote control to control Blu-ray players, cable TV, soundbars and video game consoles.
    • Ambient mode: Samsung QLED TVs have Ambient Mode which, instead of the black screen, transmits images of textures, colors or even information.
    • Smart TV: The vast majority of Samsung’s 4K TVs are also Smart TVs, meaning you can access digital content through television.
    • Samsung Concierge: The Samsung 75-inch 4K TV offers Samsung Concierge, an after-sales service that brings personalized benefits such as 24-hour telephone service.


How does Samsung 4K TV technical support work?

If your television breaks, technical assistance is required. In this regard, Samsung offers several means of contact.

You can call the technical assistance for the Samsung 4K TV through the chat, e-mail or social networks that you find on the manufacturer’s website.

But if you want technical assistance at home just call the Call Center: 4004-0000 for capitals and metropolitan regions or 0800-124-421 for other regions. Assistance will be scheduled and a specialist will come to your home to repair your TV.

But you can also trigger remote technical assistance, where Samsung experts can access your TV remotely to perform settings, diagnostics and some services. To do so, you must:

    • Enter the Smart TV menu and select Support and then  Remote Management .
    • The TV will show a password .
    • Call the Call Center and enter the password.
    • Experts will access the TV and provide technical support via your TV screen .


How much does the Samsung 4K TV cost and where to buy it?

Samsung 4K TV may vary in price depending on settings and features. Therefore, you will find this type of television costing between R $ 1.6 thousand and R $ 14 thousand. Of course, you don’t have to buy the most expensive one.

In general, all Samsung 4K TV models have high technology and innovative functions.

In addition, you can buy Samsung TVs in department stores. But, if you want to buy your 4K TV without leaving home, we recommend stores like Amazon.


Purchasing Criteria

After understanding how the Samsung 4k TV works, the time has come to choose the ideal model among so many available. And the fact is, for laymen, it is not so simple to analyze the technical configurations that differentiate one TV from another.

To assist you in this step, we have listed the main criteria that you should pay attention to before buying the Samsung 4K TV. Are they:

  • Models
  • Inches
  • Additional resources
  • Inputs and connections

In the following, we will explain how you can analyze each of these topics in a simple and practical way.


The first factor that you need to take into account before purchasing your Samsung 4K TV is the model. Here Samsung offers three options: 4K UHD TV, 4K QLED TV and 4K Frame TV.

The Samsung 4K UHD TV comes with RGB panels and transmits natural colors, without any white pixels that can decrease image quality. In this category, all Samsung 4K TVs are Smart TVs.

QLED 4K TV has QLED technology, which stands for Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diodes. Developed by Samsung, this technology has as its main advantage the ability to reproduce colors true to reality, in all its variation and brightness.

Another advantage of the Samsung 4K QLED TV is that it compensates for reflections created by ambient light. That is, the image transmitted on the QLED screen is the same whether viewed from the front or from the side.

Finally, we have the Samsung 4K Frame TV. This 4K TV when turned off offers several art options to choose from, in addition to customizable frames.

That is, it ends up becoming part of the decoration of the room when it is not being used, serving as a painting on the wall.


Another factor that you should consider when choosing your Samsung 4K TV is, of course, the screen size, which is measured in inches. And here, you shouldn’t just take your personal taste into account.

As we saw in this article, it is necessary to consider the distance between the TV and the sofa to ensure a good view of the images.

Anyway, Samsung’s 4K TV has a screen whose size varies between 43 and 75 inches. In addition, it is also worth observing the dimensions of the TV to ensure that there is enough space for its installation on the wall.

It is worth mentioning that this choice must also be made according to the Samsung TV model you choose. That’s because, in general, the Samsung QLED 4K TV is only available on screens 49 inches and up.

If you want a smaller Samsung 4K TV, you should opt for the traditional UHD model, with a 43 inch screen.

Additional resources

Also note what features are included with the Samsung 4K TV model you choose. We select the main ones for you. Check out its features below:

  • Game Mode: This feature present on some Samsung 4K TVs is automatically activated when you turn on your video game, reducing the response time to 6.8 ms.
  • Bixby: With this feature you can use the microphone on the remote control of your 4K TV to search content on YouTube or Google, change channels, open applications and even check the weather.
  • SmartThings: By accessing the SmartThings app, you turn your Samsung 4K TV into a home automation center, allowing you to control several smart devices.
  • iTunes: You can also watch movies and series in UHD 4K directly through the iTunes app on the Samsung TV.

Inputs and connections

Another criterion that we recommend you take into consideration is that the Samsung 4K TV has different types of connections, depending on the model you choose.

And this is important if you want to connect other devices to your television, such as headphones, keyboards, soundbar, among others.

In this aspect, you will find 4K TV models that have connection options that can be made through cables or even wireless, which occurs with the aid of Bluetooth.

If you need to connect devices with cables, we suggest that you check mainly the types and quantities of Hdmi and Usb inputs. In general, you will find 4k TVs at Samsung that have two to four Hdmi inputs and between two and three USB.


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