Top & Best Soundbar JBL Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Soundbar JBL: Which are the best in 2022?

Do you want to learn how to buy a JBL soundbar? Then it’s in the right shopping guide! Read the information to go deeper into the knowledge that makes you develop the purchasing power for an intelligent acquisition.

Balancing treble, bass and midrange is not a challenge if you have a super resistant JBL soundbar against interference. But, depending on your usage goals, it may be worth buying lower-priced versions with less power.

Ideal for small spaces, your flat TV is very powerful in audio when connected to a JBL soundbar. Discover in the text information such as: main versions, prices, cheaper places to buy, among other considerations.

First, the most important

  • THE active JBL soundbar is less powerful and has a built-in amplifier.
  • The passive JBL soundbar is more powerful and difficult to install.
  • Most plasma, Led, LCD, or flat TVs are compatible with JBL soundbar.

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Ranking: The 4 best JBL soundbar deals

You don’t need a lot of space to install a JBL soundbar and watch cinema-quality movies on audio. For this reason the tendency to use the product grows every day. See which are the most coveted versions on the market:

Buying Guide

The sonic realism that the JBL soundbar offers to entertainment is impressive. This product values ​​leisure time. See now key points for you to have a better shopping experience.

Why is JBL soundbar the best?

The JBL brand is a world reference in the production of sound equipment. TVs with LED, plasma, LCD, flat and other types can receive installation of the product easily.

The objective of the JBL soundbar is to qualify audio on televisions, offering consumers a professional sound at reasonable prices.

This production is also successful for you who do not have space to install Home Theater in the room, but never give up on the audio quality when watching the award-winning films and series.

Wireless with 360 degree sound, several subwoofers, affordable prices and easy connections are characteristics that explain the success of the JBL soundbar today.

How to install JBL soundbar?

If you know a little about technology, you certainly shouldn’t have any problems connecting your JBL soundbar to the television.

It all depends on the characteristics of the TV itself. If the tv is not smart you need to connect it via audio outputs. Smart TVs can connect via bluetooth and with a remote control.

What are the benefits of the JBL soundbar?

Music, movies, games, in short, any kind of audio comes to life when it is played through a JBL soundbar.


The soundbar generates significant differences in sound quality.

This production does not have as much power as Home Theater, but it generates significant differences in sound quality. It is easy to install, as JBL offers instruction manuals and videos that teach you step by step in detail.

JBL soundbars are praised by expert critics for their protection against interference that can generate noise or distortion. The downside is that a small drop ends up breaking the long, thin device.

Understand more fully the advantages and disadvantages of JBL devices:

Active or passive JBL soundbar: Which one to choose?

Sometimes you buy the JBL soundbar and after installing it you realize that there is no effectiveness in playing audio in large environments. This happens not because of the quality of the device, but because of the wrong choice of model.

To avoid these mistakes, know the two JBL soundbar formats: active and passive.

Active JBL Soundbar

The cheapest and most popular models on the market are active JBL soundbar. These editions make life easier for installers as they have everything built-in: speakers, amplifiers, among other components.

Even those who do not know much about electronic installations can install perfectly, including the need to use cables directed to the speakers. It is a perfect choice for small environments.

Passive JBL Soundbar

Far from being popular as active productions, the jbl soundbar is more dedicated to sound quality, with use suitable for medium or large venues, from conference rooms to libraries in universities and movie theaters.

The connections can happen with cable, in the most recent versions this connection occurs via bluetooth. The accessories of the passive JBL soundbar are installed externally, at different points in the environment.

Discover extra information on comparing the two formats for JBL soundbar:

How much does a JBL soundbar cost?

From R $ 300 to R $ 4,000, the average price of the JBL soundbar can be quite different. Less dedicated models connectable only with inputs cost low prices, especially in the case of older versions.

The robust products in the components have higher prices, even when they can work with a power comparable to the Home Theater. The more powerful and compact the higher the model price.

Where to buy a JBL soundbar?

JBL Soundbar is a technological product that is famous among audiences. For this reason there are editions on offer in famous national retail stores.

Amazon  is the online store with the most active or passive JBL soundbar offers. Buy online, pay less without leaving your comfortable home.

Did you know that different versions of the JBL soundbar are programmed to work with your TV’s remote control? So there is no need to accumulate controls that take up space and consume batteries.


Purchasing Criteria: Factors to compare JBL soundbar promotions

Children love to turn on the TV and watch the highest quality audio content. Even adults feel like seeing everything at high volume. Except that happiness ends if you buy a model that does not connect on television perfectly.

To avoid the inconvenience of wrong purchase pay attention to the 4 factors for comparing offers:

  • Connection
  • Power x prices
  • Built-in subwoofer
  • Format

Don’t stop reading here. Read on to learn more about the characteristics of each purchase criterion.


Before buying a JBL soundbar you need to make sure that the device can connect to the TV. Keep in mind that shopkeepers do not usually return money due to such mistakes.

See the type of audio output of your TV and the input of the soundbar. If the television connects to the internet and the JBL device is bluetooth, you will have no problems connecting quickly.

Most soundbars have audio, HDMI, optical signal and USB inputs for connecting a pendrive to music files.

If there is a bluetooth connection on the JBL soundbar, you can listen to your favorite music on your smartphone, increasing the power of artificial intelligence in your living room.

Power X Prices

The value of JBL soundbar in power can vary a lot according to each model. You currently find offers that can range from 50 W to up to 300 W or more. Naturally, the most powerful editions have high prices.

It is necessary to choose a more powerful model as there is a lot of space in the environment to which the audio will be played. A higher number of loudspeakers helps to achieve more effectiveness in sound quality.

Built-in subwoofer

If you do not want a headache with installations to have an excellent sound quality it is more recommended to buy models that already have built-in subwoofers with many inches.

This is because to install subwoofers externally it is necessary to have some technical knowledge or to spend money on an installer. In the built-in versions, you only turn on and guarantee the intense bass with cinema quality.


It is important to buy a JBL soundbar that has the maximum capacity to read formats. In this way, the chances of errors in reproductions decrease due to lack of compatibility.

The most successful JBL soundbar models have Dolby Audio and DTS Digital Surround as an audio reading system – keep an eye out when comparing offers.


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