Top & Best Boombox Review 2022 – How to Select Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Top & Best Boombox: How to choose the best stereo in 2022

The boombox is a sound system that combines sound quality, simple navigation, connectivity, long battery life and portability. The sound capacity of this equipment surpasses robust devices such as Home Theater, Soundbar and Mini System.

If you are thinking about buying a boombox but are in doubt about which model to choose, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will present the differentials of the boombox, show which factors influence the choice of this equipment, teach how to navigate the interface and present some purchase suggestions


  • The boombox is a vintage-looking speaker that refers to the sound devices used by young people between the 1970s and 1980s.
  • Because of the sound quality, the boombox is one of the best stereos on the market. The songs are reproduced with clarity, balanced bass and treble and high volume, enough to liven up your parties.
  • The boombox is a media reproduction center. The device can play music from mobile devices via Bluetooth, USB or microSD card. Some models play music from AM and FM discs and radio.

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The best boomboxes: Our recommendations

The stereos presented in this ranking are perfect for those looking for a boombox with maximum sound quality. See the specifications of each model and choose the best boombox of the moment.

  • The boombox with JBL sound signature
  • A boombox with visual effects
  • A portable boombox
  • The most modern design boombox

Buying Guide

Anyone who was a child or young person in the late 1970s and early 1980s knew the boombox’s popularity. Who is younger, must have watched movies and series in which the characters carry a speaker on their shoulders to listen to music.

The first boombox reproduced music from K7 tapes and AM and FM radio. Over the years, the device started playing music from CDs. But how are the boomboxes today? Find out in this Buying Guide.

Why buy a boombox?

The boombox offers impressive sound quality, with wide, detailed sound and a balance between bass and treble. Although not all models are portable, there is a wide variety of models designed for home use.

You can place your boombox in the living room to play audio from movies, series and games, in the kitchen to listen to music while preparing your meal, in the office or outside to liven up your house party .

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Boombox?

When we think about the advantages of buying a boombox we remember that the device has extreme sound quality, is compatible with any mobile device and the energy consumption is extremely low.

Microelectronics is applied to boombox speakers, which are smaller and lighter than previous models. This was made possible by the choice of light and resistant materials, reduction of speakers and speakers – all without losing sound quality.

The negative points that we can mention is that the device has robust dimensions and weight, which reduces the portability of some models. Another disadvantage is the high price, you will need to invest between R $ 500 and R $ 2000 if you want to buy a quality boombox.

Find out all the advantages and some disadvantages of buying a boombox in the table below:

How to navigate the boombox?

You can control the boombox by smartphone, tablet, notebook or Smart TV, just connect the mobile device to the speaker via the Bluetooth connection.


Bluetooth is easy to use.

The Bluetooth system is simple and easy to use. Simply connect one or more mobile devices to the speaker and take control of the playlist – you can play music from streaming services like Spotify and Deezer.

Generally, all mobile devices work perfectly, regardless of the operating system, but occasionally communication problems between gadgets can occur.

You can also connect the mobile device to the boombox speaker via the USB port. In this way, you can play music through a thumb drive. You can also find models with MicroSD card reader

Is it worth buying the JBL Boombox?

The Boombox JBL stands out as the best device of the brand and segment. It is perfect for those seeking maximum sound quality. We analyzed the main technical characteristics of the device throughout this section, check out:


    • Sound quality is very good. The bass is very prominent and has no distortion, even when the music is at full volume. Two four-inch woofers and two 20mm tweeters that offer a sound frequency between 50Hz and 20kHz are responsible for the sound power of the equipment. Note: The sound is not 360º.
    • Drums are one of the great differentials of the Boombox JBL. There are 20,000mAh of capacity that guarantee 24 hours of operation on one charge – recharging takes about six and a half hours.
    • Design the JBL boombox has a sturdy material construction, with waterproof fabric lining and rubberized sides. The device is available in three color options: black, green and camouflage.
    • Water resistance The device has IPX7 protection that guarantees resistance to light rain, water splashes and immersion in up to 1 meter of depth for 30 minutes – but it is not advisable to immerse the device in water.
    • Dimensions are robust. They are 25cm high, 50cm wide, 20cm long and 5.25Kg. The JBL boombox is suitable for those who do not care much about the portability of the stereo.
    • Connectivity follows most boombox models, that is, Bluetooth connection and audio input through the 3.5mm connector. Up to two mobile devices can control the boombox at the same time. NFC connectivity is not available.
    • Commands are available via the buttons on the body of the box. They are buttons to change lanes, increase and decrease the volume and answer phone calls. The battery level is indicated by an LED on the body of the stereo.
    • Varied features . The JBL boombox has a microphone integrated with the Siri and Google Now voice control systems. Another interesting feature is the Auto Shutdown , that is, the device switches itself off after 15 minutes of inactivity. The device also has Charge function that serves to charge the mobile device. Another difference is the Connect + system that allows connection with up to 100 JBL speakers.


Only those who have had JBL sound equipment know how much it is worth investing in the brand’s products. Learn more about the different JBL stereos through the links below:


Purchase criteria: Find the best boombox of the moment

Buying a stereo is an investment. Therefore, you need to understand which features should be analyzed and compared at the time of purchase. To help you with this task, we have selected some tips for choosing a boombox:

  • Battery life
  • Stereo portability
  • Water resistance
  • Extra functions

We will review each of these purchase criteria throughout this section. For questions or suggestions, leave a comment below. Be sure to rate this content and share it with your friends.

Battery life

At the time of purchase, reflect on the purpose of using your boombox, as one of the criteria that you should analyze is battery life. Although everyone wants a device with a large battery capacity, you should know that this factor directly influences the price of the equipment.

So, if you intend to use the boombox for a short period of time, just to play audio from movies, series or games, it doesn’t make sense to invest in a boombox with a 20,000mAh battery, right?

To assess the device’s autonomy, analyze the battery capacity – measured in milliamperes / hour identified by the acronym mAh – look for the estimates provided by the manufacturers and assess what conditions the device was subjected to during tests, such as volume, types of music played, features among other factors that directly influence the results.

Stereo portability

If you intend to take the boombox on tours and travel, portability is a purchase criterion that must be taken into account. Pay attention to the dimensions and weight of the speakers you are considering buying and look for smaller and lighter options.

Most of these speakers have handles that make the boombox easy to transport. For example, the JBL boombox has robust dimensions and weighs 5.25 kg, on the other hand, the device has a handle that facilitates handling.

Water resistance

Most Boombox speakers are designed to withstand contact with water. The water-resistant equipment is internally insulated by a resistant and durable fabric, its sides are rubberized and the housing is resistant.

When choosing a water-resistant boombox, you can take the device to the beach, waterfall, poolside or camp and rest easy with the splashing water.

But don’t put the boombox in the water. Generally, water resistant models receive IPX7 and IPX8 indicators that indicate immersion resistance at 1m depth for 30 or 60 minutes, respectively.

Extra functions

Some of the best Boombox speakers on the market offer a recharge function, an extremely useful feature, as it provides additional power for you to charge your mobile device while listening to music in stereo mode.

Some models offer control by voice commands. These boomboxes have built-in microphones so you can answer, take calls or continue listening to your music.

Another interesting feature present on some models is the LCD display that allows you to watch video clips, movies and series directly from your boombox. But few models have this functionality.




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